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Aug 1, 2011

Horoscopes: Obama's Solar Return 2011 w his Sec Full Moon

The Solar Return 2011 Horoscope of President Barack Obama w Sec Full Moon

by Jude Cowell

President Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 pm AHST and the Sun returns to natal position this year on August 5, 2011 at 3:07:01 am edt; the Solar Return chart (SR) below, is relocated to the White House.

Here's his SR 2011 horoscope; please click to enlarge:

(Blog Note: the above image of the President's SR 2011 is a re-upload since its original posting mysteriously 'disappeared' from its slot. Hopefully it will now remain in this post. And since I'm just getting the hang of a new scanner--with too many bells & whistles--you may have to click-to-enlarge the image for better viewing. Thanks! jc)

Original text continues here:

Solar Return charts describe an entire year until one's next birthday and may be divided into quarterly sections for timing purposes with the Angular houses representing the first 4 months of the solar year (counting from the date of the return chart, here August 5th), the succedent houses (2,5,8,11) showing the next 4 months (here December 2011, January, February, March 2012), and the cadent houses (3,6,9,12) indicating conditions in the last 4 months before his August 2012 birthday.

As you know, there are many considerations when reading a SR chart such as:

angular planets (and the one closest to an angle: here it's Pluto conjunct Descendant (powerful/manipulative/wealthy partners), next is Mars conjunct Ascendant--their opposition is first-up for Mr. Obama who now deals with the GOP debt ceiling/default stand-off with Republicans determined to protect the rich man's purse: update 7.31: tentative debt deal announced @ 8:40 pm edt with US natal Moon rising--possible votes in House and Senate today, 8.1.11), the house of and aspects to natal Sun (here in 2nd house with evaluating Venus showing money and Treasury concerns continuing into December 2011 and beyond), the sign, house, and aspects of the SR Moon (here in Libra in the 5th H of Risk-Taking), the first natal planet to rise (here Mr. Obama's natal Venus has just risen and is conjoined by activist Mars, grumpy in Cancer), SR planets aspecting the natal and progressed charts, SR house rulers (of course), hemispheric emphases, where natal planets fall in the SR chart, and other factors to fill out the SR picture.

President Obama's SR 2011 hemispheric emphases: 5/5 for public and private sectors (balanced), and the edge is slightly on the Self-Directed side with 6 planets in the eastern hemisphere, 4 on the western side of Others.

Of course, the SR chart must always be compared to natal and progressed charts and a fuller picture is gained by considering the year's worth of Lunar Return charts along with the SR.

Just four days after the president's birthday, on August 8, 2011, the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square perfects most closely with Mars @ 3Can25--just crossing this SR ASC. Click to view the horoscope. Societal issues from their conjunctions of the mid-60s surface for dynamic resolution or worsening. Mars crossing his SR 2011 ASC highlights that period as a time for action and may be explosive and/or full of zeal, especially since Mars opposes power-mad Pluto.

SR 2011 Midpoint Pictures

So if you've read this blog before, you know I favor the use of planetary midpoint pictures and here, the first four have been in effect for weeks for all of us but are personalized for Mr. Obama during his SR 2011 year; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to activation from transits and progressions:

Mars/Pluto = Uranus (in Aries, Uranus = Utopians): brutality; sudden disasters of great consequence; stirring up or altering conditions.

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: sudden recognition of a difficult situation; imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump.

Jupiter/NN = Neptune: instability; unreliability; indecision or vacillation; disappointment; getting sober again.

Saturn/Neptune = NN: common or joint suffering; mourning.

A mdpt picture particular to the president's SR 2011 chart:

Pluto/ASC = Uranus: constant anxiety and restlessness; extraordinary upsets and incidents; accidents.

(Mdpt pics: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

Planetary patterns include a 'double' YOD (Sun/Saturn = MC; Venus/Saturn = MC, with both indicating separation and isolation, part of the job description for any US president; tr Saturn square natal Sun is a time (here, for all of his SR 2011 year) of inhibiting people (not good for the ego), challenges that bring delays, sobering events, rules and red-tape annoyances, and determination toward goals being seriously tested. This is an echo of our US natal Sun/Saturn square, and blockages from or by legal actions are implied.

