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Jan 18, 2013

Inauguration 2013's two Sun-Moon blends

Are you ready for Inauguration Day 2013? Well, the hour approaches rapidly so you may wish to peek at the descriptive Sun-Moon blends for both the January 20th Oath-Taking in private and Monday's public ceremony.

Check out my notes on the excitable Air-Air blend for Monday's Inauguration 2013: Sun AQ-Moon Gemini and Sunday's private ceremony with its Sun AQ-Moon Taurus, if you get a chance!

Also available in a previous post on this blog are my astro-notes concerning both horoscopes (Jan 20 and Jan 21, 2013) of Inauguration 2013--click to view horoscopes for both days.

Jan 9, 2013

An Ode to Dick Nixon

An Ode to Dick Nixon

Former President Richard Nixon marred much of the years I spent in Washington DC moons ago when it was my favorite city of residence. Perhaps it still is in spite of how subsequent political and financial crooks and varmints have clouded its much-touted promise. Anyway, the following Ode occurred to me unbidden on this, the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tricky's birth:

Dick Nixon would be one-oh-oh if he were walking 'round

"I'm not a crook," or so he said but differently was found

Yet not all bad we must admit politicly astute

still paranoia was his fall which caused him ill repute.

jc 1.9.13

Now! Glad that's done. Here's a post from 2007 concerning President Richard M. Nixon's resignation with a few astro-notes on his personality if you're game. You'll find a link to his letter of resignation therein.

Jun 5, 2012

Horoscope of Venus Transit 2012: Equal Pay for Women, a Recall Vote, and a Queen

In May I blogged aloud whether Greece would leave the EU in tandem with Venus transiting the Sun, a rare cosmic event occurring today or tomorrow (June 5 and 6, 2012) depending on where you are located on Earth. NPR has good coverage of the event, text or audio.

Astrologically the Transit (or Occultation as Venus journeys between Earth and Sun) may be seen as a conjunction by degree....On the level of Politics and Business, it may be interesting to consider the implications of the Sun/Venus combination. Is it synchronicitous that the US Senate is set to vote this afternoon on equal pay for women (Venus) with Republicans carrying their usual flag for Business (men), while Democrats say they're championing equal pay for Women?

Yes, Venus' material values and money are on top of many menus this week with feminine Venus transiting the masculine Sun.

Now concerning the Senate'e procedural vote today, Sun = business (usually men, certainly ego and here paternalism with Venus signifying not only women but evaluations and material earnings (in the US women earn 77 cents for each dollar a man earns so we see who is more valued in American society--even though many women are the only breadwinners for their families, a circumstance seldom of their own choosing.)

Now in my blogging quest to provide you with the best astrological information I can muster, I shall quote from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey even though Mr. Munkasey isn't a fan of being precisely quoted and considers his analyses inspirational. Well, so do I. But helpfully, his format uses the Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis model with the resulting Synthesis turning up in the realm of Experience or Outcome in society; naturally, with Venus Transit 2012 visible over the planet, the following may apply to any nation or business-related endeavor:

Potentials for Sun/Venus in Politics and Business:

"Thesis: Using the wealth available to a nation or business to sustain its image or authority; how a society shapes the direction of its growth; the nature of reserves, resources, and the role they play in development.

A leadership which doesn't appreciate the role that art or culture plays in developing the character or identity; a society which is estranged from its leadership; little development of artistic or musical heritage."

We may look to today's re-call vote (Venus re-trograde in voting Mercury's sign of duplicitous Gemini with Mercury out-of-bounds of the earthly plane--watch for vote-counting discrepancies and hopefully a large record-breaking turnout with Mercury OOBs) on paternalistic Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Sun) with collective values and workers' rights hanging in the balance (Venus!), the current and very soggy Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth (signified by both Venus and the Sun--or is the Sun her master?!), and other news items for clues concerning real world outcomes of Venus Transit 2012. Click to read of the Queen's celebration which has made barely a ripple on this side of the pond; included is one Brit's comment on Her Majesty's remoteness (aka, 'estranged' as mentioned above) as Venus sails across the Sun like a very damp flotilla cruising the River Thames.

Now here's a view of the Venus Transit 2012 horoscope set for the Capitol Building Washington DC; please to click to enlarge and read my scribbly notations for midpoint pictures, a T-Square pattern between Jupiter/NN and Neptune, and more; US natal planets are penned around the outside of the chart with US n Saturn 14Lib48 (lawmakers; managers; Democrats) at MC, the Goal and Public Status point; as you know, Saturn in 10th house is the 'fall from grace' indicator if Saturn's lessons of maturity are not learned, honesty is not upheld, and life's responsibilities are not honored (I'm looking at you, US House of Representatives--and at men who abandon their women and don't pay child support...ya know who ya are):

Sun and Venus @ 16 Gemini: "A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizes Her Cause" = "the PROSYLYTIZING MIND...Keywords: A passionate response to a deeply felt new experience." (Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala.) Noted on the horoscope is Venus Transit 2012 taking place Tropically among the stars of Orion the Hunter.

And the negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expression for '16Gem' as given by Marc Edmund Jones in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology?

"A bias forever exalting itself."

Sounds just right for a self-satisfied Sun/Venus conjunction and super-decriptive of the majority of our self-serving US Congress members who continue to place power, wealth, and weird Utopian ideologies far above the needs and preferences of We The People whose government it is.

Raise taxes on the rich who can afford it--and stop waging war!

May 28, 2012

Vatican scandal boils as Vatican horoscope shows

Oh, What a Tangled Web in Rome

by Jude Cowell

As expected, the leaky scandal at the Vatican has swollen and a Cardinal may be among the plotters along with the arrested butler.

From March 22, 2012, here's a link to a 3-part video presentation by Max Igan in which several topics are discussed, among them the Vatican Bank. It seems a given to me that the Vatican Bank is intricately involved in the current scandal and the battle for the Pope's fancy hat, scepter, and golden ring!

Now as you know, there are two natal horoscopes for the Vatican: the Independence chart of June 6, 1929 4:01:20 pm CET Rome Italy (historical record) when the religious organization officially became a city state and a law unto itself, and the Vatican II chart: October 13, 1962 9:00 am CET Vatican City, Italy.

Yes, the Vatican Bank has been involved in scandals 'ere this including in 2006 when a banker was murdered after leaving a meeting of the Opus Dei. God's Work indeed! And if you're in a Googling mood, I'm quite certain you can find more scandalous goings-on and mayhem happening at the Vatican and the Vatican Bank without much trouble at all.

Jupiter-Neptune Calling

Astrologically speaking, the 1962 horoscope is being activated at the moment with natal IC 1Pis51 (The Drain; Endings; Home) having fraudulent, scandalous Neptune 3Pis08 recently crossing it and there meeting natal Jupiter, planet of money and religion, at 3Pis15! As you know, the Jupiter-Neptune pair is often involved when finances are shady, grand schemes with glorious outcomes are promised, and religion is in the mix. Neptune to natal Jupiter denotes a time when idealism may become fanaticism, get-rich-quick schemes are offered, and illusion, extravagance, and exaggeration combine with disastrous results (as we see.) Practical perspectives are difficult if not impossible to keep when murky Neptune conjoins expansive Jupiter, and we might say that a deceptive (Neptune) Cardinal (Jupiter) is in the (4th) house.

Adding complexity, in the Vatican's 1929 horoscope, transit Neptune squares natal Jupiter, a time when finances are undermined, unrealistic expectations are prevalent, sneaky people creep about, and scandals lurk behind every curtain.

Other transits and progressions apply, of course, but these are the two transits to the natal charts that 'pop out' at me. You may wish to check the horoscopes for yourself, if you haven't!

