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Apr 5, 2018

NYSE Buttonwood Chart 1792 and Trump vs Amazon

NYSE Created by a Wall Street Handshake; Trump Aims at Amazon and Bezos

by Jude Cowell

April 5, 2018: Thanks to the Buttonwood Agreement on the morning of May 17, 1792, 24 stock brokers and merchants formed what we now 'lovingly' call the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and what I tend to call the Wall Street Casino (you take your chances and the game is rigged). However, this was not the first American stock exchange for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange had formed two years prior.

The Handshake: By Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This week with Mercury retrograde until April 15, 2018, I've been culling through charts, notebooks, and scribbled notes in an attempt to create order out of my own personal chaos and have just discovered a decrepit little notebook that includes the founding data of the Buttonwood Agreement including the time: 7:52 am. This May 17, 1792 horoscope had been in my files for years until it and hundreds of other astrology charts were lost in a pc crash a few years ago. Since then I have been using a NYSE chart set for May 11, 1869, the after-war Re-oranization horoscope so I'm glad to add the 1792 horoscope back to my files. Unfortunately, I have no record of how the hour was ascertained (historical record perhaps?) but here's the chart for future reference:

NYSE 2018: Ups-n-Downs Volatility

Previous posts on such topics include: wealth-hoarder Pluto's upcoming shift as Astrologer Warns of Pluto Crossing October 31, 2018 and Natal YOD of the NYSE activated by Trading Halt which occurred on July 8, 2015 for 3 hours 32 minutes. Post details include a YOD crisis pattern which may, or may not as it turns out, point toward restrictive, law-abiding Saturn. If not, or if I explained chart factors badly, it's a mea culpa.

Jupiter-Neptune: Speculation, Bubbles, and Bursts

However, the Buttonwood natal chart of 1792 seen above does contain a crisis-turning-point-special-task YOD pattern of sorts involving Mercury-MC = Jupiter Rx with suggestions of recognition, publicity, success, good fortune, and an optimistic outlook, a phrase we've occasionally heard applied to the stock market through the years. And since moneybags Jupiter conjoins fraudulent dreamer Neptune in the 1792 chart (in Venus-ruled Libra) we may wish to include Neptune as apex of Mercury-MC as well with its varying tendencies toward fantastic notions, disappointments, a 'can't lose' position, lax or self-deceptive practices, and/or confused judgments (Ebertin-Munkasey-Tyl midpoint pictures combined).

Also note that 1792 Venus, ruler of evaluations, valuables, and small amounts of money, recently returned to her natal degree of 5Tau23 on April 4, 2018 beginning a new cycle of Venusian activities. In the Venus Return 2018 chart, Venus trines the current (now separating) Mars-Saturn conjunction which perfected @8Cap57 on April 2, 2018.

Trump Tanks Stock Market 2018 Messes with Amazon: Just Like Putin Would Do!

If only Russia's Vladimir Putin had an operative inside the US to do his bidding! Someone highly positioned inside the US government so that Nikita Khrushchev's prognostication in 1956 that Russia would one day "bury" America because history was on Russia's side could come true!

Plus, Putin may harbor more than a little sense of 'payback' due to his humiliation at the Disintegration of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991 when the hammer (Mars) and sickle (Saturn) flag over the Kremlin was lowered for the last time. Last time? Promise? Well, given Trump's idolatry of Putin and Donnie's preference for dictator-style governing, I'm not convinced the Soviet Union flag won't fly again, are you? Perhaps over the White House with Trump the Tool in charge--or dismissed? Thing is, revenge is sweet for some like Trump and Putin and in 1991 the US should not have chortled over the demise of the Soviet Union into 15 separate countries as being proof of a "triumph of democracy over totalitarianism" and "capitalism over socialism." It's always a bad idea to poke The Bear and we see totalitarian governments now rising all over the globe as Earth heats up. The same correlation has occurred in the past and history does tend to rhyme, on one side's particular side or the other.

Also it's doubtful that global leaders of the transnational variety intend for America to be leader of their next 'new world order' when it's fully implemented. Some say the leadership role will be China's or Russia's, or on an alternating basis but without the US whose 'new order' reign was always intended to last from 1776 to 2025 or so. Perhaps we need to ask high-level Freemasons about that little rumor--not that they would spill those particular beans before they're fully boiled. Anyway, the Big Picture is in process now (1993 Uranus-Neptune @18Cap = transit Pluto: the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl); 18Capricorn = "The Union Jack Flies Over a British Warship": POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism' and police power to "maintain the social order" (Rudhyar). Or is that actually a hammer and sickle flag?

Okay, maybe Trump's current campaign against Amazon and Jeff Bezos doesn't rise to such a traitorous level but when added to other curiosities between Trump and Putin it satisfies yours truly as part of a Russian 'collapse America campaign' which seems to involve the themes of the The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @19Leo which is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the 2018 Midterm Elections (another meddling can of worms).

Is it curious that Jeff Bezos built Amazon Tower, a 524-foot structure which opened on December 14, 2015 in Seattle, WA where he founded Amazon on July 5, 1994? Is the Amazon Tower in Trump's grumbling cross hairs? We shall see, as they say. But after all, how dare the richest man in the world build a Tower as if he's a Donald Trump, right? Because vengeful Mars-rising Trump, master of retaliation, might grouse just this way over Mr. Bezos and his accomplishments which 'tower' over Trump's--until he took over the Oval Office from which he can take revenge.

As for Wall Street, I'll add one final note to this rambling post: that the 1792 NYSE horoscope when progressed shows that a Progressed (SP) Full Moon perfected @7Can25 (conjunct Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer, planet of trades, commerce, thought processes, tricks, and tweets) on March 10, 2017 and conjoined its SP Saturn-North-Node midpoint which provides some interesting potentials including: foreign enterprises offer assistance; a country in inner turmoil (Munkasey), both of which sound correct to me, if not to you, dearest of readers!

Mar 12, 2018

Senate Risks Financial Ruin Ignores What Most Americans Want - clip

Here Thom Hartmann speaks with Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin concerning a variety of current topics and issues including what's going on (or not) in the US Congress:

You know, I've mentioned before that it would be good for our Republic for us all to see exactly what's in the stock portfolios of US Congress members so that the information could be compared with their votes for or against legislation written by lobbyists and special interest operatives. So much congressional behavior would be explained!

A Possibly Related Post: London, Trump, and the Temple of Gold.

Also in the news: double Scorpio Julian Assange, pal of Russia and Trump's friend political Svengali Roger Stone.

May 4, 2017

Trumpcare Passes House under Taurus-Virgo Vibes

May 4, 2017 saw the passage through the House of Trumpcare, the GOP health insurance plan that redistributes wealth to the wealthy while deleting medical insurance from thousands of Americans. As they voted, one of today's double-Earth Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo 'Images for Integration' (combining conscious + unconscious energies) seems completely appropriate to what GOP politicians perpetrated today upon the American people on behalf of Congress' corporate and Wall Street donors--and probably to boost congress members' own stock portfolios (which should be investigated). See if you agree:

"The treasurer for the Association for Social Reform invests proceeds of a jumble sale into gilt-edge securities."

Photo: Speaker of the House Paul 'Ron' Ryan (R-WI) Trumpcare promoter

Here's a view with a brief bio of Paul Ryan's natal chart, born January 29, 1970 at 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (RR: AA; BC/BR in hand). You've probably noted before his exact conjunction of Neptune and Ascendant @00Sag which makes Jupiter (at 6Scorpio = "A Gold Rush") his chart-ruler with the moneybags planet's only aspect an inconjunct to Mars, strong in its own sign of Aries--and conjoining healing Chiron (0A01) at 3Aries (4th house). Mars-Chiron gives the Speaker an heroic quest or mission to aim for and it's filled with Martian fervor. For besides Trumpcare, we must not forget Ryan's previous budget plan of draconian measures, another GOP scheme of heisting proportions!

So Speaker Ryan is a crusader, we might say, and he's aided in his quest by an ambitious Locomotive shape that's lead by powerful, wealthy Pluto Rx in late Virgo, sign of Health, in his natal 10th house of Career and Public Status along with a most fortuitous placement for any politician's Moon--at 23Libra conjunct starry Spica and Arcturus. Spica in the original plan for the District's Federal Triangle represents the Washington Monument and thus, the presidency, while Arcturus signifies the White House (As Above, So Below).

How interesting since, as Speaker of the House, Mr. Ryan is third in the line of succession for the presidency should Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence somehow fall by the wayside.

Then we'd have ourselves a President Ron Ryan!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Mar 4, 2017

A Saturn Rx Station and the Rollicking "Trump Rally" Bubble

April 6, 2017 Saturn Stations Rx and Rises with 1988 Uranus in Tow

by Jude Cowell

As I type it's easy to find articles concerning the current stock market, the 'Trump Rally' some call it, which is a bubble of over-evaluation that the US stock market is floating around in, a bubble made to feel right at home thanks to the natal horoscope of the NYSE (1792) with its inflationary speculator pair of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Libra. So the NYSE is in process of a Jupiter Return as well! Natal Jupiter @22Lib57 Rx; natal Neptune @27Lib42 Rx).

