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Dec 19, 2011

12.19.11 House votes @ 6:30 pm as Orwell Rolls Over

Tonight at 6:30 pm est, when recorded voting begins in the House, America's natal Mercury Rx '25Can' ("A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power") rises which shivers me timbers and chills my bones. It's an Hour of Mercury 6Sag21 in 5th H of risk-taking with Mercury as the planet of votes, messages, and negotiations.

Our national Mercury rising indicates a re-vote since it's retrograde natally.

The environmental sweepstakes known as the Keystone 'XL' (Xtra Large) Pipeline so full of contaminated aquifer possibilities for a thirsty American public is tucked inside last I heard so we may wish to consider briefly the horoscope for tonight's session. The oil refined from this monstrosity won't be for the US but for overseas sales. (Go figure what dupes we can be--this project's glowingly touted job creation numbers are inflated by TransCanada with the GOP parroting them--but any pipeline construction jobs are temporary at best.)

But some say it's quite a coup for a Republican Party used to coup'ing on a regular basis (exs: 1994, 2000, 2010.)

Monday December 19, 2011 6:30 pm est Capitol Bldg: the crime scene

ASC 20Can51, a critical or crisis degree which brings up the Dark and Light Twins, Castor and Pollux; MC 4Ari02 with radical Uranus 00Ari41 just crossed the Aspiration Point and tarrying upon the Aries Point of Manifestation (= US natal IC, The Drain); Sun 27Sag43 and Pluto 6Cap54 are both in 6th H of Work-Service-Health and powerful Pluto is in a pile-up with asteroids Hygeia (health/hygiene), Lilith (glamorous ladies; also associated with Israel), and Icarus Rx, linked to flying too close to the Sun (over-extension); Icarus is often active in charts during assassinations whether reputational or physical.

Moon Applies: from Saturn to Jupiter

1. The first factor of note in the horoscope is, of course, the applying aspects made by the chart ruler which in this case is the Moon 23Lib22 in 4th house and approaching inhibiting, depressive Saturn 27:26. (Saturn = lawmakers; the Democratic Party, or leaders.)

However, Luna conjoins two Fixed Stars of note at 6:30 pm: Alphecca (Alpha Corona Borealis: 'being offered a crown--but there's a high price; back-biting situations'--linked to Princess Diana's natal Venus--her unofficial title, "the Queen of Hearts" cost her dearly); and Spica (Alpha Virgo, the wheat sheaf; associated with Demeter, goddess of the harvest and mother of Persephone (Kore) who was abducted by Pluto, god of the Underworld--'potential for brilliance; respected knowledge, insight, or talent'.)

2. The second applying aspect of the Moon is a dreamy trine with Neptune 28AQ35 in 8th H of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Big Business, Corporations, etc, for the 8th is Scorpio's natural house in our Western Tropical Zodiac, or at least in popular astrological thought. Perhaps the media (Neptune) will polish up the congressional story for our happy consumption--and the trine will only make their fakery easier to promote and to accept at face value by a gullible public.

For as you know, fraudulent, obfuscating Neptune remains within orb of US natal Moon 27AQ33 (foreclosures, homelessness, sense of rootlessness; robberies; fraudulent schemes--like this megabus bill that Congress and the corporate bosses who wrote the various versions of it are trying to slide by us--plus, floods, other natural disasters, and a potential for loss. Yes, the unstable real estate and economic conditions in the US are easily described by Neptune to US Moon (we-the-people.)

3. The third applying aspect of the Moon which may clue us in to how things will proceed from tonight's House session and vote is a square (90 degrees = blockage; obstacle) with evaluating Venus (which may also represent a lady or ladies.) This aspect indicates delays and inhibitions yet it does not rule out success though there may be jealousy somewhere within the environment; confidence may ebb and responsibilities must come before pleasure (our House of Scrooges is not yet on holiday break!); an upside is that such interference can inspire greater efforts which eventually lead to success but even so, Moon SQ Venus promises no increase in popularity with the public.