Let's close with the 1962 chart which shows the mid-1960s' dynamic, explosive Uranus-Pluto conjunction at MC, the Public Status part of the horoscope: MC 1Vir51, Uranus 3Vir47, and Pluto 11Vir11--and transit Mars 13Vir27, the fire-starter, has just plowed through them causing havoc within those velvet-lined surroundings. N Uranus-Pluto = tr Mars: fanaticism; an act of violence; the mania of destruction; a state of precipitation; the stage of bending or breaking; injury; accident. (Ebertin.)

For further reading why not try an article from 1949 concerning the Vatican and Mussolini?

May 26, 2012

Welcome Home, all US Soldiers!

Thoughts about Memorial Day May 28, 2012

by Jude Cowell

At NPR, Scott Simon's Remembering a Hero on Memorial Day gives a gentle and touching tribute to Vietnam soldier Leslie Sabo, who gave his all for his country 42 years ago--my generation. Click for the text, plus, the audio of Mr. Simon's report will be online around 12:00 pm et today and it's worth a listen if you missed it this morning.

The History and Astrology of Memorial Day is interesting coming as it did after the 'Civil' War when General John Logan, National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, offically proclaimed it on May 5, 1868. The first observance was held on May 30, 1868, and of course, you recognize the Sabian Symbol for '1Sag':

"A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"...REMINISCENCE:

Positive expression: accomplishment through the cultivation of and preservation of enduring ties with others;

Negative/(Unconsicous/Shadow Side--jc): superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, M. E. Jones.)

Taking a look at planetary positions at noon on May 5, 1868, we see two significant conjunctions relating to our topic, the first at the Oxen Degree: Sun 15Tau26 conjunct Pluto 15:34, planet of death and regeneration. Astrological Sun signifies leaders and leadership but also the recognition and honor that Memorial Day brings. As a team, Sun/Pluto = rulers, those who strive for or crave power (such as empire-builders and conquerors), fighters, martyrs, and separation by force majeure such as war and violence. (Ebertin.)

The second conjunction has a wider orb: warrior planet Mars, strong in his own sign of Aries (18:12, with '19Ari' the Exaltation of the Sun degree) and compassionate if deceptive Neptune 15Ari54 joins Mars and brings to mind America's continually problematic Mars/Neptune square from 1776 indicating such things as deceptive actions, misguided and/or misdirected energy, and the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars.) Yet the planetary duo's potential for inspired action is what Leslie Sabo and other heros exhibit on behalf of their fellow soldiers and for their country even though they are 'lied into war' for dubious (money making) reasons by old white men, aka, war profiteers.

(Please understand that I cast no blame upon our valiant soldiers, but that's how I see the wars that Americans have been duped into fighting through the decades for all were begun by ruses and both or all sides are always financially backed by the same banking interests--simultaneously. I'm of the If Only No Soldiers Showed Up to Fight generation, remember--put the old global bankers in a ring and let them duke it out!)

Plus, Ebertin gives other implications for the Mars/Neptune combo such as "suffering harm or exploitation," "a desire to harm others," and "narrow-mindedness," all of which are activated during times of war.

Well, I've blogged myself into quite a grump when all I intended to do in this post was to remember and heartily thank all our veterans for their service this Memorial Day 2012. I think it was seeing those Sun/Pluto and Mars/Neptune conjunctions in the 1868 chart that riled me up. And after so many--too many--years of war, few will click to read this post anyway, I suspect. But if you did, please pardon my dissenting nature as a native Georgian and a Child of the Revolution! After all, a national Memorial Day wasn't agreed upon by the Southern states until after World War I for we steel magnolias can be something of a feisty bunch way down yonder in the South!


For further reading you may wish to try Civil War April 12, 1861 Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands. The first shot was fired at 4:30 am LMT with the *Moon at 15Tau36! And powerful, wealthy, subversive string-puller Pluto (the Hidden Hand) was at 8Tau34, the very degree of the Robber Barons' New Moon that times the generation's natal horoscope which may be viewed here where it was posted just last evening.

*Sun/Pluto = Moon: brutal suppression of the feelings (Ebertin): attempts to project power and persuasion (Tyl); determination to effect basic changes to the flow of life's events (Munkasey.)

May 23, 2012

Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012

June 2011 and June 2012: Lunar Eclipses in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker

On June 15, 2011 there occurred a Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag and on June 4, 2012 we'll have another Lunar Eclipse, this time @ 14Sag13 which falls in 6th House when the horoscope is set for Washington DC. Spotlighted are any and all 6th H matters such as Military, Police and other types of Service, Work, Health, and our Daily Rounds. Occurring on schedule (two weeks later), this Lunar Eclipse adds Jupiterian vibes to the Mercurial energies of the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 (horoscope shown.)

As you know, this eclipse of the Moon (the people; the public; the mood in Mundane Astrology) occurs a day prior to the rare Venus Transit of June 5 or 6, 2012, depending on where you sit upon the globe. Already on her Transit degree, Venus conjoins Fixed Star Rigel (to bring knowledge; to teach.) If you wish, type 'Venus Transit' into this blog's Search Bar for a list of recent posts on the topic.

Below you see the June 4, 2012 Lunar Eclipse horoscope with a few basic chart details penned in; US natal planets are notated around the outside of the chart--it's as if you're reading my notes, and welcome to them! In Washington DC, the eclipse perfects at 7:11:33 am edt with both US natal Venus and Jupiter rising (Venus/Jupiter = ASC: confidence; sociability)--ASC in Cancer (4:10) makes the Jupiter's Sagittarian Moon the chart ruler; Luna's applying aspects are noted below the chart:

Hour of cautious Saturn 23Lib07 Rx in 5th H of Gambling; Mercury is out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane and up to who-knows-what while sojourning its Mercurial sign of Gemini, sign of reporters, bloggers, travel, transport, and trade: Mercury, Venus 16Gem44 Rx (but now in bounds), Sun 14Gem13, South Node (a Saturnian, separative point indicating the past, or a talent to fall back upon) is @ 5Gem05; the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse from whence this Lunar Eclipse issues is in 12th H as well making 12th H (The Unconscious, Politics, Behind-the-Scenes maneuvers, Karma--reaping what was sown--and Self-Undoing) vital for this Lunar Eclipse map. And of course, Lunar Eclipses tend to work on unconscious/inner levels as hidden matters and secrets are revealed, positively or negatively. With the above-linked May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse also falling in 12th H of the Lunar Eclipse horoscope--how many secrets can we appreciate at once as these 'wild cards of the Universe' shuffle all decks?

Well, the Moon's applying aspects as chart-ruler provide hints about how things will proceed concerning activities involved with the Lunar Eclipse ruled by Jupiter; both aspects are noted on the chart, lower left, but here they are for you with brief analyses:

1. Moon square Mars (1A55) with Mars 16Vir09 in 4th H of Real Estate, Domestic Scene, and Homeland: people are frustrated by delays, traffic jams or transport difficulties; anger and protests in the US and DC; premature actions may be taken by some (Mars/MC = Moon); someone forces his will on others, potentially in regard to women's issues (Mars/MC = Sun: strong will; the urge to be important; procuring the power to give orders; overcoming resistance--Ebertin.)

2. Moon conjunct Venus 16Gem44 Rx (2A30) indicates that someone's popularity increases with the public, possibly a woman--and/or, the much-touted Venus Transit tops the news!; assistance may be easier to find or gain; domestic scenes may be beautified; entertainment and parties are pleasant; instincts and intuition may be relied upon as cold, hard facts are temporarily ignored.