Here's a good article on the Trump Rally and the DOW's bubble if you're curious.

No financial astrologer am I but it is interesting that the Saturn-Uranus pair--the first planet, restrictive, sober, and cautious, the second, progressive, freedom-loving, and futuristic--when blending their energies together in the realms of Economics tends to create "sharp swings before settling on a new track," says expert astrologer Marjorie Orr. What goes up must come down and even Wall Street gentry can't change natural laws.

So all this has inspired me to look at the last (current) conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which occur approximately every 45 years, and compare it with transit Saturn's 2017 position here in the first year of Mr. Trump who has recently touted his so-called "Trump Rally" on Wall Street. Yes, Jupiterians tend to take credit where it isn't due. And since he's known for his attraction to gambling casinos, it seems appropriate to include him in this consideration since Wall Street is a gambling casino. So the three 1988 Saturn-Uranus conjunctions fell in the range of 27 to 30 degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and what seems significant is that transit Saturn is in process of returning to those three degree positions.

Further focus may be found in the horoscope (pictured, below) of Saturn's April 6, 2017 Retrograde Station @27Sag47:29 whic casts a spotlight on the third of the three Saturn-Uranus conjunctions which occurred on October 18, 1988 (with a 2-minute orb). For as you know, stationing planets increase in strength, here is transit Saturn retracing and highlighting its own path at the beginning of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle, and there's a shady "Trump Rally" going on in markets.

Now everyone knows that a Saturn Return is a time of accountability--of confronting past failures, correcting mistakes, and ending situations and alliances that prevent future growth. This is made more necessary by the fact that Saturn is now passing through the NYSE's 4th house, a time of Atonement. Of course, it may be that re-commitment is in order though I suspect that a finalizing period would be more likely considering the Exchange's lack of transparency. Remember when transit Saturn hit and crossed the IC (The Ending; The Drain) of the 4th house (IC @28Sco19) and resulted in the strange episode of July 8, 2015 when trading was suddenly and mysteriously halted due to an "internal technology issue" which "prompted the halt"? If memory serves, the poorly explained shutdown of the DOW lasted from 11:32 am edt to 2:45 pm or so. That was Saturn shutting down the proceedings allegedly due to technology issues of techie planet of and electricity, Uranus.

Plus, traditionally the Saturn-Uranus duo relate to the Middle East particularly to Israel and Palestine and you'll find quite a few such references on a list of Historical Events of 1988 in addition to finances, President Reagan, UK PM Thatcher, Bush 41, the Soviet Union's Gorbachev

, and the SEC fining Drexel, to name a few. Sports and entertainment events are listed as well and of course Donald Trump turns up as well: on July 11, 1988 Mike Tyson hired Mr. Trump as "an advisor." Then on October 26, 1988, Trump presents Tyson with a $2 million bill for 4 months' worth of advisory service. Somewhere between those dates Mr. Tyson smashed a TV camera but it isn't listed whether that little PR stunt was staged on the sage advice of Mr. Trump (aka, John Miller, the mysterious PR guy).

Please enlarge image if you wish to read my study notes:

Pictured above is the Saturn Rx Station horoscope of April 6, 2017 (Washington DC) placing a cosmic emphasis on their cyclic dance which began in 1988 and showing that Saturn and Uranus have reached a harmonious trine (120 degrees) phase of received benefits for groups and organizations if not for one's personal finances. However, lower interest rates are suggested by the trine and tax breaks for certain classes are 'in the air'. Money bags financier and politician Jupiter is Angular and on display upon the world stage but with the opposing Sun at IC (their opposition a time of all show, no substance) and something quirky or untoward is afoot with the Sun approaching radical Uranus (24Ari00) in the 4th house of Real Estate, Mining, etc (with this chart set for Washington DC I continue to 'think Trump' here).

Note: see lower left for the T-Square's midpoint picture between Sun-Jupiter and apex Pluto, a large scale enterprise trio.

Predictably, manipulation is possible for very few people during this time for only those favored with the widest vision may see far enough ahead and behind to take correct or corrective action. 'Those' such as the wealthy, stealthy first house Pluto in Capricorn which is, as you see, intercepted. This hints that something hidden and karmic is involved in the current bubbly affair that Mr. Trump has taken credit for (when he isn't disparaging it)--possibly in a breakdown mode to ready for plutonian transformation. But there's always karma's natural law of reaping what's been sown which can apply to stock markets in general, now that I think about it, although gamblers always tend to want large gains for little effort, no matter the scale of their endeavors.

Don't miss Politico's Trump's 'big fat bubble' trouble in the stock market.

Now because of Saturn's upcoming retrograde period (the very moment of his directional shift you see before you in this horoscope), the latest degree of the Saturn-Uranus conjunction/s is 29Sag55 on February 13, 1988, a critical-crisis 29th degree--but it won't be reached until around December 20, 2017--just prior to transit Saturn eagerly entering its own sign of Capricorn. And as you may know, heavy, cold Saturn when in barrier-loving Capricorn does not tend to favor markets. So let's see as 2017 comes to a close if Mr. Trump takes the credit--or the Saturnian blame--for that.

Related: a quirky Uranian-in-Chief have we in The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017.

Feb 4, 2017

Trump Sets Up Next Great Recession - video report

Feb 3, 2017: you'll remember that Mr. Trump and other of his minions threatened the ruination of the Dodd-Frank legislation and its protections for the American people and the US economy during his campaign and since, and today he's been chipping away at, and will ultimately destroy, its provisions. That seems reckless and irrational because, since having Dodd-Frank in place, the US economy has chugged along under an Obama administration the last eight years while the dandies on Wall Street have been doing just dandy fine. The DOW even broke through the 20,000-point barrier recently and still Mr. Trump is determined to use a sledge hammer where some patching up would do:

Video report courtesy of The Young Turks Network.

But you know those reactionary Republicans--they're attempting the same overkill with Obamacare (the ACA) when it only needs some major patching up in order to be improved--without causing too much strife for those who need its coverage. To this particular Child of the Revolution it seems that the Trumpians are trying their best to send an enraged We the People into the streets with pitchforks raised so the thugs can try out their nifty military style police and other brutal forces against us (not recommended).

There will be more on similar topics soon when my post on the American Revolution's Prenatal Eclipse is published here so please stay tuned, if you so desire. And yes, its themes are curiously synchronous with current events, more's the pity.

America. We're going to miss her when she's gone.

Jul 12, 2016

Should Bernie Sanders Have Raised More Hell About Voter Fraud? - video

Election fraud on November 8, 2016 is what to worry about next:

Here's a related video, also from The Ring of Fire: Wall Street Has Already Bought the 2016 Election. Over the weekend I finally took time to watch the film The Big Short so a report about Wall Street hubris particularly annoys this American into a snit of miffdom.

And from January 2016, here's Thom Hartmann responding to the absurd notion that The Big Short was a campaign ad for Bernie Sanders. Puh!

Jun 14, 2016

Wall Street Has Already Bought the 2016 Election - video

Yeah. You know it's true. Washington is bought and paid for. So where is the money coming from?

You'll find more reports and interviews at The Ring of Fire Radio and follow TROF tweets @RingOfFireRadio

Feb 11, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders - video

The Young Turks Feb 4, 2016: here the ongoing campaign issue of big banks and 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders' criticism of them is discussed:

Jan 16, 2016

How Corporate CEOs are Feeding the Market Bubble - Thom Hartmann reports

If there is a financial crash in 2016 (my astro-window suggests 2016, 2017, or 2018, a difficult time period for several reasons) the threat is apparently from abroad with the global weakness in markets, economies, and currencies, China in particular. How low can oil prices go? Job lay-offs in the US have resulted so far along with Wal-Mart and Macy's stores closing (though some closings have been planned for a while). Will corporate-written 'trade deals' like the TPP improve economic and social circumstances for workers and or worsen them (while enriching the wealthy as usual)? And what difference can a new US president make, if any, if The Script is already written and must be followed or else?

My feeling is that the corporate class is in cahoots no matter the country and are setting up events and conditions to effect a global crash. The timing of the crash depends on when everything is in place to guarantee the outcome that transnational bankers want so that a 'new order' can be fully implemented (1776 is so passe).

So perhaps you've noticed that a few broadcasters and economists have been ringing financial alarm bells for some time, these 8 years after Crash 2008. One of them is the historically savvy Thom Hartmann:

Oct 15, 2015

Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen - Thom Hartmann (plus, Antares)

For your consideration:

Saturn, a New Moon, a Scorpion, and a Malevolent Star

Okay, this is probably of no moment but during the secret Federal Reserve System's planning session held on Jekyll Island, Georgia in late 1910 between "duck hunters" Senator Aldrich, newly arrived German banker Paul Warburg, agents of J.P. Morgan and other financial firms, a New Moon perfected at 9 Sagittarius (rounded up from 8+), a degree area that transiting Saturn will reach in December 2015. 'Addressing problems' is one of the more positive potentials for the midpoint picture this creates in relation to events of the 1910 New Moon: Sun-Moon = tr Saturn though 'more disciplined work habits', 'working consistently to achieve results', and 'increased restrictions on progress' are possibilities. Though thinking that Glass-Steagall would be reinstated in order to reign in big banks is, of course, too much to expect! Perhaps the idea that the current brouhaha over chip cards will contribute to Saturnian restrictions on holiday spending and merchant profitability is more like it.

