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Aug 22, 2011

Tripoli falls! Libya's Saturn Return 8.22.11

Tripoli, Libya in Hands of the Revolutionaries! August 22, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you heard that the capital of Libya, Tripoli, fell Saturday night (8.20.11), three of Gadhafi's sons are in custody, and the dictator's whereabouts are as yet unknown. Revolutionaries (Uranus in Aries!) are in process of taking over the capital though heavy fighting continues in many areas, reports Amy Goodman.

Journalist and scholar Juan Cole is providing updates and analysis on Libya, plus, Al Jazeera has videos and Live Blogs available.

Astrology of Libya and a Full Moon

Yes, transformative, destructuring Pluto in status quo Capricorn continues toppling government leaders in Mr. Organized Crime's long-time-coming kind of way. There's no going back once Pluto makes a change.

In February I published the natal horoscope of Libya with February 21, 2011 transits showing Libya in process of its Saturn (accountability; restriction; government) Return to natal degree and sign (in Libra, conjunct US natal Saturn!) along with its Jupiter Return.

Now it's six months later, and certain transits are still of influence so here is Libya's natal horoscope, if you wish a view.

You'll see that on February 21, Mars was @ 29AQ conjoining tr Neptune--see transits written around the outside of the chart which may be enlarged with a click. ('29AQ' = "A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis.")

August 2011 Brings Mars to natal Uranus

But time and planets flee, so on Saturday night past, out-of-bounds (of the Earthly plane) Mars, now in Cancer (always a touchy sign placement for the activist and god of war, Mars whose OOBs condition can inspire unusual feats of courage and nerve) conjoined the country's natal Uranus, a revolutionary pairing indicating explosions, guns, and danger in the environment. Something out of character or out of teh ordinary is often perpetrated under this influence. Mars @ '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" interesting that mention of China turns up in Libya's revolution and the fall of Tripoli, yes?

Also on Saturday evening (8.20.11), Mercury 20Leo55 conjoined natal Pluto, a time of gaining power and discovering information about financial and surveillance matters, and when investigation supplies valuable details about travel (Gadhafi absconds for a visit-by-exile with pal Hugo Chavez? Or perhaps he's secluded in a Saddam-inspired hidey hole!)

An August Full Moon Across the Self-Will Axis

The Full Moon (a stage of culmination and fulfillment) of Saturday August 13, 2011 was triggered by the August 20, 2011 Mercury in Leo which conjoined Libya's natal Pluto, and my suspicion is that much was revealed and concluded under the rays of the Aquarian Full Moon with its Sun in Leo shining upon Libya's natal Pluto, planet of power, wealth, and control. Apparently even the Universe decreed that it was time for Gadhafi to go and these pressures had to be released.

Now when the Sun conjoins n Pluto, ego takes center stage, and one's power is under scrutiny such as we heard with world leaders, including President Obama, calling for months that is was time for Gadhafi to go, leave, vamoose--which is just what a one-world-government take-over crew would say!

Yes, oil wheeler dealers of the One World Company persuasion are simply rabid to get their greedy mitts on that Libyan oil and you'll notice that today oil prices are mixed but down--see HuffPo's Oil Prices Drop As Libyan Rebels Capture Most of Country's Capital.

One quick transformation is that Tripoli's 'Green Square' (so named by Gadhafi) has been returned by the people to its original name, Martyrs Square, and there is some concern that faction fighting may cause people to turn upon one another. My hope is that this won't be the case yet Libya's 2nd house ($) line-up of planets (Saturn, Mars 16Lib26, Neptune 21:27, and Moon--the people, at a critical 29th degree (29:04)--are about to be restricted by transiting Saturn.

Here are the implications which I hope are not too dire for the Libyan people who deserve better breaks than they've received during the last 42 years:

Saturn to n Mars: lack of energy; physical complaints; circumventing rules, regulations, and authority is ill-advised; male relationships may be interrupted or broken off. Yet it's a time for a focus on organizing and directing frustrations into more constructive channels.

Saturn to n Neptune: the 'grim reality' transit which may also bring dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn), and inspire practical efforts for or from charitable organizations. (America recently experienced this transit and its effects linger.)

Saturn to n Moon: a sobering period when the people feel--or are-- deprived; worry and depression rise, and monetary resources become more sparse; desires may still be attainable but only if deserved; mothers and children may be forced to move residence.

If you're of a mind and belief system, join me in praying for the Libyan people!

Now there are other transits of note to the country's natal horoscope and I hope that if you can, you may keep tabs upon the exciting yet dangerous happenings in Libya which is now seemingly liberated from 42 years of dictatorship under Gadhafi.

And remember that your comments and opinions on-topic are very much welcomed here.


Kieron said...

It's my understanding that Libya is/was one of the few nations on this planet that were NOT under a centralized banking system.

That, folks, is what this turmoil in Libya is about: the Zionist Rothschilds are busy enslaving yet another nation into the web of debt.

Ghadafi, whatever his numerous crimes, is surely no hero either.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, a salient point, Kieron. And todya's Democracy Now! broadcast revelas more of what's really going on w the take-over of Libya. A guest named Phyllis Bennis gives excellent info (ex: it's about control of oil, not access, which the West already has; those entering Tripoli are not The People but armed fighters--no women or children were in the streets celebrating, etc)--things are not as the MSM has reported (of course.) And it isn't over yet which confirms my concern over Saturn still to transit the Libyan planets, incl Moon, The People. :(