The energies of this horoscope are Mutable (changes, fluctuations, instability, restlessness) and through retrogradation delays are attached to evaluating Venus (rules 5th H of Risk-Taking and 12th H as mentioned above), controlling Saturn (ruler of the 8th H of Big Business, Credit, Debt, Transformation, the Occult, etc); meanwhile, wealthy, powerful Pluto Rx @ 8Cap52 sets at Descendant (Partnerships) and conjoins Fixed Star Facies (penetrating stare of a lethal weapon; focus; ruthlessness--Brady.) Prominence is given, however, to Mars at IC for being closest planet to an Angle of the horoscope--excepting Chiron at MC. Mars at '17Vir' = "A Volcano in Eruption"--hopefully a real-world volcano won't occur yet tantrums and physical force are indicated along with wildfires.

Compassionate Neptune 3Pis09 is Stationary in 9th H and will turn Rx in 9 hours, 52 minutes at the same degree and minute so here a strengthened Neptune conjoins Fixed Star Fomalhaut (humanitarianism) and I'd say the needy of the world (and those who have higher standards than to exploit others for personal gain) can use all the Fomalhaut they can get with cold-heartedness on the rise as it is. Yet with the Royal Stars of Persia, there's always a caution to be successfully managed and here it's to maintain the purity of one's dreams and ideals.

Lunar Eclipse ruler, Jupiter @ 28Tau19, conjuncts 12th cusp, a sensitive point in any chart, and is ruled by about-to-Transit Venus: two difficult stars are contacted, both of which indicate rage yet a 12th H Jupiter prefers his solitude--perhaps here he describes a guru, economics professor, or religious leader of some kind though Jupiter's expansive, abundant reputation for money, growth, investment, promise, banking, ideals, and such is obvious. In the sensual money sign of Taurus, Mr. Moneybags can overindulge himself and dissipate riches even while attracting wealth!Other people's legitimate needs are then neglected by a negatively aspected Jupiter in Taurus which is what Republican budget proposals intend to do against the American people--let them eat pavement! Actually, this greedy, stubborn Jupiter in Taurus sounds much like the Pentagon and Washington politicians in general, doesn't he?

Negatively Aspected? Jupiter Square Neptune

The Jolly One's applying square to fraudulent Neptune is out-of-sign (dissociate) but shows something secretive (12th H) occurring behind-the-scenes with Jupiter ruling 10th H of Public Status and Career; 6th H of Military and Police Service intercepts or hides the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, so expression of Jupiterian energies are put on hold in early June. And of course, you know that murky Pisces at Midheaven (MC = The Goal) is ruled and sub-ruled by the speculator-wastrel-grand-schemer pair of Jupiter and Neptune. The Jup-Nep square indicates potentials for: overblown or false religious ideals, impractical political ideologies, smooth talking wheeler-dealers blabbering their scripts, making promising hard to keep, and/or just plain old fraud and corruption like Wall Street banksters regularly enjoy committing at the expense of others.

And of course, we are promised another 'debt ceiling-default' political fight on Capitol Hill which never had to happen the first time around in Summer 2011--and voila! besides another credit downgrade, we have the specter of government shutdown looming by or before the end of the year. Yippee. So certain Capitol Hill politicians feel they must, in this election year, re-make their dumb, overblown point and we're all supposed to cower before their inability to govern--and then vote for them on November 6th. Puh! Let's ship out the ones who refuse to do their jobs and find reps who will actually do the people's business--on our behalf--for the ridiculous ideologues of Capitol Hill have earned We-The-People's contempt.

Perhaps the Grand Cross (Moon, Chiron, MC, Sun, Venus) symbolizes the crisis of a re-staged debt stalemate in Washington with the MC angle its place of expression on the world stage as their scripted squabbles threaten to again wound (Chiron) America's financial reputation. Will subversive, invisible puppet master Pluto step in? (Uranus/ASC = Pluto: the use of force; the desire to attain success even under the most diffcult conditions--Ebertin.)

10th House Uranus in Aries May Bring Sudden Disruption of Reputation

Quirky genius Uranus in Aries is posited in the very visible 10th H and may, along with the Saturn/Uranus quindecile (obsession-compulsion aspect, 165 degr) denote disruption in governing systems and a reputation for unpredicatability or isolationism; protesters will continue to be in the news since Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries describes Utopians, radicals, political reformers, activists, and revolutionaries, some of whom may come from abroad--or be directed from abroad-- since the 9th H of Foreign Lands is ruled and sub-ruled here by Saturn and Uranus.

Actually, Julian Assange and/or Bradley Manning may be described by the 10th H Uranus in Aries and one or both may be spotlighted in the news again as more details of their legal battles and government secrets are uncovered by the Lunar Eclipse; Saturn in 5th H points toward the stock market and other investments with restrictive Saturn ruling 8th H, as noted above. Yet with conservative, staid Saturn there is always a potential for status quo to be maintained and a resulting stability as well.

And then we have the gaggle of Uranian revolutionaries play-acting as US politicians in the Masonic building on Capitol Hill so perhaps they will be the ones to be revealed as actors at center stage under the rays of the June 4, 2012 Lunar Eclipse which will manifest upon America's natal Ascendant.

Feb 27, 2012

Feb 27 2012: Pisces-Taurus = Mystics and Artists!

February 27, 2012 Sun Pisces-Moon Taurus

by Jude Cowell

Today's solar and lunar energies when combined give the day a Water-Earth (glorious mud!) flavor which aids all creative ventures yet can give us very subjective viewpoints. Emotions, security needs, and a tendency to cling to the past are also potentials for today's Sun Pisces-Moon Taurus blend which suggests two Images for Integration:

"A nature mystic bakes bread in an earthen oven...An artist decorates her home lavishly."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

So as I pack for the moving van (coming in a few days--too soon! I'm busy un-decorating), I wish you all happy creations and melted butter for your home baked bread and will catch you later after the dust has settled!

Eclipses of 2012:

First up is the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 (horoscope shown, set for DC) with the following eclipses to go as this pivotal years rolls on:

June 4: Lunar Eclipse @ '14Sag' conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); November 13 Solar Eclipse @ '22Sco'; November 28: Lunar Eclipse @ '7Gem' conjunct US natal Uranus 8:55.

We could talk about nuclear degrees (early Gem/Sag) but let's not. Yet the prospect for war-waging is fairly high in spite of the current equivocation coming out of Washington concerning Iran for US natal Uranus, planet of disruption, shocks, and technology in an unstable Mutable sign along with hot-headed Mars, tends to be under stimulation when America goes to war--and eclipses are the 'wild cards' of the Universe and may act in a sudden Uranian fashion.

We must look for a surprising amount of energy and action to be suddenly expended once Mars turns Direct on April 18, then leaves his Rx shadow on June 19, 2012. This may be the proverbial long hot summer...

So if you're of a mind--pray for peace.


Progressive shout-outs go to:

Thom Hartmann
Democracy Now!
David Pakman

Feb 9, 2012

Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video), plus his Death Chart and the STOCK Act

World Empire was Hitler's goal--What do Republicans want?

by Jude Cowell

The excellent History Today has an interesting feature concerning Adolf Hitler's plan to establish the capital city of 'his' World Empire (aka, New World Order), a remaking of Berlin which he intended to call, Germania. Guess the usual NWO vision of a global kingdom being set up in Jerusalem (with a 'King of Jerusalem' ruling all, a devilish-on-purpose and misguided reading of Biblical prophecy and of Christ's mission on earth since His was a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly one)--well, a spiritual kingdom wasn't what the German dictator wanted, was it?