So as you know, the days immediately surrounding a New Moon are considered 'the dark of the Moon' phase (aka, balsamic) and a good time for perpetrating shady activities within a shadowy environment--the actions you want to hide. Even the name of the Fed endeavor is shady and meant to deceive the public for it is neither 'federal' nor does it hold assets in 'reserve' for it is a private corporation created to take control of the US government, the National Treasury, and the credit system with crashes and bubbles included.

And while today's media notes that only 158 families have contributed 50% of political donations in the early stretch of Campaign 2016 to certain candidates of a Republican persuasion, let us further note that in 1910, membership in the Jekyll Island Club (the private, isolated location of their treasonous drafting of a plan to control the money and credit of the American public) was by inheritance only. Then 100 years later in November 2010, the modern crop of Fed bankers were spotlighted by the Washington Post as, Fed has starring role in 'Return to Jekyll Island' making it obvious that the New Moon of 1910 and the planning sessions their ancestors attended under cover of a 'duck hunt' remains a point of pride and achievement for them.

However, yours truly has found no information on whether any ducks lost their lives in 1910 or in 2010 but the American people have certainly lost livelihoods, savings, and pensions many times before and since 1910 viaFed-induced bubbles, collapses, the overprinting of US currency, and just plain fraud.

Naturally, astrologers recognize the 8/9 Sag degree area as that of a royal star of Persia, Antares, the Watcher of the West, a malevolent and destructive influence (deVore.) Yes, Antares provides success yet indicates their financial venture and subsequent control and manipulation of the US economic system and government is fueled by obsession of the kind that eventually leads to downfall and the loss of all that's been gained through intensity being used even when it's unnecessary. Antares (Alpha Scorpius) is the Heart of the Scorpion and refers to the Celtic myth of the scorpion on the frog's back who caused his own death via his inability to control his deepest, darkest nature.

So with a sense of inevitability, here is the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog (we're the frog):

Aug 3, 2013

Saturn and Uranus rule Autumn Equinox 2013

September 22, 2013 = Autumn Equinox, aka, the Libra Ingress

by Jude Cowell

The autumn season begins in this hemisphere on September 22, 2013 at 4:44:09 pm edt with Sun 00Lib00:00 in the 8th house in the horoscope set for Washington DC. In Washington, issues of debt ceilings and government shutdowns are on the agenda and the calendar with September 30th being the end of America's fiscal year, as you know. In 1st house are nebulous Neptune of The Masses and The Media, still traveling near Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who expresses the astrological archetype of Christ. Spiritual opportunities inspired by this duo are still available for those who long to experience and benefit from them. And a 1st house Neptune, with its implications of large events beyond personal control, denote possibilities for loss from floods, storms, contagions, and other damages to ourselves and the environment.

At 4:44:09 pm edt, 8AQ00 rises, making Saturn the chart-ruler (and autumn season ruler), along with Aquarius' sub-ruler, Uranus, the Awakener, the Witness, and the Anarchist. Conservative Saturn @9Sco09 rules the 12th house of Politics and Karma but is posited in the 9th house of Foreign Lands, Higher Education, and Philosophy. Meanwhile, quirky Uranus @10Ari57 Rx is in 2nd house of the National Treasury, Values, and Earning Ability where some disruption may be expected in all or some of these areas--not that Uranus ever delivers precisely what is expected. Even monetary improvement cannot be ruled out especially since changeable Mercury rules the 8th house and is posited there @20Lib59, sign of balance.

And yet reluctantly I must mention that chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (150 degr = adjustment) one another making tweaks necessary if the brilliant, innovative ideas of genius Uranus are to be successfully poured into Saturnian form where they are able to function on the physical plane.

Note: you undoubtedly remember that on Election Day 2008, Saturn and Uranus opposed one another and a big debate then was, is Obama a status quo conservative or a progressive? I think most people now agree that he's more a status quo guy with his natal Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn when it comes to Capitalism--and lo and behold, here's fem-challenged, market-deregulating Larry Summers near the front of the line for the Fedhead job! See Ezra Klein's Do You Trust Larry Summers or Janet Yellen to Police Wall Street? How about neither? Both are agents of foreign banking houses just like most of the compromised politicians in Washington DC! My suspicion is that a mystery board of directors in the City of London will be The Deciders on who America's next chairman of the Fed will be.

The Saturn-Uranus inconjunct (or, quincunx, if you prefer) indicates stress in relationships, tension between 'old vs new', and priorities that are difficult to establish. Plus, new methods brought forth may be resented before they are accepted. Yet attempting to hold on to old concepts will not work very well this autumn and a more positive reaction to change and innovation must prevail for no one--even Republicans--can stop progress entirely, even if the proposed reforms seem to threaten security. Yet somehow we must work toward changes and improvements that increase productivity, which will be one way to ascertain that beneficial progress will result from Autumn 2013's efforts.

The reforms and improvements I mention here remind me of the movement to lessen the wide-ranging collection of Americans' private communications data (Uranus = technology; freedom, Saturn = government; law; control) which, if the US surveillance state will comply with our wishes, can only lead to more productivity for the collectors when it comes to mining data of actual criminals and terrorists (assuming that stopping terrorist attacks is their real goal--though keeping tabs on political opponents must have occurred to them as a bonus, a la Nixon, yes? My years of residency in our nation's capital taught me several things--one, that DC politics as currently practiced does not function without blackmail.)

Well, there's much more info to be gleaned concerning the Autumn Equinox 2013 horoscope, so please stay tuned to SO'W if and as you may!

Presenting, the sovereign state, the City of London, aka, the "Crown":

Oct 29, 2012

Meat Loaf's awful "America the Beautiful" video goes pouf!

LOL! Well, I wondered how long it would take someone to delete the YouTube video of Mitt Romney's "Victory" Rally on October 25th showing former singer Meat Loaf's horrific rendition of America the Beautiful!

If you are currently on this blog, you may wish to scroll down a post or three to see the actual spot where the musical horror was embedded and you may still read in the post what Rev. Al Sharpton said about it...tres amusing!

Today and maybe tomorrow, Wall Street trading is shut down due to the threat of "Frankenstorm" Sandy moving up our East Coast. It's the first such unplanned shut down of Wall Street since 2001 and I hope everyone remains safe and sound.

As you've heard, presidential campaign stops are cancelled for storm-affected regions and early voting may be interrupted in some districts. Don't suppose this can be part of the Mercury Retrograde Station effect of Election Day November 6...?

Perhaps not but a Rx Mercury can certainly suppress such things as trade, transport, and commerce along with the usual travel and communications glitches and delays in schedules--plus, Mercury rules votes, voters, ballots, and voting machines.

Hmmm? Did you say something? No? Must've been the wind because here in Georgia it's a Very Windy Monday as might be expected, compliments of Hurricane Sandy.

Update: does Sandy threaten nuclear power plants from Virginia to Vermont?

May 19, 2012

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations (NYSE = Jupiter-Neptune)

On the topic of who really runs America, on May 14, 2012 TruthDig published a not-to-be-missed article by Chris Hedges, Colonized by Corporations, which makes the point that it's the declasse among us--the educated now left by the power elite with no position and few prospects--that the corporate class fears most. I provide the article link in case you missed it.

Here's a brief excerpt from Mr. Hedges' article:

"--those who hold power, real power, are not the elected mandarins in Washington but the criminal class on Wall Street."

Jupiter-Neptune Describes New York Stock Exchange

The quote from Chris Hedges 'outs' a concept that is one of the main reasons I created Stars Over Washington in 2005 (to vent frustrations!) so putting on my Political Astrology hat, I'll say that the birth horoscope of the *New York Stock Exchange shows just what Capricornian cynics like me might expect: a frothy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, with both planets retrograde in late Libra (22:57/27:42.)

This means that the Buttonwood Tree agreement in NY was formed under such influences as speculation, waste, grand schemes (including 'bubbles'), idealism, over-extension, over-promotion, and fraud. Sad to say that the Obama administration is imprinted by a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction as well with their three exact conjunctions occurring on May 27, July 10, and December 21 of inaugural year 2009. There are no Great Conjunctions in 2013 to imprint the next presidency with different energies so unfortunately the Jupiter-Neptune themes are to be continued--plus, Neptune now resides in its own murky sign of Pisces which indicates the heights or the depths, and contagion of all sorts.

(Next up will be Jupiter conjunct Saturn once on December 21, 2020 @ 00AQ29--prominent at Winter Solstice--which hits the January 20th US inaugural Sun.)

As you remember, in 2009 all three conjunctions directly hit US natal Moon 27AQ10 (the public) which provided We the People such delights as: instability, becoming involved in speculation, losing oneself in plans, dreaminess (oh Barack!), little sense of reality, and uncertainty. Some people have experienced great loss through floods and gas damages to water tables (fracking chemicals), all provinces of Neptune with Jupiter expanding the negative effects and the size of the fraud and loss. Naturally much disappointment has resulted since inflated Jupiter-Neptune bubbles must pop eventually.