Also there is a Kite pattern with Neptune and Chiron as the 'tail', and a Mystic Rectangle ('practial mysticism') involving Mercury, Pluto, Mars/ASC, and shaman Chiron (in process of a Chiron Return to Mr. Obama's first house Chiron in Pisces.)

Mercury 1Vir00 Rx opposes Neptune 00Pis00 Rx--about to return to late degrees of Aquarius--which indicates a time of falling victim to competitors' subversive tactics. Yes, I know--this describes his entire presidency so far, but we can expect political games and tricks of Rs v Ds to continue as the 2012 campaign heats up. (And no, we don't need Astrology to tell us that!)

SR 2011 Sun in SR 2nd H indicates a continuing emphasis on financial matters for the president with asteroid Cupido (Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) @ 12Can58 conjunct US natal Sun (the leader) and parallel Mr. Obama's SR 2011 Mars, still out-of-bounds (OOBs) and in Fall in Cancer where the Testy One tends to be emotionally touchy--it doesn't take much to set him off.

The Solar Return Moon denotes the emotional tone of his year along with the type of daily and domestic matters he will deal with. In Libra, SR Moon reflects: harmony in domestic conditions along with sensitivity in detecting imbalances in the environment, the number of social events may increase, women play more important roles in the proceedings, and cooperation is the key word.

SR Moon in SR 5th house brings change, fluctuation, or transition in any or all 5th H matters (children, risk-taking/gambling, creative pursuits, romance) along with emotional dependency on relationships, and/or a tendency to be unrealistic about partnerships or unions. Libra is an Air sign which resonates well with Mr. Obama's Airy natal Moon in communicative Gemini. Sounds like his emotional weather for the year will be an improvement over the solar implications for ego battering, or ego challenging at the least.

Another thing about SR Mars 1Can17 (besides the fact that it conjoins the president's natal Venus to the minute): this martian catalyst 'reaches forward' to November 2011 and squares Mr. Obama's Secondary Full Moon @ 1Ari11 on November 6, 2011. Below is the horoscope of his Sec Full Moon, the timer for just how far one may stretch or expand into the outer world in appr. 28-year increments, from New Moon to New Moon. How the timing of his Sec Full Moon plays into Mr. Obama being elected for a second term is uncertain for I believe that if the powers-that-be want him for a second term, they're have him. But how would a second term go for him after 'peaking' in November 2011?

Well, as we see now, our US Sec Full Moon 4Vir10, which occurred on December 24, 2008, has marked a time of dimming light for America and a reining in of our expansionist tendencies. And of course, Financial Collapse 2008 marks the obvious beginning of our decline though it was years coming. Perhaps the tentative 'debt-default deal' allegedly reached last evening between Congress and the White House (and yet to be passed by both Houses) well describes America's 2008 Sec Full Moon condition for it places limits on US financial over-spending including military budget cuts.

So here you see the Sec Full Moon horoscope; please click to enlarge; you may be interested in the notes, lower right, with a few details on the president's progressed inconjunction between the Aries Moon and Venus in Virgo. Another inconjunct (quincunx) appears between Sec Jupiter 27Cap19 (conjunct US n Pluto 27:33 Rx) and Sec Uranus 28Leo19 (conjunct his Sec NN...Uran/NN = radical or reformist political groups.)

Jupiter inconj Uranus indicates that adjustments are required between political aims (Ura/NN) and financial (2nd H) and societal conditions necessary to pull them off. These finances and conditions involve partnerships (7th H) with the Jupiter/Pluto connection denoting those who are responsible for large projects such as war, the world banking industry and plutocrats, and global religious organizations.

As you know, this Sec Full Moon 1Ari11 conjoins the IC of the US natal chart (Sibly; 5:10 pm LMT--changes at home) with Sec Sun 1Lib11 @ US n MC (Home v Career/Public Standing.) On November 6, 2011, the transiting Moon conjoins his Sec Moon (a Progressed Moon Return) along with tr Uranus 1Ari06 Rx, with Moon/Uranus themes of excitability, changes, new lifestyles, and possibly chaotic conditions.

(The November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse opposite his natal Gemini Moon may not help matters with its sinister undercurrent, I suspect, but that's a post for another day.)