And I can't imagine what Hitler in his day thought of Jerusalem since it's full of you-know-whos. Yet Hitler's DNA is said to confirm his Jewish (and African) heritage! How inconvenient this must have been for WWII's psychopath-in-chief when issuing pogroms assuming that he was aware of his own ancestry. Once again, karma is a witch for he was actually condemning himself!

Below is one of the videos concerning 'Germania' which I'm embedding from the History Today article; click Visions of Germania if you wish to view other videos on the same topic.

Born April 20, 1889 at 6:30 pm in Braunau am Inn, Austria, here's a view of Hitler's natal horoscope.

He and his brand new wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide (or did they?) on April 30, 1945 @ 3:30 pm CEDT in a Berlin bunker with both an Angular Moon 14Sag29 conjunct IC (15:15) and an Angular Jupiter 17Vir50 Rx rising (ASC 18Vir52.) In death charts, these are the two celestial bodies so often Angular at death, both or singularly.

Plus, one of the planets closely associated with Astrology, Uranus (another being Saturn), is Angular as well--conjunct MC 15Gem15 (The Goal Point) which may be icing on the Angular cake in a Death Horoscope. Yet Uranus @ MC supports a potential for a 'death ruse' by which his alleged demise could have been timed by an astrologer or astrologers with an Angular Moon and Jupiter since Hitler & crew are said to have consulted astrologers for guidance and timing. That's if they realized then that future astrologers would check Hitler's Death Chart for confirmation of his demise--and naturally we would do just that.

So if we take Hitler's Death Horoscope as a true blueprint of his suicide, chart factors weight toward the 'yes he did' side rather than the 'death ruse' side. 1945's Pluto 7Leo56 (11th house of Hopes, Wishes, Associations), planet of death, suicide, subversion, destruction, and transformation, is out-of-bounds from the earthly plane (a 'special' death?) yet the planet of Invisibility is focal planet of a particular midpoint of the two NWO planets, Uranus and Neptune ('turning from confusion and finding a new path'--Munkasey; Enlightenment; mysticism--Ebertin), which forms a planetary picture:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: abandonment of resistance; the necessity to give in; calamities, losses, catastrophes; ideas which can change the world. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Hitler definitely entertained such ideas (exs: 'Germania' and a World Empire ruled by his nibs.)

Plus, you know of the most descriptive Sabian Symbol for the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the NWO planets, all through 1993: '18 Capricorn'...

"The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer" = POLITICAL POWER, which Marc Edmund Jones gives as, "smug or strong-armed paternalism" in its negative expression. We could ask our peacefully assembled, pepper-sprayed Occupiers about that, circa 2011/2012.

Adding a thimble full of fuel to the 1945 Plutonian midpoint picture above and the Uranus/Neptune meet-up in 1993 is the fact that '19Cap' = Pluto's South Node degree which has a difficult Saturn/Pluto connotation of separation, loss, hardship, and brutality.

So yes, planets in Hitler's Death Horoscope do seem to indicate that his suicide actually occurred 'as advertised' yet there are midpoint pictures in the chart which may or may not give a different flavor to the proceedings of April 20, 1945 in Berlin--see what you think:

Sun/NN = (Angular) Uranus: friends who provide the right connections (to secret yourself off to Britain or to parts unknown?)

Venus/Neptune = NN 10Can49: associations with others who are able to effect deceptions and illusions (pouf!) Also: an unhappy union (the newly weds?) (The 3 to 14 degree range of Cancer always hints at USA involvement, doesn't it?)

Pluto/MC = NN: club memberships that help achieve one's purposes (to go underground?); people with powerful influence.

1945's South Node (SN) conjoined the UK's natal Sun in Capricorn, btw, which may or may not be significant or may denote the British royal family's Germanic kinship which they obfuscated by changing their name to 'Windsor', to Americans' family ties to Germany as well, plus, the Western power elite's financial backing of Hitler's rise to power and his expansive war efforts.

Well, these midpoint pictures are not conclusive for his survival so I'd have to say that based on his Death Chart, Hitler did commit suicide as reported through the decades. The April 30, 1945 transits certainly 'hit' many of AH's natal planets in negative ways (ex: tr Saturn opposed natal Moon 6Cap38 and n Jupiter 8Cap15 indicating a very dampening period in his life such as: unfortunate circumstances; emotional deprivation linked to the past; thwarted desires; health problems; personal growth frustrated by authority figures; problems through unresolved conflicts; giving back what was gained, etc) proving that even self-exalted 'leaders' are not out of reach of the bad karma they themselves created in life by their heinous and criminal actions because all must reap what is sown.

And that goes for those politicians who currently infest Washington DC by working to undermine US sovereignty on behalf of a misguided march toward totalitarian Global Governance.


Blog Note: glad to say that some of my tech difficulties have been resolved today, thus I blog as a brief respite from packing for an office relocation. However, I'm following Thom Hartmann today and agree with Thom's assessment of and disappointment with the STOCK Act which just hastily passed the House 417 to 2 (agreement on The Hill?!!!)

Is this merely a public relations ploy by the guilty who wish to pass a bill that obfuscates their already ill-gotten gains through insider trading?

Thing is, the GOP's Eric Cantor made certain that the 'political intelligence' provision was removed thus giving the bill the usual toothlessness which wealthy Wall Street toffs require from their bought-and-paid-for handmaidens who 'legislate' up on Capitol Hill.

Oh, and the deal with Wall Street and the corrupt mortgage industry that Presient Obama touts today is pathetic for it lets off the hook the crooks, thieves, and robo-signers who should be tried and sent to prison for their heists against US consumers and home owners. Allegedly, states' rights to sue the miscreants will still be possible, and hopefully so.

One more astro-note on Hitler: born during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (the Robber Baron duo), his natal Neptune 00Gem51 in natal 8th house of Death and the Occult will be 'hit' by the upcoming Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 which conjoins the difficult Fixed Star Alcyone.

Feb 7, 2012

Feb 7, 2012: a Full Leo Moon for President Obama

February 7, 2012: Full Moon 18Leo32 4:54 pm est White House

Full Moons bring up for our consideration issues of relationships, full awareness, and perhaps a fulfilment or an ending in some domain of life; they are the culmination of something begun at the last New Moon, the seed stage of a monthly process, two weeks prior.

Today the Sun 18AQ32 conjoins Mercury 18:56 upon the natal Ascendant of President Barack Obama which indicates a day or so when the president's personality shines and his goals may be favorably spotlighted.

But that isn't all concerning this afternoon's Full Moon in Leo for it reflects the same degree of the eclipse forecasted by doctor, seer, and astrologer, Nostradamus. But let's let sleeping lemurs lie for now and focus on the Leo/AQ axis of Will emphasized this afternoon which includes all the facets of Sun-ruled Leo (proud; regal; a leader; creative; egotistical; Divine Child) and Aquarius, ruled by Saturn with genius Uranus as its higher octave influence.

Aquarius: the humanitarian, philanthropist, intellectual, professor, technician, and, perhaps above all, scientist--describe the usual suspects in the archetypal realms of our dualistic world for the celestial sign of the Water Bearer.

Yes, everyone loves a Full Moon! Well, almost everyone since sneaky stuff by the crooked might better remain undiscovered if perpetrated on or near a New Moon, a 3 or 4 day period when nights are darker.

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii: Sun 12Leo/Moon 3Gem.

Also, today's Full Moon may be significant for the president on the action-energy-motivation level since Mr. Obama is smack dab in the midst of his Mars Return 2012 (22Vir35: Jan 14, Feb 1, June 18), the Full Moon horoscope shows transiting Mars 21Vir40 Rx conjoining a somewhat difficult star, Denebola (to go against society; against the mainstream )--and this extended Mars Rx period is crossing and re-crossing the Midheaven (Goal; Career; Public Status) of VP Joe Biden.