Now they say that how a person, event, or entity begins shows how things will end...the end is in the beginning. If so, We the People (and other disenfranchised populations across the globe) have already suffered grievously and lossed unfairly from the predictable actions of the weak characters of current and past Wall Street titans and traders whose natal Jupiter, planet of banks, large amounts of money, growth, gurus, and ideals, has been undermined from the start by gaseous Neptune which, according to astrological principles, wouldn't know how to provide stability if it tried. Unless it's in the spiritual realm and I think we can safely rule that out when it comes to those who worship gold, love money, and lust for power.


*NYSE birth data: May 17, 1792 NYC; I tend to use the '7:52 am LMT' time which appears in various places online though I've seen some who favor 10:00 am LMT as does Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses, in which she cites Maggie Hyde for her rectifcation work on the chart which gives ASC 9Leo38 with Uranus 15Leo09 rising in 1st H, and MC 27Ari59 conjunct Saturn 26:23 in 9th house which places Neptune Rx on the IC (Endings; The Drain) but on the 3rd H side with Jupiter Rx. Neptune conj IC is descriptive of what I groused about, above, with its unstable roots and shady beginnings. A Saturn-Neptune opposition indicates trust issues, lack of confidence, and exploitation; Jupiter opposite Saturn shows fluctuations in values and worth, and a need for 'yes-men' for any criticism is deemed unmerited, the titans think.

Yet looking at a '7:52 am LMT' birth hour, ASC 13Can51 conjoins US natal Sun with 1792's Chiron 15Can25 rising and MC 23Pis21--so that NYSE's Career and Public Standing are ruled and sub-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! In both natal charts a midpoint picture emerges: Jup-Nep = Saturn: feeling abandoned by one's luck (as you will if you gamble in the rigged casino on Wall Street); false hopes; plans that come to nothing; losses; disappointments; self-delusion; pessimism; combining the real with the unreal in one's activities. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.) Plus, by transit, Saturn in late Libra has catapulted off-and-on this difficult midpoint picture into 2012 for present-day expression!

Nov 24, 2011

Horoscope: Bonus Army 1932 w OWS notes

Bonus Army 1932 Assault w Occupy Wall Street Considerations

by Jude Cowell

Here you see a horoscope for the time (4:45 pm est), date (July 28, 1932), and location (Anacostia, near District of Columbia) that the Bonus Army of our nation's unpaid WWI veterans and their families, who'd marched on Washington to demand that their bonuses be paid, was charged by Major General Douglas MacArthur leading infantry, cavalry, and six battle tanks commanded by Major George S. Patton.

Yes, it's our two main American heroes active at a 1% v 99%-style stand-off in the olden days of 1932, with the military and police forces doing the dirty work of a resentful, crisis-ridden White House administration that went on to lose its next bid for the Oval Office to Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The violent behavior of the US government toward American citizens who were free to dissent and were feeling betrayed financially after risking their lives in service to our country--and were hungry, as were their wives and children--is all too similar to the police brutality being used these days since the Occupy Wall Street, or 99% Movement, began on September 17, 2011...brutality used on peaceful demonstrators who want We the People's grievances redressed.

How positively unAmerican of the US government, then and now!

Please click to enlarge the horoscope for a few extra details which may not be mentioned here for it's a holiday in the US, out-of-towners arrive this evening, and so I shall only note a few chart factors in the text of this post beyond the basics:

Bonus Army Charged by MacArthur @ 4:45 pm est July 28, 1932 Anacostia, District of Columbia; Hour of the Sun; Moon (the people) and Mars (police; military; males between ages of 25--35 appr) are out-of-bounds and performing unusual feats--Moon OOBs indicates a populace feeling unstable, disregarded, and unfed due to being unpaid though granted the privilege by congressional action for their WWI service.

This horoscope shows Sun and Moon in 3rd quarter phase (crisis in consciousness); Neptune in Virgo--as is US natal Neptune--is in detriment in Virgo since opposite is Pisces, co-ruled by opaque, misty, diffusing, confusing, often deceptive Neptune. The Neptunian tactic of fraud comes to mind, then as well as now; Sun conjoins America's natal North Node 5Leo+ which emphasizes the importance of the president's destiny which he could've handled very differently than by attacking US citizens.

Two primary chart factors I'm focusing on today:

1. a crisis-ridden, turning-point heralding YOD pattern--a sextile (60 degr) between Mercury and Venus 00Can06, a World point of Manifestation, at its base and pointing toward the man in charge, Saturn @1AQ06 Rx. Saturn at apex of a YOD configuration has a karmic (reap what was sown) flavor and is discussed just below.

As you see, Venus began the day at a crisis 29th degr of Gemini and denotes 'relationships, values, evaluations, smaller amounts of money'--Gemini is the sign of duplicity (ex: vets' betrayal by their government and military), and Mercury, planet of messages (their March on Washington and subsequent encampments delivered it) and young people (the families accompanying the vets, and the press that reported events in some sort of fashion to suit the plutocrats in charge.)

Of interest may be the midpoint picture formed by the three planets involved in the July 28, 1932 YOD pattern--on its own, the 'Mercury/Venus' combo indicates 'a business sector at odds with society, and/or, speeches that emphasize economic facts' (Munkasey.)

Saturn Rx shows delay, indecision, inhibitions, loss, restriction, control, oppression, authority, management...but also 'rewards for long term efforts'...which eventually occurred when Congress overrode FDR's veto and voted them their monies in 1936 long after one-term Herbert Hoover had moved on down the line, his once-stellar reputation sullied...

Mercury/Venus = Saturn: thoroughness; a serious attitude; deep meditation. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Apex Saturn in a YOD formation shows one (or those) who should not use force unwisely, yet as we know, this Saturnian caution was not heeded by Hoover, hence the fated or karmic undertone in the chart. "This is a testing YOD," says Saturn the lesson-bringer, and timing is all important to outcomes since fated consequences are described. Frustration (another of Saturn's favorite words) and a sense of failure may accompany this YOD if its energies are not properly (Saturn, says!) expressed.

If you've seen the Occupy Wall Street natal horoscope for September 17, 2011, sunrise, you'll see Saturn 17Lib01 which conjoins the Bonus Army's Midheaven, The Goal Point of any chart. Speaking truth--Saturn--to Authority--also Saturn. And of course, all these Saturnian issues are presenting themselves underneath the auspices of our recent US Saturn Return to 14Lib48 when our nation's responsibility-accountability chickens come home to roost.

This apex Saturn demands attention to social responsibilities, focused and purposeful activity, and heralds a new path that has serious implications (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.) Yet a tendency toward self-preservation seems to have been the primary concern of the US government.

Another link to the OWS natal chart is that its Sun/Moon midpoint at sunrise falls at 21Can47 which conjoins 1932's Pluto 22Can05; other links may be noted if you'll check it out for yourself! This Pluto is lining up to oppose US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx, a time when great powers are locked in massive battles for control, a background influence that undergirds the whole shebang.

There's also a titanic generational clash recurring in 2011:

Uranus/Pluto square from Aries to Cancer, whereas now the revolutionary pair of Uranus/Pluto square each other from Aries to Capricorn with the square's difficult, frustrating energies expressing in 2011 with similar themes of revolt, jarring societal changes, upheavals, and riots; the Cancer/Capricorn axis is emphasized, then and now--through the polarity of security/nurturance v career/authority.)

2. the military assault on the Bonus Army occurred during a 6 North Saros Series Solar Eclipse which had manifested on March 7, 1932 @ 16Pis33...6N themes are 'relationship to father figures; authority issues; needing to take responsibility or control; commitments through another person's not being able to carry on.' (Brady.) '17Pisces'/'17Vir' are considered critical (crisis) degrees and relate directly to the Uranus/Pluto cycle since they met there in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s = civil rights--workers' rights--racial inequality--anti-war protests; plus, 2011's income inequality issues, tuition increases, etc.

So in 1932, President Hoover and his military advisers (and international bosses) attempted to take control and had some temporary success, we might say. But it was their own sense of responsibility and their commitment to paying our war veterans that they wanted to avoid.

Sounds kind of like the attitudes of Republicans in Congress circa 2011 and how they behave over such things as extending unemployment benefits, extendign corporate welfare, and a desire to institute other populace-controlling methods of austerity (Saturn!) These are some of the plutocratic strategies of globalism-loving politicians determined to keep down the oppressed and disenfranchised in America, a group whose ranks are constantly increasing.

In closing, the grand schemes pair of Jupiter and Neptune (inflation; speculation; market bubbles--the planetary imprint of the Obama presidency by Great Conjunction/s all through 2009 conj US natal Moon) are in different signs--Neptune 6Vir32 conjoins President Obama's natal Pluto, a time of eroding power--but they are snugged around Bonus Army Mercury 00Vir31 which forms a midpoint picture you may wish to consider. See of any of these potentials ring true given what we know so far--any, all, or none may apply:

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: speaking for the deprived; misleading or misdirecting others; skills with deceptive practices; putting on an act; talking a lot; a raising of hopes.

