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Sep 2, 2011

Labor Day 2011: National Prosperity must include Social Justice

Uranus and Pluto Tangle, Income Inequality a Major Weak Spot

by Jude Cowell

Economic Recovery? Well, recent articles here have concerned the societal pair of expansion v contraction, Jupiter and Saturn, but also the Uranus/Pluto Square (mid-1960s social issues and ills return for further development at frustration point in the cycle of Uranus and Pluto which met in Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo) so I am very glad to discover Mohamed A. El-Erian's insightful and progressive Workers' Malaise Foreshadows Wider Social Issues piece on Huffington Post today.

Times of squares in a cycle (which begins at conjunction, 0 degrees) may take on two hues or flavors which are denoted by whether the square between two planets (SQ = 90 degrees = blockages, obstacles, blindspots) is applying (waxing; strengthening; results not yet complete; future direction) to a 90-degree relationship, or, separating (waning; weakening; shows past action or event, and unconscious content.)

Uranus-Pluto Cycle Approximately 127 Years' Duration

Tropically speaking, in the current case of Uranus in early Aries (3:28 Rx) and Pluto Rx @ 4Cap56, their retrogradation condition must be taken into consideration. With Uranus the quicker moving of the two yet both planets retrograde, I shall agree with what SolarFire software tells me and say that they are separating/waxing. We may be tempted to think that the separating square's lessening of frustrating energies and the hyped-up nerves that Uranus/Pluto dynamics inspire are not as pronounced now due to the planets' intense natures which undergird current global events such as riots and protests for Human Rights--the issues du jour of the 1960s return, as stated above.

Applying aspects in the 4th harmonic such as a square refer to a crisis in action phase while separating aspects refer to a crisis in consciousness phase so the much-touted 'Awakening' from false reality--ostensibly slated for debut in 2012--tallies with consciousness raising, yes?

And I suspect that the current semi-lessening of Uranus/Pluto's rebellious intensity is real yet temporary, don't you? That's what I thought.

You may wish to read more on Income Inequality as a Human Rights issue while difficult concerns from mid-1960s, protests and sit-ins, and stand-offs between larger forces haunt mankind's moral conscience once again.


Anonymous said...

Wishing all American union workers who have fought fearlessly to preserve workers rights a happy Labor Day.

"Which Side Are You On" - Billy Bragg

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for the link! Saw Mr Bragg with Amy G on Democracy Now! this week, a good show, esp for those unaware of labor/worker issues and history. jc