We've sees one example of the Denebolan quirkiness of May-I-Call-You-Joe in his oft-reputed train rides home each evening from Washington DC all the years he served in the Senate.

Yet as long as President Obama labors underneath squares from transiting Saturn to his natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (opposite natal Mercury 2Leo), Saturnian blockages and obstacles to all his ideas and plans will continue to be placed in his way with constant delays and restrictions along his path; his authority and executive powers are being challenged by opponents of the neocon/neo-liberal persuasion.

Glad Mr. Obama decided to get over his SuperPAC scruples since foreign and domestic corporatists and other billionaires and monarchists will be purchasing the White House more brazenly than ever before if We The People don't come out in droves and VOTE Democratic on November 6, 2012. The Supreme Court is already out of control, let's not add to their corporatist number by voting GOP.

(Independent here, but really, we have no better choice than wimpy and not-so-wimpy Democrats.)

But enough of Politics, that 'organized system of hatreds'...there's a just-past Full Moon tonight which will still be gorgeous over head and the morning hours here in Northeast Georgia were very foggy and chilly today so a silvery plethora of moon beams would be most appreciated this evening!

Now I ask you: Who better to inspire us over the lovely Full Leo Moon of February 7, 2012 than Auntie Moon herself?

This image of a Full Moon is brought to you by Secret Moon Art.

Jan 24, 2012

Astrology of SOTU 2012: Mars Rx Rising

The State of the Union Address 2012 will be delivered before a Joint Session of Congress by President Obama tonight, January 24, 2012 at 9:00 pm est.

Yesterday's New Moon @ '3AQ" has a 'new cycle of activity' effect for the president's agenda to put unemployed Americans back to work (Virgo rising = work, health, service including military, police, and firefighters) and allow investment possibilities to further flower (8th house Jupiter in monied, practical Taurus.)

SOTU 2012 @ 9:00 pm est; Capitol Building, Washington DC: ASC 19Vir20 with Mars 23Vir05 Rx Rising, conjunct President Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 so he is in the midst of his Mars Return 2012, a three-fer due to the retrogradation of Mars. The red planet's Rx condition for SOTU 2012 gives minor support for House Speaker John Boehner's remark that a "pathetic rehash' is about to be presented by Barack Obama.

Still, I wouldn't want to bully or provoke any president who's just begun a drawn-out Mars Return (January 14, February 1 which includes Mr. Obama's Moon Return spotlighting that date, and June 18, 2012.) As you know, a Mars Return is a period when the natal condition of one's Mars is stimulated and highlighted as well--here's an excerpt of what I wrote in my post on Mr. Obama's Mars Return concerning the god of war's natal condition in his chart since sign, house, aspects, and houses ruled are stimulated by SOTU 2012 and the president's Mars on the rise tonight at 9:00 pm:

The Condition of Mr. Obama's Natal Mars

The natal horoscope of Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; ASC 18AQ03; MC 28Sco58) shows 10th-house-ruler Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H (Open Enemies; Partnerships) near 8th cusp 25Vir55 (Corporations; Shared Resources; Debt, Credit, etc); Aries is intercepted in 2nd H showing a potential for karmic conditions relating to money and values; natal Mars applies to two planets:

1. semisquare Neptune 8Scorpio (1A02) showing minor irritation between actions and ideals; Mars and Pluto share rulership of Neptune bwo Scorpio, and n Pluto is also posited in fussy Virgo.

2. trine Saturn Rx 25Cap20 in 12th H of Politics and Karma; a Mars/Saturn trine indicates self-discipline, talent with military and police work (inform the GOP!), and improves all the favorable qualities of Capricorn such as a sense of responsibility, duty, accountability, control, prudence, caution, and stability.

So for tonight's SOTU 2012, Mr. Obama's natal 8th house also rises with activist Mars which tallies with what is said to be tonight's main topic, the US economy, as reported by NPR in an interview with White House senior adviser, David Plouffe (text/audio.)

Mr. Obama promises to mention "themes he's raised before like the middle class can't afford 'on your own' economics" = Mars Rx rising! Or perhaps America's State of the Union Address has become obsolete?

Here are more SOTU 2012 horoscope details:

Hour of the Sun; Sun 4AQ29 in the Sun's natural 5th house (leadership) conjoins US natal South Node (Sun/SN = thwarted by actions of others); Moon 26AQ07 in 6th H (the people, or, the public--US Moon Return occurs at 10:55:54 pm this very night with undermining Neptune still within orb and causing home foreclosures, floods, and other losses--such as the much-touted "American Dream".)

The planet of oration, chart-ruler Mercury 25Cap40 in 5th H, conjoins BHO's natal Saturn indicating serious, sober communications; Sun 4AQ29 conjoins the Pluto/Chiron midpoint 5AQ41 (plutocrats); the Robber Barons' oily-gassy Neptune/Pluto midpoint also conjoins the Sun = succumbing to strange influences; prone to external influence. (To me, this shows that the Keystone XL Pipeline decision has been put off but remains lurking within the In Box on the president's desk. Stalling may divert the issue until a better time politically but I believe BHO is under the oil-gas barons' instructions to implement the Canadian pipeline though perhaps its ultimate route will be improved upon to protect a little thing we like to call Water.)

This position of Mercury also conjoins the Inauguration 2009 Midheaven of Goals and Aspirations (and that of all recent Inaugural MCs) so this may turn out to be a major speech of the Obama presidency--we'll see. It certainly shows signs of being broadly seen and heard with Mercury at MC and NN 13Sag01 (public contact) in 3rd H of Communications.

BHO natal ASC 18AQ03 is in the 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children which is ruled by restrictive, austerity-promoting Saturn (21Cap19) and the weight of this chart emphasizes the Leo/AQ~~5/11 Will (Self-Will) axis.

When we look to the house with Aries on the cusp--where things are begun--we find the 8th cusp 14Ari49 which places US natal Chiron in Aries within the 8th H of Corporatism, Big Business, Taxes, Debt, Credit, and Transformation--our 'sense of self' is wounded (Aries Chiron) concerning these matters. With Mars, the planet of action and energy Rx, delays and interferences continue to be on the GOP agenda once Congress gets heated up for the current session of undermining the president, the Democrats, and, by extension, the entire country.

Plus, a frustrated-in-Virgo Mars Rx rising shows inverted social conditions, stalled projects, soldiers returning home, veterans' medical issues, potential military actions which may be ill-advised, and police state actions against protesters and others. Neptune's fraud and corruption are at a critical-crisis 29th degree (29AQ39) in 6th house and snugged between the Moon 26AQ07 and Chiron 3Pis07; Venus is exalted in Pisces (as is Saturn in Libra, 2nd house) with Venus 13Pis07 in 6th H as well.

Also rising are two asteroids, Arachne (the Internet or 'Interwebs', says Craig Ferguson) Rx and Psyche Rx rising as well showing some psychological analysis going on: will this speech 'psyche out' the public concerning the draconian SOPA act or GPS considerations which SCOTUS has recently addressed? If so, it should occur early on in the president's address along with other martian concerns, some of which are already noted.

Perhaps the three main midpoint pictures tonight are: Sun/NN (leader contacts the public) which points to powerful Pluto 8Cap10 in 4th H (Home; Homeland; Domestic Security); Real Estate), the Foundation of the horoscope and of SOTU 2012. Sun/NN = Pluto: influencing the masses; using compulsion with others. (Ebertin.)