In the 1932 horoscope in the 6th house of Police and Military Service is Mars, planet of war, conflict, and protest, just beyond his Return to natal position in America's birth chart (July 4, 1776; Mars '22Gemini' square Neptune 22Vir25.) And, if you use this ASC 25Sag37 as the tail of a high-flying Kite pattern, acts as the spearhead of MacArthur's and Hoover's efforts to quell dissent in this Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Plus, as you see, Mars 25Gem21 conjoins asteroid Eros ('the piercing') (and OWS's natal MC at sunrise!) which describes the charge of Mars--US 500 infantry, 500 cavalry, 800 policemen, and 6 tanks, as noted) toward the Bonus Army marchers who, in their gullible, patriotic love for America and pride in their military service to the US government, cheered--cheered!--because they assumed that General MacArthur was leading troops to HONOR them, our veterans of WWI.

But they soon discovered their mistake...


Further reading: Herbert Hoover; Douglas MacArthur; George Patton. It's been said that MacArthur ignored Hoover's orders to stop the assault but MacArthur charged the marchers because he allegedly thought the Bonus Army was part of a Communist plot to take over America. But I just don't believe that he assaulted innocent Americans because of his own conspiracy theory, do you? That there were communist sympathizers or double agents within the US government then, and perhaps now, seems much more credible, sad to say. jc

Nov 17, 2011

OWS, Uranus, and some Astro-Highlights Dec 2011

OWS, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Uranus & Jupiter Direct, & a Capricorn New Moon

by Jude Cowell

As today's Occupy Wall Street Day of Action unfolds in NYC and across the globe I'm studying a couple of horoscopes in particular. So many charts to read, so little blogging time!

As you know, events are moving very fast in the real world lately though the illusion, fraud, deception, and speculation of the Jupiter/Neptune pair continue to affect matters as Neptune's bubbly nature merges with Jupiter's tendency to inflate. The positive side of this planetary influence is Jupiter/Neptune's sense of The Grand Spirit which I believe inspires the Occupy Movement--excepting the violence of agents provocateurs, and the down-and-outers who are attracted to Occupy encampments but who may not always conform to OWS standards of good behavior--or are not able to due to their overwhelmingly bad social conditions and habits.

As you've seen since yesterday, even 84-year-old women such as Dorli Rainey are pepper sprayed as if in punishment for freely expressing their views in America circa 2011, not such a Land of the Free anymore but definitely marking a return to being a Home of the Brave.

For as previously stated on this blog, all the strong-arming brutality is occurring under the Barack Obama administration--but notice he's not been in the country or even on the continent for days though he's due back in Washington this Saturday (11.19.11.)

....Astrologically, the strong-arming brutality may be found beneath our noses in black and white in the Uranus Direct Station horoscope--ex: the triggering of the degree of a not-to-be-spurned Venus at IC...

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack"...SUPERVISION...positive expression: the self's ever widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (total surveillance saturation and the total heisting of our resources by wealthy gold-hoarding crooks--jc);

negative (unconscious/shadow side): smug or strong-armed paternalism.
(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

No, America isn't broken (or broke!), nor is the American Spirit. But thieves, gangsters, and political thugs are in the house and must be held up to examination, ridicule, and potentially, they must be held for trial and prosecution.

President Obama "Missed" His Chance to Play Wall Street Sheriff

No laundry list here of our disappointments over President Obama--you know the list anyway. (His natal Mars--energy-action-motivation-conflict--is veiled by US natal Neptune 22Vir25--so you're surprised he's extended and expanded WAR while promising otherwise?) And my suspicion is that he never meant to hold anyone on Wall Street accountable and rewards were forthcoming through corporate bail-outs and other means.

Yes, it is understandable that as he took office and in the days since, President Obama couldn't and can't bite the hand that fed him and led him into the Oval Office, plus, it's a mighty cushy job and all. However, a small astro-peep-eye! here: the dynamic energies of the Pluto/Chiron midpoint that crush--sit atop--Inauguration 2009 MC is telling of the US gov's Aspirations and Goals in Jan 2009 when the presidential oath-taking had to be done twice, as you know, with Inauguration 2009 Mercury (oaths; vows) Rx and combust the Sun @ '1AQ' describing the repeated--Rx--event. The oath-administering gaffe by Chief 'Justice' John Roberts (GOP) set the tone for their "Make Obama Fail" campaign ongoing--as if his first oath at noon wasn't official or binding on some weird ideological level where most of today's Republicans exist in their heads.

On my TV now is excellent coverage of the Occupy Movement by Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman detailing the events of OWS, including an interview with former Police Chief Norm Stamper who was on duty during 1999's Battle in Seattle (a label the media saddled the stand-off between patriots v riot police at the WTO Conference (which opened the New Millennium with its 'free' trade nonsense and other draconisms that have resulted in massive losses of US jobs) was rejected by protest.

So ordering pepper spray to be used on peaceful protesters was wrong, Stamper now says. Wrong then, wrong now! In 2011, a difference is that if The System feels threatened enough, police departments and their associates will act more heinously for they are more organized, trained, and ready for martial law enforcement than the first big push back in Seattle 1999.

Anyway, the two charts I'm studying are the Uranus Direct Station horoscope (shown below) of December 10, 2011 (just hours prior to the December 10 Lunar Eclipse @18Gem11), and the Capricorn New Moon chart of December 24, 2011 (@2Cap34; not shown.)

At the Dec 24 New Moon, Uranus 00Ari44 will be moving direct, still triggering its Direct Station degree, but not its minute (00Ari39 v 00:44) which shows how far the planet of revolt, protest, and upheaval has traveled since its Station Direct of Dec 10...not much, and the temperamentally sensitive Aries Point and US n IC are still ruffled--easy to do wherever feisty Mars rules.

It is my belief that the state and condition of Uranus, America's 'totem' planet of Freedom, Independence, Revolution, and exceptionalism is vastly important in both December horoscopes yet you only have to turn on the news, check news feeds, or watch videos to see that Uranian catabolic action is drenching everything it touches. Using the 'Sibly' version of the US natal chart, shows rebellious Uranus crossing and re-crossing our natal IC 00Ari53 (Foundation; Homeland; Endings) which well describes the uprising spirit of The People arriving in the US--since June 2010 and continuing--following the spirit's inflamed beginnings across the Middle East--Tunisia and Egypt being the stand-out locations for now because that regional story is not completely written by any means.

(For non-corporate news try Thom Hartmann.)

It seems America has found her Voice of Dissent as have our compadres in other lands, and what we see when watching coverage/videos of police in riot gear beating and arresting Americans exercising their Right to Free Speech is We the People pushing back--at last!--against a long-planned 'New World Order' of Bossy McBosses.

As we've witnessed The People's push back in the Middle East since February 2011 (Arab Spring), perhaps many in the US couldn't believe their eyes or grok what they were seeing, but it's become difficult to ignore the encroachments, batons, pepper sprays, and jail cells of a Globalist Agenda determined to establish an imperial one-world-government whose true intent is hidden behind a 'free' trade mask, among other obfuscations and ruses which our politicians are well versed in. They take prep classes, you know. Very organized are they but they can be tripped up!

Crisis Time: Jupiter/Neptune, Uranus, and US natal Midheaven

Dissolving Neptune 28AQ24 remains within orb of US natal Moon (The People) with its rootless-homeless-foreclosure-fraud-flood-storm vibes and as such, our n Moon can replace Neptune's spot in the following equation based on the YOD planetary pattern (Finger of God; crisis; crossroads; turning point; special task) formed by the sextile between the froth/inflation pair Jupiter and Neptune here 'pointing toward' US natal MC 00Lib53, where the sextile is supplied an outlet for dynamic expression on the World Stage...yet here, the energy expresses behind-the-scenes in the political 12th H:

Jupiter/Neptune = US n MC: speculators; visionaries; fortune hunters; wastrels; squanderers; harm or damage through thoughtlessness (or fraud, I would add--jc); philanthropists (a positive expression is a few of the wealthy volunteering to pay their taxes. Or is theirs a dreamy and empty Jupiter/Neptune proposal?)

For weeks now in transits, we've had the midpoint picture of Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. (All midpoint pics from R. Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

If we replace Jupiter with US natal Moon we have: Moon/Jupiter = n MC: socially minded or religious people; confidence; popularity.

Below is the Uranus Direct Station horoscope on which are penned a few notes that will not be mentioned so please click to enlarge and check them out, if you wish.

A Point of Change? Uranus Direct Station @ 00Ari39 in 6th house of Work, Health, Service (Police & Military); December 10, 2011 1:06:19 pm est White House, United States of America; Hour of activist Mars 13Vir09 in 11th house of Groups/Associations & Hopes/Wishes; Mars squares Sun/Moon (opposed and nearing eclipse degree of 18Gem11) and the Nodal Axis (click the Dec 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse chart link for more info on this problematic T-Square.)

