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Oct 3, 2011

Astro-Link Round-Up on Occupy Wall Street w a 'Ferdinand the Bull' video!

Uranus/Pluto Rages as Ferdinand Hearts Occupy Wall Street 10.03.11

Did you know that on The Mountain Astrologer website today, expert astrologer Mary Plumb has published a News and Astrology article round-up of links concerning the ongoing and spreading (!) protests in progress in Manhattan of the Occupy Wall Street movement where I'm proud to say that America's younger generations (who are suffering from the thieving of Wall Street top hats wearers and champagne goblet toasters) and are not afraid to tell the fancy swells about their--our--grievances!

Mary includes images of America's natal horoscope, US Solar Return 2011, and a sunrise (solar) nativity for Occupy Wall Street set for its beginning: September 17, 2011 6:38:03 am edt NY, NY, with transiting Mars, the activist/protester/instigator, opposing US natal
Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (in US natal 2nd house of Money and Earning Ability.)

This transit of opposition marks a period when hostile forces are encountered (protesters v banksters, and riot police v we-the-people) with powerful, card-holding Pluto insuring a mobilizing effect, and the Mars/Pluto combination of energies relating to zeal, massive amounts of energy, heavy-handed police or military actions, and potentially explosive conditions.

Yes, this is the very contest of wills which this transit warns us against yet that is precisely what is happening in NYC, plus, the protests are spreading like...a contagion of a more positive kind than Gwyneth Paltrow can muster onscreen.

The interference of protesting Mars with business-as-usual and the attempt of the street marchers to change the status quo are at the foundation of Occupy Wall Street's motivations and resulting events as many journalists and pundits echo an off-the-point Establishment cry of "But what do they want?" (duh!) and "They have no leader" and "there's no one-pointed goal," with Mars, ruler of Aries, the poster boy for me-first-ism and pioneerism...but The Angry One is in more than a passing snit over continued Wall Street fraud and outright corporate deception as our lives and futures are co-opted by conglomerates more powerful than in their initial heyday of the Robber Baron Era of the 1880s and 1890s.

With Mars opposite US natal Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (business, government, law--all of which institutions the protesters and marchers are riling up in an unusual fashion--Uranus square Pluto), the movement if imprinted by this opposition to the people's desires (Mars) and its heartfelt sentiments are palpable and arouse Wall Street's antagonism and deep sense of self-protection (Saturn = boundaries and rules; Cancer = the canny self-protection of The Crab who will move sideways, if necessary, to escape and avoid.)

Now regardless of pepper-spray-in-face Tony Baloney's overreaction, the NYC police force has pension worries of its own thanks to fraud and embezzlement by corporate and government types--wonder if they know they're on the wrong side? Actually, police and other city officials are on the proverbial horns of a dilemma for their paychecks must be signed to be deposited even as the Wall Street Bull snorts its disapproval of the grass roots goings-on.

My opinion is that an honest and direct approach may shine a favorable light upon those who are involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests and indeed this manner of doing things in a peaceful way is the only chance to gain an upper hand through taking the moral high ground.

Goodness knows, Wall Street CEOs and their agents, minions, and operatives haven't a clue how to proceed along such a decent path without being lead by their comfort-loving noses like Disney's Ferdinand the Bull smelling flowers...


My Q for you: Aren't you loving the old films and photos (and history info) in Ken Burns' Prohibition which began showing on PBS last evening, Sunday? It's a three-part series detaili,somehting which must come from within. Astonsishingly, a majority of Americans in those days drank day and night but most brew weren't as strong as they are today.

Wish I could tell Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and any proto-fascists such as the corporate-backed Tea Party hierarchy crowd, and all Federalist Society disciples that their tiresome scapegoat tactic (it's them, not us) of 'projecting the shadow upon others; not being accountable or held accountable' has worn papery thin and we're fed up with wealthy, globally-inclined bankers and monarchists jerking our country around by her Aquarian nose. Even with transit Neptune, planet of loss, fraud, and delusion, still languishing near US natal Moon @ '28AQ' (we-the-people)--we are so over your sorry ways!

Now what a nasally post about the upturned snoots of Wall Street this turned out to be. Still, Mary Plumb's chart analyses are not-to-be-missed (thanks for the SO'W link, Mary!)

Plus, on a lighter note, I do hope you'll enjoy a little flowery Ferdinand just for old times' sake because...

2011 minus 1938 equals this Ferdinand cartoon is 73 years old! jc


Anonymous said...

The People will prevail. Give it time...

libramoon said...
Artists Join Forces With Occupy Wall Street

Arts & Culture Committee has a Google Group, please join if you like to take part in the discussions online:

Description To you gorgeous, artistic people -- we recognize the need for infusing political change with all forms of art. Institutions and social practices only change after the cultural basis of society has changed. Be creative, be daring; help us challenge Wall Street and build the PUBLIC CULTURE!

omphale said...

The sunrise chart for Sept 17th in New York yields Mars quincunx Pluto......not in opposition. Maybe that explains the confusing factor of the hired enforcers....the police.....having their pensions and benefits in this tawdry mix ?