Of course, '8Cap10' shows Pluto in opposition to US natal planets in Cancer: Venus (just out of orb), Jupiter, and the Sun, showing our ongoing stand-off with secretive forces which may represent through Pluto many entities such as the global Federal Reserve System, the World Bank, the IMF, monarchies, the Pope, and other actors who don't like to show their faces very often while monkeying around in everyone else's business.

The second midpoint picture is one we've experienced off and on for months: Jupiter/Neptune (grand schemers and speculators) contacting radical rebel Uranus again at Aries Point...Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: real v imagined; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. That the midpoint picture falls in 7th H at 9:00 pm may show a triggering of Open Enemies (7th H) but I hope the Republicans in attendance and the members of SCOTUS can contain their sophomoric outbursts and facial contortions while the president is speaking.

The third and perhaps most important midpoint picture involves the opposition between societal planets Jupiter 1Tau54 (expansion; growth; investment) and Saturn (restriction; delay; loss; austerity) across the 2/8 Money axis with Saturn 29Lib21 (crisis for lawmakers?) Jupiter and Saturn both square the Sun (president) which is, as noted above, conjoining Us n SN, a separative point said to be ruled by Saturn. Therefore, a dynamic T-Square pattern is formed and creates this picture:

Jupiter/Saturn = Sun: taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan, or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things (Tyl); gaining experience; inconstancy; moodiness (Ebertin.)

How Things Will Proceed from SOTU 2012

Looking at the applying aspects of the SOTU 2012 horoscope's ruler, Mercury, we see that Sun and Mercury will conjoin soon (8A49; Sun conj Mercury 17AQ59 on February 7 which stimulates the "A Man Unmasked Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008 in the 10 North Series: 'communications emphasized; frustrations from events stemming from paperwork, news received, or young people'--Brady. Perhaps the 'young people' are Occupiers.)

But even closer is Mercury's square with critical-degreed Saturn in 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values, ruled by a well-meaning Venus in compassionate Pisces, as noted above, in Cadent 6th H (preparation stage.) Mercury SQ Saturn (3A41) shows blockages in financial matters and from or for lawmakers (Saturn in Libra, exalted yet straining to reach Scorpio), inhibitions when attempting to exploit potentials, and traditional thinking which stifles new ideas. Yes, the 2/8 Jupiter/Saturn opposition pits investment and growth against austerity measures which shrink economies--just ask the good people of Europe.

So with President Obama returning to his previous themes (Mars Rx rising) and other indications as mentioned, we may expect serious yet uplifting rhetoric this evening but with a continuation of GOP blockages to any or all of the president's old--or new--ideas for improving the social conditions in America circa 2012.

Personally, I see no other course than to be on President Obama's side against an austerity-promoting GOP especially when FDR's famous Test of Our Progress is applied to our nation in 2012. Franklin Roosevelt, with his natal Uranus in Gemini rising, said,

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."


Shall America give up her traditional Jupiterian character for the austerity and dearth of the GOP's Saturnian model? Now that's something which may become much clearer to us after the November 2012 elections.


SOTU 2012's Republican response will be delivered--not by former candidate Herman Cain, as rumored--but by Indiana's Mitch Daniels, an interesting choice since this particular common gooder agrees with Robert Parry concerning Mr. Daniels as the Architect of the US Debt Crisis (he was Bush's original "budget director'--he directed, all right.) And especially since Daniels' "right to work" effort in Indiana is actually a "right to work for less" bar-lowering of wages for American workers who fall prey to its Saturnian influence.

Good if belated astro-news! Mundane astrologer Theodore White has published the January 2012 edition of Global Astrology which includes a review of 2011 events and planetary patterns, plus forecasts for 2012.

Then if you haven't, you may want to check out Professor Robert Reich's always informative views as he considers tonight's SOTU 2012.

Jan 23, 2012

New Moon 3AQ Jan 22, 2012

Fortunately for both of us, Julie Demboski has now published her well-considered insights concerning the New Moon of January 22, 2012 but why does she call it a Forgiveness Moon?

Here are two Sabian Symbols for your consideration--see if they remind you of anything going on in the news this week since the week begins with this particular Aquarian New Moon:

1.22.12 New Moon @'3AQ' = "A Deserter from the Navy"...Keyword: DEFIANCE.

positive expression: genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

Sounds something like a certain Italian cruise ship captain who deserted his sinking ship, doesn't it?

The Illumination Point for '3AQ' is its opposite degree/sign, '3Leo' (conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury--his SOTU Address is at 9:00 pm est Tuesday, January 24, 2012 so will a new cycle of activity be announced? Plus, the New Moon @ '3AQ' conjoins Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house so a new cycle or project involving money and investment may be mentioned in President Obama's SOTU 2012 script.)

'3Leo' = "A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed"...DECISION.

pos: exceptionally effective self-mobilization for the sake of personal ambition;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: wholly inadequate appreciation for the self and its destiny.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; except for the 'unconscious/shadow side' part, I tend to add that myself because it's how I tend to think of the symbols' negative expressions.)

Hmm. Perhaps '3AQ/Leo' expressing simultaneously indicates on some level a defiant decision or a decisive defiance!

Jan 17, 2012

Tell Scott Walker: America founded as a Union!

January 17, 2012 8:15 pm est near Athens, Georgia

The following words are posted here using my own italics and BOLD in order to make the point of this particular entry for I am lazy--actually, just busy with a major undertaking that now demands my close attention. Even so, my prayers remain with our America this night and I believe that we may benefit by exalting our traditional Spirit of Endeavor within us against challenges from those who work as you read to undermine our sovereign nation:


"We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

View a linked and searchable U.S. Constitution (1791 -- ) while we still have it, tattered by enemies from without and within as it may be.

At least outer enemies are usually easier to identify as what they really are, aren't they?


If you're game, here's a brief astro-peek at James Madison, known as the Architect of the US Constitution.

And speaking of unions, I wonder how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's recall count is going for the anti-unionist? You might also mention the Concept of Perpetual Union just to get his goat.

Jan 1, 2012

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

Pictured: William McKinley campaign poster, Prosperity at Home Prestige Abroad, a Jupiter-Saturn slogan with tones of Cancer-Sagittarius inspiring a Moon-Jupiter sparkle of fairy dust.

May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse 'eclipses' Fixed Star Alcyone

by Jude Cowell

Below is a horoscope of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem21 in the 14 South Saros Series(details below)--at 7:46:58 pm edt, White House, with Venus 23Gem25 Rx and out-of-bounds of the earthly plane with OOBs being an indicator of unusual success--and/or lawless actions. This is a South Node eclipse so energy tends to leave the scene rather than gather and 00Gem21 falls in 7th house in Washington DC denoting the beginning of new phases in Partnerships, Open Enemies, and/or Legal Affairs.

However, since all eclipses operate as 'wild cards of the Universe', the chance for unexpected happenings in these areas should not be dismissed too readily.

With its themes of Complex Financial Issues, Martian Actions, and Transport Concerns, please click to enlarge the chart since a few details are scribbled about including:

Hour of responsible, status quo Saturn; in Mutual Reception (supporting one another) are Mercury and Venus; ASC 21Sco58--chart-ruler/s = Mars and Pluto; MC (The Goal; Public Standing; Career) @ 7Vir01 gives outlet for Fixed Star Thuban (to create or protect a treasure; sharing v hoarding issues), and contentious *Mars, god of war, @10Vir39 conjoins one of the 'victimization' stars, Zosma (ruthlessness, or the victim), an unhappy portent for peaceniks like me.

Also, the Virgo Midheaven parallels (similar to a strong conjunction) Altair, The Eagle (bold and determined) which hints at a busy Pentagon season with much propaganda spewing out concerning America's (real or perceived) enemies. In other words: US imperialists still don't get it that their era is rapidly ending.