There may be a tragic deception or illusion (Sun/Neptune = Pluto) affecting society--one potential by then, is that more info will have come out concerning the current 'debt-default deal' and its dire affects on our weakened economy and possible consequences which harm the ill, weak, young, and elderly. We'll see since it's early days on that and for the non-constitutional 'Super Congress' they've created to finagle the bill's ultimate provisions.

Well, take a look at Mr. Obama's Sec Full Moon horoscope and see what you think. We can discuss the chart more at length as November 2011 nears, if either of you wish:

ASC/DESC axis 20Can/Cap34 at critical or crisis degrees, Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twins, rise with their 'dark twin-light twin' vibe which may be said to describe in part President Obama's mixed parental heritage. Moon in Mars-ruled Aries indicates rashness or over-eagerness, a personal will influenced by feelings, and/or a lust for power.

Sun in Libra (1:11) is @ the Sec Full Moon's Point of Illumination opposite, a unconscious point of awareness. Sun in Libra denotes sociableness, adaptation, constancy or a lack of firmness, diplomacy, the importance of partnerships, and being motivated by a public spirit. He is independent yet needs others!

Until Sec Moon reaches Taurus in 2+ years after Nov 2011, the combo of Sun Lib/Moon Aries (Air-Fire, whereas his natal Sun Leo/Moon Gem = Fire-Air) gives President Obama a restless and willful nature, a sense of justice, and an entertaining personality with a feisty but cool-headed aura. He can really defend the underdog with this combination, but will he?

An awkward stubbornness when reaching one's limits is evident with this Sun/Moon combo which does not bode well for acceptance of the Nov 2011 Sec Full Moon as marking the natural limit of his expansion into the world--but perhaps his 'cooler head' will prevail within himself on that score and realism will set in. Or, perhaps Mr. Obama will ignore this portent and lose his re-election bid in 2012, an outcome which must be determined by many other astrological and societal factors which are outside the scope of today's column.

Natally, Sun Lib/Moon Aries is shared by two people who illustrate glimmers of Politics within these famous quotes:

"Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned." - Dick Gregory

"A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man." - E. E. Cummings



Resources: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey; Identifying Planetary Triggers, Celeste Teal.


Jonathan said...

Commenting on the SR chart for The One, first thing I can say is Ouch! That Mars on the Ascendant in opposition to Pluto on the Descendant indicates his actions, temper or hasty decisions may lead to some kind of total destruction or continued erosion (Pluto) in his partnerships (7th House) or support (also 7th House).

In addition to that touchy Mars, we also have the South Node rising, usually indicating an inability to find solid footing or a suffering of some kind of backsliding. Whenever the South Node is prevalent in a chart, you can bet the Native will be taking two steps forward only to slip seven steps back. This slippery slope may actually be what sets that snippy, sniping, defensive at the drop of a hat Cancer Mars on the Ascendant off.

Talk about frustrated.

What I find really interesting is that although his Sun is conjunct Venus, it's also sextile Saturn -- sounds good --, but then they're in a Finger of God with his Pisces SR Midheaven, ruler Neptune on the last degree of Aquarius and retrograde. If one is hoping to find clarity in his public actions, this probably won't be the year for it. Will Sun/Venus need to adjust their desire to play in order to please Saturn and the SR Midheaven?

Take note also of his Libra Moon on the cusp of the 5th House. She's trine the SR Mars and South Node (sextile North Node). Could this indicate a growing propensity for The One to sooth his emotions via golf and basketball and such? Perhaps. Might these actions (Mars) backfire and damage (South Node) how others view him (Ascendant). I think so. Will he get angry and lash out in response (Mars in Cancer). Yep.

With Venus -- Libra ruling the 6th House and Taurus intercepted in the 11th -- conjunct his identity driven Sun, I suspect these hobbies and excursions are more likely than not, especially in light of her and the Sun's SR square to Jupiter.

Furthermore, he might be clueless as to how he's and his "play" are being perceived, believing -- with Venus conjunct Sun in Leo and a Pisces Midheaven -- that he's beloved when, in fact -- South Node Rising, Pluto on the Descendant -- he's not.

But the big story is the T-Square between Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Yeah. A lot of potentially angry energy there, especially since two of those planets -- Mars and Pluto (ruling the 11th and intercepted in the 5th respectively) -- are super-charged on an angle.

