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Jan 1, 2012

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

Pictured: William McKinley campaign poster, Prosperity at Home Prestige Abroad, a Jupiter-Saturn slogan with tones of Cancer-Sagittarius inspiring a Moon-Jupiter sparkle of fairy dust.

May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse 'eclipses' Fixed Star Alcyone

by Jude Cowell

Below is a horoscope of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem21 in the 14 South Saros Series(details below)--at 7:46:58 pm edt, White House, with Venus 23Gem25 Rx and out-of-bounds of the earthly plane with OOBs being an indicator of unusual success--and/or lawless actions. This is a South Node eclipse so energy tends to leave the scene rather than gather and 00Gem21 falls in 7th house in Washington DC denoting the beginning of new phases in Partnerships, Open Enemies, and/or Legal Affairs.

However, since all eclipses operate as 'wild cards of the Universe', the chance for unexpected happenings in these areas should not be dismissed too readily.

With its themes of Complex Financial Issues, Martian Actions, and Transport Concerns, please click to enlarge the chart since a few details are scribbled about including:

Hour of responsible, status quo Saturn; in Mutual Reception (supporting one another) are Mercury and Venus; ASC 21Sco58--chart-ruler/s = Mars and Pluto; MC (The Goal; Public Standing; Career) @ 7Vir01 gives outlet for Fixed Star Thuban (to create or protect a treasure; sharing v hoarding issues), and contentious *Mars, god of war, @10Vir39 conjoins one of the 'victimization' stars, Zosma (ruthlessness, or the victim), an unhappy portent for peaceniks like me.

Also, the Virgo Midheaven parallels (similar to a strong conjunction) Altair, The Eagle (bold and determined) which hints at a busy Pentagon season with much propaganda spewing out concerning America's (real or perceived) enemies. In other words: US imperialists still don't get it that their era is rapidly ending.

The May 2012 Solar Eclipse's energies are strongly Mutable, thus unstable and variable; a sort of 'Grand Cross' of dynamic energies appears with outlet at MC--click chart to view its planets and points; Mercury @22Tau35 rules the eclipse (Sun and Moon) bwo Gemini indicating issues of trade, commerce, transport, communications, thinking processes, planning, negotiations, treaties, oration, young people, and other mercurial realms. The blocking of oil-transport routes is a potential which relates on one level to themes of Alcyone (Eta Taurus) denoting something to cry about (the 7 Sisters of The Pleiades); exile; inner vision and mysticism but with a tendency to be judgmental.

Actually there are other planet-to-star links; here are the ones that seem most prominent to me:

Leading the entire chart is the closest planet to an Angle, Jupiter 24Tau56, which sets (DESC 24Tau57) and conjoins Capulus (in constellation Perseus: intense male energy; rage), Algol (intense female passion; rage; in China: 'piled up corpses'; both stars are traditionally linked to the Middle East.) As you know, whatever Jupiter touches grows, revs up, expands, or increases in some way though we may hope that Jupiter's protective quality intercedes with benefits.

ASC 24Sco57: Rising is Fixed Star Agena (Beta Centaurus; the pain of learning; the horse's belly in southern constellation Centaurus which holds Lupus, the Wolf, in his outstretched hand, and has religious connotations, says Bernadette Brady. Anthony Louis adds potentials for: high status, honors, good organizers, scandal, gossip, sensuality, sarcasm, cleverness, and/or success with the masses.)

At IC 7Pis01 along with Fomalhaut (a Royal Star of Persia, Watcher of the South: humanitarianism, mysticism, pure ideals but a downfall if integrity is not upheld (too late for most Washington politicians!) is oceanic, dissolving Neptune 3Pis06 at IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene; Real Estate) along with Chiron 9Pis31 and with both snugged around the IC (aka, The Drain), I can't help but think of the criminal BP-Deepwater Horizon Blowout of 2010 and the ready potential for more oil spills, leaks, and the sabotage of the environment which results.