The May 2012 Solar Eclipse's energies are strongly Mutable, thus unstable and variable; a sort of 'Grand Cross' of dynamic energies appears with outlet at MC--click chart to view its planets and points; Mercury @22Tau35 rules the eclipse (Sun and Moon) bwo Gemini indicating issues of trade, commerce, transport, communications, thinking processes, planning, negotiations, treaties, oration, young people, and other mercurial realms. The blocking of oil-transport routes is a potential which relates on one level to themes of Alcyone (Eta Taurus) denoting something to cry about (the 7 Sisters of The Pleiades); exile; inner vision and mysticism but with a tendency to be judgmental.

Actually there are other planet-to-star links; here are the ones that seem most prominent to me:

Leading the entire chart is the closest planet to an Angle, Jupiter 24Tau56, which sets (DESC 24Tau57) and conjoins Capulus (in constellation Perseus: intense male energy; rage), Algol (intense female passion; rage; in China: 'piled up corpses'; both stars are traditionally linked to the Middle East.) As you know, whatever Jupiter touches grows, revs up, expands, or increases in some way though we may hope that Jupiter's protective quality intercedes with benefits.

ASC 24Sco57: Rising is Fixed Star Agena (Beta Centaurus; the pain of learning; the horse's belly in southern constellation Centaurus which holds Lupus, the Wolf, in his outstretched hand, and has religious connotations, says Bernadette Brady. Anthony Louis adds potentials for: high status, honors, good organizers, scandal, gossip, sensuality, sarcasm, cleverness, and/or success with the masses.)

At IC 7Pis01 along with Fomalhaut (a Royal Star of Persia, Watcher of the South: humanitarianism, mysticism, pure ideals but a downfall if integrity is not upheld (too late for most Washington politicians!) is oceanic, dissolving Neptune 3Pis06 at IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene; Real Estate) along with Chiron 9Pis31 and with both snugged around the IC (aka, The Drain), I can't help but think of the criminal BP-Deepwater Horizon Blowout of 2010 and the ready potential for more oil spills, leaks, and the sabotage of the environment which results.

The forced-upon-the-American-people Keystone XL Pipeline construction may also be indicated--and it makes me mad as a wet hen. You? The number of US jobs it 'creates' will be negligible and temporary at best though they are loudly touted by liars of a transnational corporate persuasion.

Plus, Real Estate instability continues to undermine (Neptune) our housing market (IC/4th H) and valuations (Venus in duplicitous Gemini conjunct 8th cusp of Money) unless some measure of integrity (Fomalhaut) is restored to our mortgage and banking industries (IC v 8th H.) Venus also conjoins US natal Mars in Gemini which motivates our desires for beauty, pleasant travels, and the quest for attainment of possessions.

As you see, quirky and disruptive Uranus 7Ari26 has just entered 4th H from 5th H showing that sudden events may occur in the matters ruled by both houses (already mentioned) and including 3rd H with Aquarius on its cusp. Naturally, the Occupy Wall Street movement and its offshoots spring to mind (political Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries--and Mars/Uranus energies won't be denied!)

Also, the 3rd cusp 00AQ50 conjoins US Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx of Jan 20, 2009 so will President Obama deliver another speech around the time of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse? It will be no surprise, if so.

Now with North Node (NN) in 1st house and ruled by lucky Jupiter, some sort of attainment may be possible for a 1st house NN is a fortunate placement and shows self-development on the upswing, therefore, the Jupiter-ruled IC of Real Estate may benefit. Yet more negatively, both ends of the Nodal axis lie within the 'nuclear degrees' of early Gem/Sag.

Of further benefit, Saturn 23Lib45 Rx in 11th H is near two rather nice stars, Arcturus and Spica, The Spike, or The Wheat Sheaf: bounty and harvest. Keywords for Arcturus (Alpha Bootes; pathfinder); and Spica (Alpha Virgo; honor and fame; gifts to mankind; Spica links to artists, musicians, writers, and scientists--B. Brady.)

Additionally, there are fortunate karmic or fated conditions to be set in motion by the Venus/Saturn trine--fated because both planets are at 23 degrees. Venus trine Saturn shows such potentials as: aid for the needy (humanitarianism), practical talents, and a sense of order and balance. (Venus rules Libra where Saturn is exalted.)

So with Saturn as significator of the Democratic Party (in my book, though some say it's Jupiter for Dems but I use Mr. Moneybags to represent the Grand Old Party of Special Interests and Jupiterian Corporations), maybe Democrats will carry on with the stand taken with congressional Republicans by President Obama during December 2011 on behalf of the 99%. That the 1% could possibly need more help than they already profit by 24/7 is impossible to believe!)

Senior statesmen or experienced diplomats are other possibilities for a Libran Saturn nestled in the House of Friends, Groups, Hopes and Wishes...perhaps someone of a mature description will step forward to ease our nation's more difficult circumstances relating to Venus and 8th H matters of Debt, Credit, and Too-Big Corporations.

Chart-Rulers Tell a Tale Going Forward

Always of import to how things will proceed from the energies of a horoscope are the applying aspects of the chart's ruler or rulers and here they are Mars and Pluto (bwo a Scorpio Ascendant.)

Yet activist/protester Mars makes no applying aspects to any planets at all in this chart so the house position, sign, and degree of Mars (conjunct depressive Zosma) are primary influences concerning events or conditions brought by this eclipse and may express most fully within the houses ruled by Mars (Aries on 5th cusp showing Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children's Issues--and 1st house of Self/Physical Body/Initiating Matters.

In addition, the Mars/MC combination reveals the promotion of paranoia for control of the people (an old tactic used by all governments--the US gov has perfected it), and possible military action (see Nodal axis degrees.)

However, as co-ruler, 2nd house Pluto applies to the frustrating square with progressive Uranus (1A44) after forming a square-within-a-square aspect to Mercury (135 degr; 1A35) showing minor irritants yet possibilities for dynamic and constructive action between the powers-that-be (Pluto) and the mercurial actors and issues previously mentioned. (Mercury/Pluto = propaganda, obsession, mind control, spying and surveillance.)

Plus, eclipse-ruler Mercury triggers the May 28, 2000 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which occurred at '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems" a loud hint pointing toward the bankster heists and fraudulent schemes awaiting society in the New Millennium and from which we continue to suffer.

(Jup/Sat = Mercury: desires for change and variety; inconstancy of mind and philosophy; journeys; a fortunate separation--Ebertin; studying hard, asking the right questions--Tyl.)

Now usually I mark US natal planets around the chart but this time I won't in an attempt to leave the horoscope easier to read. So I must mention that the first US planet to rise here is Pluto 27Cap33 Rx which is intercepted in 2nd house as is transiting Pluto 9Cap10 Rx (forces beyond any one's personal control.)

Across the 2/8 Money/Values axis are America's Cancer planets (Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury Rx) which are all intercepted in the 8th house of Corporations, Big Business, and Transformation which shows the karmic (reap what's sown) conditions under which we toil and gives our nation's planets in Cancer and Capricorn 'no outlet' for expression, at least not for a while after the eclipse manifests. For as with other horoscopes, progression brings change and Time waits for no man's or nation's horoscope.

(Note: US Pluto @ '28Cap' = "A Large Aviary" always reminds me of things such as bird flu used manipulatively by governments acting lawlessly as ours tends to do to grasp what it wants and hide past transgressions. They wouldn't dare? Sad to say, they would. For as noted previously on this blog, NWO robots play for keeps and for the ultimate brass ring: global financial power.)