Moon with South Node of the Moon

Nodal degree, a karmic or fated point, has Moon 14Gem19 conjoining the South Node end of the axis with its Saturnian, separative tone. Moon conj SN shows bad timing and difficult circumstances which are karmic (reap-what's-sown) in nature. We as a people should have been in the streets over these disenfranchising issues years ago! Perhaps President Obama is correct but on a different level than he meant: we have been a little bit lazy and have gotten a little soft--in the Social Protest department.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Nodal axis is the Sun 17Sag52 (leader) in 3rd house of Communication and I suspect that Orator-in-Chief Obama may deliver a prime time address to the nation concerning the Occupy Movement at some point before December 2011 ends. Sun/NN links indicate major events occurring, seeking public contacts, and/or the growth and expansion of power.

This expansion of power is borne out by Venus (valuations; money; attraction principle; relationships) @ '18Cap', the degree of 1993's Uranus/Neptune conjunction/s marking the New World Order realm. Their last Great Conjunction occurred during the Age of Enlightenment/Age of Reason in mid-Sagittarius. Here as you see, vengeful-when-scorned Venus is at the Foundation of our Uranian Matters (Uranus to US IC) with Utopians (Uranus in Aries = Utopians, says Ebertin) stirring up the most basic issues within American society (our 4th H.)

And the Uranian concept of Equality is one of them.

ASCENDANT 14Lib19 at 2:04:19 am est

US natal Saturn 14Lib48 rises as does transit Saturn 26:36 in 1st house, a condition you'd usually rather not see in any horoscope--Saturn in 1st H shows delay, inhibition, restriction, and contraction in Horary Astrology with 'loss' also a potential. Basically, status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus are now inconjunct one another, a time in society when priorities are difficult to establish, self-deception abounds, and the adoption of new methods will tend to be resented as people try desperately to hold onto old concepts (like corrupted, rotten to the core Capitalism?)

Now in America, we tend to count our Saturn exalted in Libra as signifying Congress (lawmakers) and the Legal System (SCOTUS, Department of Justice, regional courts and judges, etc.) Jupiter 00Tau47 Rx opposing Saturn suggests that markets are unstable, plus the (long-planned and manufactured--"EU was set up to fail"--or set up in too great a haste) crisis conditions within European Union finances are on tap with Germany perhaps acting as the main significator in a financial situation which may very well affect US banks and our economy.

(Jupiter's Direct Station occurs the day after the Dec 24 New Moo on Christmas Day 2011 @00Tau22. Will this change of Mr. Moneybags' direction be too late to boost retailers' quotas for 2011? Note: their quotas are always trumped up--I worked in the retail fashion industry in my 20s and I can tell you that retailing CEOs cry wolf annually for it helps them cut corners for the sake of the bottom line and shareholders, of course--in pursuit of The Almighty Dollar, as we used to say.)

Oh Venus, Make My Wish Come True?

Chart-ruler Venus is detached--out-of-bounds (OOBs)--so who knows what the NYSE will be worth in December 2011, plus, it's a difficult season anyway during the Jupiter/Saturn opposition as expansion/growth vies with restriction/contraction--ex: the Gang of 12, aka, the 'Super' Congress or Committee will have spewed out its recommendations before Uranus turns direct--or will it? Little public lip service has been paid to the concept of addressing imbalances during their secret negotiations other than Republicans presenting a theatrical 'balanced budget' amendment in the House this week--and in July 2011, too.)

Ho Ho Ho: Our Greater Benefic, Protective Jupiter

Once abundant Jupiter turns direct on Dec 25, 2011 in money sign Taurus (the Bull of Wall Street), perhaps funds and policies that benefit The People will be freed to do some good in our society. An alternate potential: the 1% will pay themselves bigger bonuses and dividends than previously planned--just because they can and because many of them are bitterly pouting because we dared complain over our usury-rate indebtedness to foreign entities, and over financially oppressive conditions imposed by a self-selected group of elite plutocrats, a group which includes the military industrial regime/complex and global investors.

Moon/Venus and Mars/Neptune

Also at Aries Point is Moon/Venus = Uranus: quick actions are dictated by feelings. However, the inconjunct between Moon and Venus shows that actions need careful calibration to be most effective, or effective at all.

This picture focuses the square-peg-round-hole energies of the Moon/Venus *inconjunct (the applying aspect to chart-ruler Venus) on rebellious, radical Uranus. To me this denotes that no matter how the 'Super' Congress ham-fistedness turns out, major financial and social (Venus) adjustments (inconj) will be forced upon the population (Moon) if the Gang of 12's central banking bosses surmise that they can get away with it.

However, the Occupy Movement and the amount of attention being paid to it may have made that elitist assumption a bit less of a done-deal though The Man's riot tanks and swat teams are ready to rumble, unless I miss my guess.

Additionally, the stressful Moon inconj Venus aspect contains a 'grit teeth and bear it' flavor which makes clearly discussions of our problems quite difficult. But maybe not as much as before since the Moon is in communicative Gemini, ruled by the planet of young people, Mercury! But uh-oh: the deceptive, often confused or misdirected Mars/Neptune energies are in play which echoes America's natal Mars/Neptune square...

Mars/Neptune = Mercury: receptive or sensitive minds; many plans without a chance of realization; nervous weakness from drug use or misuse of energy.

This very public Geminian Moon wants to relate and communicate while relational Venus in private wants primarily to control (Capricorn) the relationship with the public (Moon)--and our public finances. With the IC involved bwo Venus, Real Estate valuations are on the menu, too--and Venus rules the 8th H of Big Business, Credit, Debt, Contracts, Transformation, and the Occult. Yes, control of public perception over monetary conditions and other social ills is an imperative for the US government--this is and has always been the case. (US natal Jupiter '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...this tendency was easier to hide in 1776!)

Hopefully, Washington won't follow the 'interrupt Internet service' plan of communication control, or worse: Uranus to US n IC = a disrupted or hacked power grid?

When The People Push Back: 1999 and 2011

Here are a few Astrology notes I posted concerning the media-labeled Battle in Seattle, if you're interested. There are two planetary trios of concentrated energy in the chart/s for that day (Nov 30, 1999, Seattle, Washington, using sunrise) which suggest protests, use of force/abuse of power, and a police state/oligarchic agenda:

1. Pluto/Chiron (the Plutocracy-Oppression team) = Sun 7Sag59/ASC, opposing US natal Uranus (revolt; anarchy--I suggest that WTOers, Bilderbergers, illuminized administration officials, globalist bankers, and their agents were anarchists against US sovereignty first.) The WTO Protests in Seattle will be 12 years ago as of Nov 30, 2011, m'peops! President Clinton(Sun) was acting in accord with Pluto/Chiron's instructions or, under the sway of plutocrat advisers (of which he is now one.) See 1999 in this 1990--1999 Timeline which includes some EU shenanigans, as you'll see.

2. Uranus/Neptune = Mars (3AQ21 at sunrise--'3AQ+' is Jupiter's position in the Inauguration 2009 horoscope, as I tiresomely remind you all the time)...this is a picture suggesting instability; misdirected energy; lameness or paralysis.


Blog Note: some text was just lost and though there are more factors I'd like to mention on these Aries Point/OWS topics for you, ATT&T is having trouble keeping me connected to the Internet this week. I've fought it all day but am finally wumped out with their 'misdirected energy' so if you've emailed me or commented on one of my blogs this week, please be advised that my replies, comments, and/or posts are necessarily on the spotty side at the moment, thanks to big gorilla ATT&T. Typos there be in this post and they must be corrected later. jc

*an inconjunct (150 degrees) is aka, a quincunx and contains crisis and/or health vibes even without the YOD pattern adding to its complexity.

Nov 4, 2011

Celente: Wall St is Washington, Washington is Wall St (OWS video)

Nov 4, 2011: here's economist Gerald Celente breaking down the financial and political facts of our current lousy circumstances and listing the Obama Economic Team's criminals and Goldman-Sachs agents past and present whom I suspect may actually be Rothschild agents in disguise--operatives and infiltrators of Illuminati proportions:

Let's continue supporting Occupy Wall Street!

For they're marching for you and me. And I know you won't let yourself be fooled by embedded agents provocateurs touted by mainstream media, those who are sent in by police departments and/or others to foment violence in an attempt to give the Occupy movement a bad name and dilute its political strength.

In other words, theirs is a blatant campaign to divert democracy and keep the status quo intact for their bosses and their bosses' bosses.

You may not agree, but my suspicion is that most often (yet not exclusively), local police forces, military troops, private contractors (mercenaries), and others are used as an enforcement arm for higher ups within The Establishment.

That's part of the recent 'upgrade' of the US to a national police state described well by US progressed Mars being in retrograde condition (Rx) since 2006. We see here with OWS and crackdowns on protesters our national Mars (military; war; conflict; police; activism; protests; pepper spray) being used against we-the-people as the Rx turns our martian energies inward. This relates as well to US troops returning home, assuming that they actually do--some say by New Years Day 2012, as the president promised.

And it greatly saddens me to say about my country, but the muscles (pepper spray, tear gas, batons, etc) appear to go all the way up to the White House and, of course, to Congress and the Supreme Court. For three infiltrated branches of government have we which is why nothing ever really improves after every January 20th at noon on Capitol Hill. It's all in the script and the script is Illuminati-written and produced...unless we turn the channel.