The forced-upon-the-American-people Keystone XL Pipeline construction may also be indicated--and it makes me mad as a wet hen. You? The number of US jobs it 'creates' will be negligible and temporary at best though they are loudly touted by liars of a transnational corporate persuasion.

Plus, Real Estate instability continues to undermine (Neptune) our housing market (IC/4th H) and valuations (Venus in duplicitous Gemini conjunct 8th cusp of Money) unless some measure of integrity (Fomalhaut) is restored to our mortgage and banking industries (IC v 8th H.) Venus also conjoins US natal Mars in Gemini which motivates our desires for beauty, pleasant travels, and the quest for attainment of possessions.

As you see, quirky and disruptive Uranus 7Ari26 has just entered 4th H from 5th H showing that sudden events may occur in the matters ruled by both houses (already mentioned) and including 3rd H with Aquarius on its cusp. Naturally, the Occupy Wall Street movement and its offshoots spring to mind (political Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries--and Mars/Uranus energies won't be denied!)

Also, the 3rd cusp 00AQ50 conjoins US Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx of Jan 20, 2009 so will President Obama deliver another speech around the time of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse? It will be no surprise, if so.

Now with North Node (NN) in 1st house and ruled by lucky Jupiter, some sort of attainment may be possible for a 1st house NN is a fortunate placement and shows self-development on the upswing, therefore, the Jupiter-ruled IC of Real Estate may benefit. Yet more negatively, both ends of the Nodal axis lie within the 'nuclear degrees' of early Gem/Sag.

Of further benefit, Saturn 23Lib45 Rx in 11th H is near two rather nice stars, Arcturus and Spica, The Spike, or The Wheat Sheaf: bounty and harvest. Keywords for Arcturus (Alpha Bootes; pathfinder); and Spica (Alpha Virgo; honor and fame; gifts to mankind; Spica links to artists, musicians, writers, and scientists--B. Brady.)

Additionally, there are fortunate karmic or fated conditions to be set in motion by the Venus/Saturn trine--fated because both planets are at 23 degrees. Venus trine Saturn shows such potentials as: aid for the needy (humanitarianism), practical talents, and a sense of order and balance. (Venus rules Libra where Saturn is exalted.)

So with Saturn as significator of the Democratic Party (in my book, though some say it's Jupiter for Dems but I use Mr. Moneybags to represent the Grand Old Party of Special Interests and Jupiterian Corporations), maybe Democrats will carry on with the stand taken with congressional Republicans by President Obama during December 2011 on behalf of the 99%. That the 1% could possibly need more help than they already profit by 24/7 is impossible to believe!)

Senior statesmen or experienced diplomats are other possibilities for a Libran Saturn nestled in the House of Friends, Groups, Hopes and Wishes...perhaps someone of a mature description will step forward to ease our nation's more difficult circumstances relating to Venus and 8th H matters of Debt, Credit, and Too-Big Corporations.

Chart-Rulers Tell a Tale Going Forward

Always of import to how things will proceed from the energies of a horoscope are the applying aspects of the chart's ruler or rulers and here they are Mars and Pluto (bwo a Scorpio Ascendant.)

Yet activist/protester Mars makes no applying aspects to any planets at all in this chart so the house position, sign, and degree of Mars (conjunct depressive Zosma) are primary influences concerning events or conditions brought by this eclipse and may express most fully within the houses ruled by Mars (Aries on 5th cusp showing Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children's Issues--and 1st house of Self/Physical Body/Initiating Matters.

In addition, the Mars/MC combination reveals the promotion of paranoia for control of the people (an old tactic used by all governments--the US gov has perfected it), and possible military action (see Nodal axis degrees.)

However, as co-ruler, 2nd house Pluto applies to the frustrating square with progressive Uranus (1A44) after forming a square-within-a-square aspect to Mercury (135 degr; 1A35) showing minor irritants yet possibilities for dynamic and constructive action between the powers-that-be (Pluto) and the mercurial actors and issues previously mentioned. (Mercury/Pluto = propaganda, obsession, mind control, spying and surveillance.)