But Uranus, in Aries, rules the 9th House. Are we to see a continued erosion of support from our Allies overseas? Can we expect further indication that the bloom from the Obama Rose has continued to fade in the opinion of other Leaders? Maybe. Or will it be a sudden, shocking about-face. A turning of their collective backs. Hard to say.

With Pluto on the Descendant and Uranus in the 10th, there is sure to be some sort of tension with how Obama is perceived including, but not limited to, quick reversals of fortune or shocking events that surprise.

All in all, a SR chart which indicates to me a growing rebellion and a potential Primary Challenge.

Jude Cowell said...

Jonathan, thanks for your input which is well-put as usual. Yes, I believe the erosion of Mr. Obama's popularity overseas has already begun but is now made esp obvious by this 'debt deal' from Hades. And with the NYSE way down today, I wonder why any of our creditor nations should expect much profit of us when our own government refuses to do nothing better than pin US debt on the backs of those with little or no means to pay.

The usurping Utopians have turned America into the United States of Crazy Train!

And yet, I hope all is well there w you & yours, you exzcellent astrologer, you! Jude

cadeveo said...

Now, your whole chart assumes that he was actually born in Hawaii! (Just kidding, just trying to piss off Democrats. I know Obama was born on Krypton, seriously.)

The debt-ceiling thing is meaningless. Printing more money means it is worth less because there is nothing to back it other than the promise of other nations like China to "buy" our debt. Now China is also buying up real estate with the eager acquiscence of governors in Indiana and elsewhere whose states are strapped for cash!

I personally despise Obama, think he's a lying, duplicitous, warmonger and hypocrite. And that's me being generous!

The Republican and Democratic parties are like two gangs of pirates squabbling over which direction to steer a ship while ignoring the fact that the ship is rapidly sinking.

Ranting aside, I find your astrological analysis intriguing.

I'd be interested to see what insights a chart of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul would give you.

Jude Cowell said...

cadeveo, thank you. Agree totally w you on China, Rs/Ds, the Fed, etc. However, I should tell you I'm no Democrat having given up the Rs v Ds illusion years ago (it's handy for them to divide us and conquer since our power is in numbers--keeps us separated and weaker.)

You mention Ron Paul & Mitt Romney--scroll to Natal Chart Astro-Peeks list in the sidebar and you'll find Rep. Paul. And here's a post w horoscope for Mitt Romney--'noon' is usually what's used when a birth time is not known.

And yes, there is some indication of falsehood and fraud in Mr. Obama's natal chart bwo midpoints--not conclusive but can be triggered into action just the same. Plus, his Neptune (deception, etc) is in the sign of Big Business/Money (Scorpio.) My feelings about his presidency became shakier after he entered the W-H w a Goldman-Sachs crew--I knew we were in financial trouble. And I said beforehand that he would be another war president since perpetual war is what the globalists must have in order to establish their totalitarian dominion. The Middle East's topplings & step-downs are part of the agenda. And toppling the US is an imperative for NWO freaks.

Yet! BHO's natal Mars (action, energy, motivation, desire nature) conjoining US natal Neptune 22Vir25 (veils, confusion, deception, fraud, loss) means (as I've typed many times before!) that we cannot 'see' through his motivations and actions clearly--but at least it's a bit easier through Astrology's excellent lens!

Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate it and I see you're on WordPress as am I!

Scientology?!! Jude

Anonymous said...

With Mercury Rx and opposing Neptune, either I, or my Solarfire, must not be seeing this clearly. It's telling me that Obama's solar return occurred at 3:35:49 AM EDT in Washington D.C. What am I missing?

Jude Cowell said...

Well, Anonymous, I do not know. It's odd. You see the chart my Solar Fire created--are you using Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST as his natal chart?

For the post I relocated his SR for DC but used the Honolulu natal chart without relocating it to DC first. And I just recalculated every way I could think of and got the same time you see in the post: 3:07:01 am edt!

So I set up a transit chart for Aug 5, 2011 @ 3:35:49 am edt (as you cite) & the Sun position = 12Leo'34' rather than the '12Leo33' which his natal chart shows for 7:24 pm AHST, Aug 4, 1961.

Definitely a Mercury Rx/Neptune Mystery! Jude

Anonymous said...

(I had) Wrong time zone (for natal). Gotta love Mercury Rx.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for letting me know--glad it turned out to be simple! jc