Of course, I'm of the Nixon Shoots Kent State Students Dead generation so maybe I've simply seen this very bad, "unAmerican" film before. (Scroll down the sidebar a bit for a link to the Kent State Massacre horoscope.)

Well, what do you think? The echo in here today is almost deafening--seems even my old friend 'Anonymous' has gone fishing! Of course, it is late on Friday afternoon so this mom wants very much to say...

Please Be Safe This Weekend, all courageous Occupiers! And Thank You. jc

Oct 19, 2011

Oops! 1912 cartoon warned against creating the Fed

Here's a blast from the past, a 1912 cartoon warning against the banker-supported Aldrich Plan which opened the gate for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, a central bank such as President Andrew Jackson was so determined to root out of the American system for he recognized them for the illuminized government take-over artists they were.

As you know, the Bankers' Panic of 1907 was used as the justification (cover) for setting up a central bank the likes of which have orchestrated financial booms, bubbles, busts, and crashes ever since. Click the link to view a 1907 photo of Wall Street at Federal Hall--it favors current Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

Pluto/Chiron = plutocrats, their agents, and other oppressors

In America then as now, when you set your eye on inhabiting the Oval Office, you must play ball with the big boys of the Pluto/Chiron persuasion. In fact, in the January 20, 2009 Inauguration Horsocope, the transiting midpoint of Pluto and Chiron sits precsely upon the MC, the Goal/Aspiration point of the chart.

Later on, after you accept Pluto/Chiron's abundant gifts for doing their bidding, you may suffer a measure of remorse for accepting their backing for the piper's tune becomes shriller than promised, the dance more frantic, and the required task more distasteful than initially expected.

Here's what Freemason Woodrow Wilson said after he'd allowed America to be snookered into creating a royalist, plutonian, oligarchic Federal Reserve Bank, a private enterprise that runs the US government yet is not a federal institution at all.

Related links:

Stop IMF Bailouts (includes a petition for on-hook US taxpayers)
Prison Planet
Democracy Now!
Thom Hartmann

Plus, here's an article which lists banking industry contributions to 2012 candidates which shows Mitt Romney in the lead amongst big bankers: The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying to Buy the 2012 Election.

Then I'd say global bankers have achieved their take-over goal quite handily like an octopus squeezing the life out of its prey while our complicit presidents look on.


In spite of all anyone can do, a new political limerick has been published so if you wish a quick peek Mitt Romney 2012 awaits you! jc

Oct 11, 2011

Inauguration 2009 horoscope w Occupy Wall Street (9.17.11)

The horoscope of Inauguration 2009 (January 20 @ noon Capitol Building) is shown here with the transits of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), September 17, 2011, solar (sunrise) chart set for Manhattan, NY; OWS is aka, the 99% Movement.

Click chart to enlarge and you'll see the OWS Moon 19Tau23 and Jupiter 9Tau49 snugged about the Inaugural ASC (President's Oath of Office = the presidency); also on the Inaugural ASC is the transiting midpoint Mars/Neptune which is interesting to me since many posts have been written here concerning the fact Mr. Obama's natal Mars (motivation, energy, action, desire nature) conjoins US natal Neptune 22Vir25--to the degree--with Virgo the sign of Work, Service, and Health (and having a 'police/military service' vibe.)

(Note: the Moon/Jupiter pair will repeat at Inauguration 2013 but in early Gemini, rising in 1st house; chart set for Monday January 21, 2013 noon est Capitol Building--since Jan 20, 2013 falls on a Sunday; ASC = '16Tau' instead of the usual '15Tau'--the last Jan 21st Inauguration was Ronald 'death squad' Reagan's.)

Uranus in Aries: The Awakener!

The Awakening of the American People (transit Uranus to US 4th cusp 00Ari53 = anarchists, radicals, protesters in the Homeland) which the current Occupy protests represent is shown on one level by the dreamy Mars/Neptune link between horoscopes as this Mars/Neptune (deceptive or inspired actions, confused motivations, loss of males, overseas wars, mass police, men who undermine, etc) echoes the problematic Mars/Neptune square found in the US natal chart/s (July 4, 1776, any hour you choose to use. Our national Sun/Saturn square is now highlighted as well showing authoritarianism of leaders.)

Sniffy me!

Since I'm under the weather this week with allergies of the ragweed kind, I have sparse energy with which to discuss these two charts (dual and complex as they are) but I'll do the best I can and will simply mention a couple of factors, then point anyone who hasn't to visit the excellent news coverage by Independent Media (listed below) of the Occupy protests across America--including the vicious, hateful police attack during the OccupyBoston demonstration last night (at 1:30 am Tuesday) on US war veterans whose American flags were wrenched from their hands and thrown to the ground before they were tackled by an over-reactive riot-geared police force--people obviously on the payroll of The Man, not The People.

How description their actions! For 'throwing America to the ground' is the goal of these proto-fascist usurpers of our government. And it took the attacks of 9/11/01 to more firmly establish them in seats of power.

Now we know that no matter who orders such brutality against peacefully assembled Americans expressing their grievances against The Establishment, this police state behavior is happening on President Obama's watch. Yes, the GOP must be secretly cheering this though they certainly have expression problems of their own on the subject (see Herman Cain's coldhearted comment below.)

However, for the sake of the president's political aspirations, he'd do better for 2012 to jump on-board more than he has so far rather than dangling haphazardly off the populist cart with the White House's barely concealed contempt. As The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel said yesterday to Amy Goodman, Mr. Obama is "behind the curve" and has "lost his momentum" with the environmentalists, young people, liberals, Independents, and others who voted for him in 2008.

Deserving Desertion?

Well, if Mr. Obama is or feels deserted, he deserves it for we wouldn't wander if he were what he was promoted to be! Good oration is never enough when real problems exist en masse, Mr. President. You said to push you, so here is Occupy Wall Street on your Oval Office doorstep. Be pushed!

Confronting The Bull of Wall Street

Since We-the-People Bailed Out Wall Street Banks do we own them? Then we may protest their corruption all we like! Besides: what victim, being disenfranchised and ignored, is self-destructive enough not to chant for clarity and justice in American society--and for social improvements when times are tough?! The 'special interests' and their paid-for political reps of Washington DC must be feeling a might insecure about now--good! We The People Rule whether they know it or not. Without our consent they have no power.

Positive v Negative = Yin v Yang = Jupiter v Saturn

Very notable in the OWS chart are the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, forming a transiting midpoint upon revolutionary Mars 29Can00 on Sept 17th, a critical 29th degree picture which describes the Occupy Wall Street Movement about as well as any one factor can do...and the Jupiter/Saturn cycle closely relates to financial markets and conditions!

These days in our global society, Jupiter's expansion principle seeks balance with Saturn's restriction/contraction tendencies and we know who's on the growth side while the 99% languishes on the margins, our futures stunted by Wall Street greed and criminality which are aided by duplicitous politicians. Financial Collapse 2008 was no 'accident', it was long-planned, imho, and astrological indicators show more lacks to come for 2012 and beyond, sorry to say.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn hooked up on May 28, 2000 and their collusion heralded the zeitgeist of the much-touted New '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems"--and that's how America has been--a cash cow--for the criminal upper crust ever since...just one Big Heist. Yes?

Well, here's the major midpoint picture from September 17, 2011 which I'm spotlighting today--see if you think any of its potentials apply to current events:

Jupiter/Saturn = activist Mars: new efforts to effect positive changes; introducing duress as a tactic for forcing social change; discontent; added irritation over delays for new beginnings (like implementation of their feudal, 'Big Brother', totalitarian 'new world order', aka, a Utopian
'one world government' of the Illuminati? jc.)

How patient and mild the protesters--very impressive!

Progressive sites and broadcasts (video available):

Thom Hartmann (Thom!);
Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman);
The Nation blog w Occupy Wall Street updates (Greg Mitchell);
Brave New Films (Robert Greenwald who has a new film on the Koch Brothers, a must-see.)

Plus, there's HuffPo's recent article on how bullying billionaires the Koch Brothers (of Tea Party backing fame) stand to make a mint--in spite of the environmental degradation the US will suffer--from the Keystone XL Pipeline which President Obama could nix with a stroke of his Oval Office pen, if he only would.

Or I should say, If only his financial backers would allow. (See Inauguration 2009 chart with US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and plutocracy's Pluto/Chiron midpoint at MC, The Goal point; this places US natal Mercury Rx is at IC which emphasizes America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of surveillance and propaganda.)

Now, for those who wish to become involved, it may be timely to paraphrase Thom Hartmann at the end of all his broadcasts:

"Democracy begins when you show up--tag, you're it!"

Yet there's a caution: Beware agent provocateurs who seek to undermine the 99% Movement by use of violence. And conservative commentators have ramped up their usual violent rhetoric, as expected--seems that some long-nosers have broadcast that the OWS protesters "hate freedom" (!!!), a silliness which attempts to turn the 99% Movement's message of moral clarity upside down.