4. Last is the Moon's applying opposition to a Jupiter Rx in the money sign of Taurus. This doesn't sound promising to me for those who want or need the payroll tax cut extended but it may sound awfully good to those who work against (opposition) the good (Jupiter) of the American people (Moon) in order to pad their already fat bottom lines, with Jupiter representing Corporatism, groups and organizations that should be protecting (Jupiter) the Earth rather than pillaging its shared-by-all resources like sneaky saboteur Pluto up from the Underworld when he's not counting his gold.

Also of interest to any financial topic today is that the US is currently experiencing a transit of Venus 29Cap02 to US natal and Sec Pluto (27--20 Cap) which describes a time when taking charge is necessary and all details must be planned in order for plans to succeed.

Orwell Ro*ls and Congress Su*ks as O*ama Capitulates

Now the authorization dynamite included in tonight's megabus bill which grants the president--any president--the ability to detain, arrest, rendition, or kill American citizens abroad and at home, without any accountability, is what I should be writing about since America's basic character will be irrevocably harmed by the draconian provision President Obama seeks to insert in the bill, on instructions from his global masters.

One background astrological factor describing this sad, unAmerican circumstance relates to our Secondary Progressed Mars ('Sec') which performed a Retrograde Station by progression in 2006 (exact date depends on which US natal horoscope you prefer to progress) @ '19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding."

'Keynote: Protest against disharmonic social privilege. GROUP PROTEST'. (Rudhyar.)

Naturally, this is also a picture of the 99%-Occupy Movement as it protests against just such out-of-bounds social privileges of the 1%--the percentage of them who are the robbers and crooks thus highlighted by US Sec Mars Rx's symbol. Sec Mars Rx denotes our re-turning soldiers from Iraq, too, but hopefully it will not look forward to a declaration of martial law.

Yes, this symbol (word picture) sounds like quite a few political, military, financial people we could name, those of a five finger discount persuasion. And of course, the Tea Party revolt, the Occupy Movement, and US police state tactics used against peaceful citizen protesters, are all expressions of a Mars frustrated by its now-Rx condition, and not so well placed in mild Libra. The sign Libra is good for war though but naturally, Libran diplomacy would be so much better for all but weapons designers and manufacturers, and other war profiteers--plus, US politicians who are bankrolled and thus represent them in Washington.

Another background factor is the current Solar Eclipse season during which this legislative end-run around our freedom documents is taking place against our civil liberties--the 'peculiar turn of events' eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 (horoscope shown.) Last week, I had thought of the MF Global 'missing trillions' of John Corzine as 'a peculiar event' since their customers' money went pouf! (like a hacking heist?) and no one seems to know where the funds could possibly be.

Fear of Government the Greatest Fear of All

Yes, the Change We Can Believe In of Barack Obama, who with his advisers now attempts such character-diverting legislation that will dissolve our civil liberties and threaten our safety to a vastly unaccustomed degree, may be the prize-winner when it comes to 'a peculiar turn of events' at the end of 2011 into 2012 as Washington codifies laws that will bring the 'War On Terror' to the US homeland more fully than we can yet appreciate.

Well, no matter how things turn our tonight ('peculiar'?), let's see what transpires on and after Christmas Day 2011 when Jupiter in Taurus finally turns Direct @ 00Tau22 because, after all, who doesn't expect the megabus bill not to pass the House at some point in the near future. But in looking at the horoscope for tonight's vote, I doubt seriously that a majority of the American people will approve of what Congress and the White House are perpetrating against we-the-people on behalf of shadowy actors, as tonight's Moon in balancing Libra comes up against what should be a merry and jolly Jupiter.


Annoyingly, former White House denizen Austan Goolsbee says that we who oppose the water-defiling Keystone XL Pipeline are "naive" and I agree with him in the sense that it's naive for us to think that our concerns are any part of the legislative process in Washington DC, as we've all noted before.

An Astro-Note: on our Cosmic Calendar in a few days is Winter Solstice 2011 which falls on December 22 this year when the Sun(the leader) reaches the World Point of 00Cap00:00 (horoscope shown, set for DC) and almost immediately squares transiting Uranus @ AP, a willful and erratic combination of ego-based energies.

Progressive Recommendations: Move To Amend (sign the petition against Citizens United!), Thom Hartmann, and Democracy Now!

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