Plus, eclipse-ruler Mercury triggers the May 28, 2000 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which occurred at '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems" a loud hint pointing toward the bankster heists and fraudulent schemes awaiting society in the New Millennium and from which we continue to suffer.

(Jup/Sat = Mercury: desires for change and variety; inconstancy of mind and philosophy; journeys; a fortunate separation--Ebertin; studying hard, asking the right questions--Tyl.)

Now usually I mark US natal planets around the chart but this time I won't in an attempt to leave the horoscope easier to read. So I must mention that the first US planet to rise here is Pluto 27Cap33 Rx which is intercepted in 2nd house as is transiting Pluto 9Cap10 Rx (forces beyond any one's personal control.)

Across the 2/8 Money/Values axis are America's Cancer planets (Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury Rx) which are all intercepted in the 8th house of Corporations, Big Business, and Transformation which shows the karmic (reap what's sown) conditions under which we toil and gives our nation's planets in Cancer and Capricorn 'no outlet' for expression, at least not for a while after the eclipse manifests. For as with other horoscopes, progression brings change and Time waits for no man's or nation's horoscope.

(Note: US Pluto @ '28Cap' = "A Large Aviary" always reminds me of things such as bird flu used manipulatively by governments acting lawlessly as ours tends to do to grasp what it wants and hide past transgressions. They wouldn't dare? Sad to say, they would. For as noted previously on this blog, NWO robots play for keeps and for the ultimate brass ring: global financial power.)

May 2012 Influences: the 14 South Saros Series

14S: long periods of hard work are rewarded; an obsessive idea is finally accepted which leads to Jupiter's promised success; new ideas or methodologies bring long awaited breakthroughs; Mercury/Pluto content (from 14S's initial eclipse of August 29, 984 OS with Pluto 24Vir conjunct US natal Neptune hinting at power struggles in politics, finances, and physical confrontations.

14S info: paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.

This eclipse is titled "Property Agreements" by Celeste Teal and describes 'unsettling times' in her book Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation. Sad to say, the May 2012 Solar Eclipse is the last eclipse detailed in the book.

Now here are the Midpoint Pictures from Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions:

Sun/NN = Neptune: disappointment in associations; difficulties when adapting.

Moon/NN = Neptune: disappointment; undermining of associations; unions or relationships of no promise.

Mars/Uranus = Venus: passion; excitability; medical intervention concerning a woman (abortion repeal efforts? jc)

Mars/NN = Saturn: reserve (the Fed? jc); difficulties or disadvantages through associations; teamwork which is rendered more difficult as time goes by; separation; death matters.

Neptune/MC = NN: sharing of bad intentions together with others; unpleasant associations; bad company.

(The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)


*This position of Mars (10Vir39) conjoins the natal ASC (physical body) of New World Order cheerleader-implementer, G. H. W. Bush (June 12, 1924 11:45 am edt Milton, MA--Rodden Rating A.) Also, Bush Sr is in the midst of a tally-up Saturn Return 25Lib50 Rx** in natal 2nd house of values and money:

1. December 2, 2011
2. April 20, 2012 Rx**
3. August 27, 2012

When it comes to meeting one's Maker, it is my personal belief that Poppy will (as will we all) be answering his Creator's questions about his secretive role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and this time, Popps won't be able to deny, obfuscate, deflect, or make up fake alibis about this or his several other crimes. He's been quite the ambitious and busy boy.

Well, since it's a New Year, how about a tiny blast from SO'W's past? Try 4th Amendment: 1791 - 2008 if you dare--in which Cindy Sheehan is quoted and I note the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which the Fourth Amendment came to pass.

(Note to ABL: yes, I looked at tonight's Iowa caucuses transits for Des Moines and things look fairly promising for Ron Paul imho, yet I did not include Rick Santorum's planets of which I know nothing. If Santorum stays in the race much longer--and he seems to be up for it-- I'll post a brief astro-peek on him though certainly many other astrologers must have done so already. Thanks for your question, Angie, it's very much appreciated! Jude)

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