Oh! And as Thom Hartmann noted in today's broadcast, Republican 2012 nomination candidate *Herman Cain says that "if you don't have a job--blame yourself."


So I guess tonight's Republican "debate" on TV, which is expected to attack Mitt Romney's record as MA governor, should be either interesting or, more of a mangled train wreck showcasing pathetic people parroting corporate talking points. Again. With some quirky personality traits tossed in to 'impress' the public, if at all possible after 8 years of Bush-Cheney policies that have led us to this.

Wonder if the 99% Movement will be mentioned tonight? But which corporate shill among them, if any, shall dare?


UPDATE: *Here's a nifty, brief analysis of Herman's Cain's diabolical counter to the president's jobs plan which is actually Cain's (not Abel's) wealth distribution program for the rich called, 9-9-9 which even an apathetic doltbrain can see is a not-so-subtle reference to the Biblical '666', the mark of the beast. And its title is done in a backhanded way with the digits upside down, a tactic Satan often employs in our dualistic world as a shout-out to his followers.

Other satanic signs/symbols include 'the goat horns' hand jesture, the use of 'one eye' (Gaga's hair over one eye, head bowed showing homage to the Eye of Horus), and popular use of black-white and/or checkered patterns.

Well, if I'd known about that last one years ago, I would not have drawn 'checkered floors' into some of my racier illustrations. Really. What bad form! And their use was never meant as a satanic symbol of any kind, not from me.

Yet in my own defense, I shall say as an artist of some years that checkered floors can make a decent design element in drawings or paintings for their perspectives can be monkeyed with and made to look quite interesting, don't you think?

Blog Note: those who read Astrology charts may wish to study the horoscopes shown above if they haven't, spotlighting the connections between them, and I hope you do. Leave your on-topic comments here, if you wish, for I plan to feel better soon. Thanks! jc

(Midpoint pictures from M. Munkasey and R. Ebertin.)

Oct 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street live video w Aries Full Moon chart of 10.11.11

Monday October 10, 2011: This week the US Congress gavels in on Tuesday October 11, and the president's jobs bill may be taken up--not passed, for that would make too much sense--but 'taken up' on Capitol Hill with President Obama seen by some as pushing his financial plan as bank protests grow.

If the jobs bill will bring relief to the 99%, let him push! And let the politically minded GOP get out of the way.

Meanwhile, peaceful Occupiers in Washington DC are on shaky ground with their permit expiring today and no one seems to know what will happen to protesting Americans who are also speaking out against US wars which were begun with falsehoods and have gone on for way too long.

Today protests against America's corrupt capitalist system begin their 4th week on Wall Street (live video below) as other cities across the country join in including Kansas City where the people know what you and I know that, Corporations Are Not People.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

The Light of an Aries Moon with a Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint

A Full Moon @ 18Ari24 on October 11, 2011 represents the culmination or fulfillment phase of something begun at the last New Moon of September 27, 2011 @ 4Lib00 (horoscope shown) which emphasized the ongoing opposition of string-puller Pluto to US natal Jupiter 5Can56.

(During the Great Depression, transiting Pluto conjoined America's planets in Cancer; now Mr. Underworld has changed his tune and opposes our Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and eventually our Mercury Rx, too, as efforts continue to dismantle and dissolve FDR's New Deal programs. Apparently global bankers such as the Houses of Rockefeller and Rothschild were on board with the Roosevelt presidency's financial policies but now they're working hard to harvest the last decades' abundance away from the American people--and so far succeeding too well.)

The Occupy Wall Street protests actually began on Sept 17--ten days earlier than the September New Moon. Astrologer Lynn Hayes has written an excellent article on the movement's genesis which she calls the Beginning of Uranus/Pluto in the US, a reference to the current Uranus/Pluto square in their cycle which issued from their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-1960s, a time of social upheaval and the anti-war and civil rights protests of my generation.

The 1960s mid-Virgo Uranus/Pluto conjunction may be found in the 4th house (Foundation; Basis of the Matter) of the Full Moon horoscope you see below.

Click to enlarge the chart to read a few notes which won't be covered in this text.

ASC 29Gem39 (29, a critical/crisis degree) makes 5th house Mercury 27Lib49 the chart-ruler; Hour: Sun 18Lib24, in its Fall in Libra and conjunct US Sec Mars Rx--'19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding (peep-eye, Wall Street!) Sun and Saturn are about to hook-up, a time of serious issues, hard work, and a call for responsibility for the culpable; Saturn opposing the Full Moon shows depression of the people, but can also indicate ambition and strategy being employed.

The speculator/wastrel/grand-schemes pair, Jupiter and Neptune, rule the MC through Pisces; restrictive Saturn rules 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Transformation, with the degree of the 8th cusp 19Cap40 implicating the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune (1993), the Illuminati/Enlightenment/NWO pair of energies.

In 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking, evaluating Venus 3Sco32 conjoins US *Sec Saturn Rx indicating the American people's (Aries Moon = 'I Am the People') fed-up condition (Full Moon opposition) and dissatisfaction with America's imperial wars (Sec Mars Rx) being waged abroad and the financial embezzlement, loss, and system-gaming they have engendered while lawmakers tell us US coffers are bare and domestic budgets must be cut (Venus/Saturn) with an austere hatchet when it comes to the needs of the American people.

How Things Proceed: chart-ruler Mercury applies to these planets and ASC:

1. trine Neptune 28AQ22 Rx (0A33: cold logic won't intrude upon inspiration; instincts rule; intuition--or Twitter--leads us to the right place at the right time.)

2. trine ASC (1A50: knows limits; capitalizes on talents and abilities; seeks approval.)

3. trine Chiron 1Pis05 Rx (3A16: wise old souls seek healing--Clow.)

4. conjunct Venus 3Sco32 (5A43: discussion of common goals with partners or allies; advice or information available which concern legal matters, joint ventures, or contracts.)

Not bad, as applying aspects go! Plus, Mercury rules young people, trade, commerce, oration, slogans, plans, negotiations, and many other mercurial things.

Mercury also rules the Full Moon's 4th house of Real Estate and Domestic Scene, and the president's natal Pluto in Virgo. (I refer to Mr. Obama as 'president', and not to Speaker of the House Mr. Boehner who seems confused on the issue at times.)

As you see, rising in first house is the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 which falls within our nation's line-up of Cancerian planets--and precisely between our national Sun and Jupiter, a factor you and I knew would be trouble.

President Obama's natal, quixotic Chiron/Pluto opposition is in full view (MC/IC) and is notated upon the chart along with a T-Square (Pluto/ASC = Uranus in Aries ( = Utopians and other anarchists; Uranus also is The Awakener, as mentioned in protesters' chants) so we have a picture of extraordinary incidents and upsets, constant anxiety and restlessness, and potential changes of environment.

Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; oppression; disenfranchisement; primal violence; racism and other -isms and agents of oppression.

A Grand Trine which includes North Node (NN = encounters; meetings; future direction; publicity) ropes in the October 11th Full Moon along with a feisty Leonine Mars so that three pictures are formed:

1. Moon/Mars = NN indicates vigorous cooperation with others, and women as associates.

2. Moon/NN = Mars shows energetic advocacy of unions or associations and vigorous teamwork (teamsters? jc)

3. Mars/NN = Moon brings in more feminine participation along with 'soul contact' vibes present within enterprises of mutually sympathetic people.

You may wish to click and view the participants in a rather involved Kite pattern with ASC as the Kite's 'tail', and Fixed Stars Polaris ('to show the way') and Betelgeuse ('success which is not blocked') rising and directing the Kite's high-flying inspirations and a prognosis for success.

Of note to current financial topics and other large endeavors is a Minor Grand Trine (highlighted in pink) if one includes Midheaven (MC = Goals; Aspirations), an angular point where Jupiter/Pluto (in trine) may express the pair's big banker/wheeler dealer energies. This pattern creates a significant midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Pluto = MC: industriousness; ambition; advantages in one's occupation; advancement and promotion; great good luck. (Ebertin.)

Jupiter continues his delaying Rx phase in Taurus, a money sign with a shadow side that includes greed and intolerance.

Well, moneybags Jupiter (Republicans) and manipulative Pluto (the dragon guarding the world's hidden riches, and robbing us all) are certainly simpatico (trine) this week and so far are quite successful in their Make Obama And America Fail campaign...their midpoint sits upon the Full Moon's Goal Point (MC.) But this means that Jupiter/Pluto also sits upon President Obama's natal Chiron in Pisces--and affects goals with the wounding--or talent--that Chiron, The Key, always provides.


Note: when protesting, Beware Agent Provocateurs!

And if you dare, check out the 'peculiar turn of events' potential in the horoscope of the upcoming Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37, a date perfectly within range of describing the recommendations from the 'Super Congress' (aka, 'Super Committee') which are due on November 23, 2011.

For full coverage of this first-ever Anti-Authoritarian Movement, please visit Democracy Now! where updated news and interview texts and broadcast videos are readily available.

*Around here, I use 'Sec' to denote Secondary Progressions, 'Minor' for Minor Progressions, and 'Tert' for Tertiary Progressions. jc