May 2012 Influences: the 14 South Saros Series

14S: long periods of hard work are rewarded; an obsessive idea is finally accepted which leads to Jupiter's promised success; new ideas or methodologies bring long awaited breakthroughs; Mercury/Pluto content (from 14S's initial eclipse of August 29, 984 OS with Pluto 24Vir conjunct US natal Neptune hinting at power struggles in politics, finances, and physical confrontations.

14S info: paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.

This eclipse is titled "Property Agreements" by Celeste Teal and describes 'unsettling times' in her book Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation. Sad to say, the May 2012 Solar Eclipse is the last eclipse detailed in the book.

Now here are the Midpoint Pictures from Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions:

Sun/NN = Neptune: disappointment in associations; difficulties when adapting.

Moon/NN = Neptune: disappointment; undermining of associations; unions or relationships of no promise.

Mars/Uranus = Venus: passion; excitability; medical intervention concerning a woman (abortion repeal efforts? jc)

Mars/NN = Saturn: reserve (the Fed? jc); difficulties or disadvantages through associations; teamwork which is rendered more difficult as time goes by; separation; death matters.

Neptune/MC = NN: sharing of bad intentions together with others; unpleasant associations; bad company.

(The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)


*This position of Mars (10Vir39) conjoins the natal ASC (physical body) of New World Order cheerleader-implementer, G. H. W. Bush (June 12, 1924 11:45 am edt Milton, MA--Rodden Rating A.) Also, Bush Sr is in the midst of a tally-up Saturn Return 25Lib50 Rx** in natal 2nd house of values and money:

1. December 2, 2011
2. April 20, 2012 Rx**
3. August 27, 2012

When it comes to meeting one's Maker, it is my personal belief that Poppy will (as will we all) be answering his Creator's questions about his secretive role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and this time, Popps won't be able to deny, obfuscate, deflect, or make up fake alibis about this or his several other crimes. He's been quite the ambitious and busy boy.

Well, since it's a New Year, how about a tiny blast from SO'W's past? Try 4th Amendment: 1791 - 2008 if you dare--in which Cindy Sheehan is quoted and I note the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which the Fourth Amendment came to pass.

(Note to ABL: yes, I looked at tonight's Iowa caucuses transits for Des Moines and things look fairly promising for Ron Paul imho, yet I did not include Rick Santorum's planets of which I know nothing. If Santorum stays in the race much longer--and he seems to be up for it-- I'll post a brief astro-peek on him though certainly many other astrologers must have done so already. Thanks for your question, Angie, it's very much appreciated! Jude)

Dec 9, 2011

Social networks a total Spy Grid (video) and US Mercury/Pluto

Sometimes it's difficult to ignore America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition in modern times when you consider the great technological strides made toward total surveillance by way of Smartphones and social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+.

That iPhone or Blackberry you depend on is your willing acquiescence to having everything you do, choose, read, hear, purchase, travel to, or think fully known by Big Brother who keeps tabs in order to predict your--and thus, 'his'--next move. Blogs and websites are regular targets, of course, especially ones infested with Politics--and dissent that disagrees with the globalist Washington consensus!

If our lack of privacy and governmental high-handedness sound 1984-ish a la George Orwell, there's a good reason--they are.

Here's Alex Jones recently interviewed on these draconian topics and tactics:


Mercury opposite Pluto is an aspect replete with deep anxieties! It makes people (and government) feel that all is in a state of crisis until more and more information can be obtained. Challenges cause intellectual arrogance due to feelings that credibility is being questioned (how delicate the US government's psyche must be, poor thing! If it meant as well as it's always pretended to mean, such anxieties and the resulting actions to control us and our opinions wouldn't be necessary to such a degree.)

There's a need with a Mercury/Pluto opposition to learn to mind one's own business, a cosmic imperative that the US has obviously failed to master while our tendencies toward forming premature conclusions and making snap judgments undermine even the best of our intentions.

Others find it difficult to 'get along with' America, and this is supported by our totem planet, Uranus, which describes our quirky, changeable behavior that so often involves the duplicity of the sign Gemini--and made more problematic by US Mars (energy, action, desire nature, quarreling capacity) which is also posited in duplicitous Gemini in wide conjunction with Uranus (13 degree orb; the Mars/Uranus pair of energies is courageous, unpredictable, and super-forceful when it comes to achieving goals--as we know through living The American Experience.)

Mercury (information; communications; thinking) opposite Pluto (control; spying; sabotage; invisibility) indicates secret projects, research carried on behind closed doors, legislation written in secret, clandestine activities, detective investigations, and dangerous intell rippling from the days of our nation's founding and as you know, recent machinations to hobble and destroy the US Postal Service have brought mentions in the press of Benjamin Franklin's organizing of the first US Postal Inspection Service which formed our initial and official spy network to "audit" citizens' mail.

See Hidden Spy System still exists in old post office.

And government "auditing" of our every move and communique continues in very modern fashion with snazzy tech gadgets galore.


So what about the fabled Orwellian year 1984 and its background influences provided by the two Solar Eclipses of that year? Well, for one thing, both eclipses occurred at significant degrees:

1. May 30, 1984 @ '9Gemini' conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55--progressive, radical planet of Technology and The Future. This eclipse fell in the 4 North Saros Series which began on May 25, 1389 (OS) @ 12Gem08--conjunct natal Descendant in the US natal Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.)

4N brings a difficult time of restriction, separation, restraint, and illusions with events that block individuals who then are prone to misjudging strengths of self and/or situation; waiting until the eclipse influences passes before taking any real action is advisable.

4N last manifested on June 10, 2002 @ '20Gem' during the Bush-Cheney regime--conjunct US natal Mars; 4N next occurs in the difficult year of 2020 at a propitious moment at Summer Solstice--June 21, 2020 @ '00Cancer', a World Point of Manifestation which was triggered at Summer Solstice 2001 @ '00Cancer'--the Pre-Natal Eclipse of 9/11/01.

This is one of the reasons that some astrologers including this one, consider the year 2020 to be a watershed opportunity for global despotism. The 4N Series links 2020 to 1984 through a cosmic conduit that runs directly through 2001 and thus to the perpetual war events, surveillance outrages, and undemocratic legislation that resulted and which bedevil us still.

No wonder a new President Obama had no chance of ending US wars overseas while simultaneously morphing them into a more mercenary/private contractor enterprise and keeping massive and costly US military bases, 'diplomatic' compounds, and prisons in place across the globe.

2. November 22, 1984 @ '1Sag', a degree with a Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which has obvious implications for America in the so-called Global War on Terror--and points to Orwell's prediction of perpetual war. This eclipse manifested in the 4 South Saros Series which carries within its rays very strong feelings about money and/or relationships. Portents include anger, lust, and a sense of fatedness (perfect for our 1984 sensibilities); relationship events are beyond any one's control, emotions are blocked and frustrated, and there may be a desire to suddenly end relationships; rash action should be avoided until things settle down.

4S began on March 19, 1624 @ '29 Pisces' near Aries Point; 4S next occurs on December 14, 2020 which makes 2020 a replay of the year 1984 in relation to Big Brother and our 1984 concerns--both years contain two Solar Eclipses from the same two Series.

Soon after 2020 comes 2022, the year that powerful, wealthy bloodline-promoting Pluto returns to its natal (Rx) position in America's natal horoscope @ 27Cap33. The Sabian Symbol for '28Cap' may be more significant than we as yet realize though to some people we're obviously on just such a path with Politics as Big Brother's excuse:

"A Large Aviary"...and the negative/unconscious/shadow side of '28Cap'?

Loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

Global bureaucrats rejoice?


For a skulk down memory lane, here's a SO'W post from 2006 showing links between George Orwell's natal chart and the horoscope of 9/11/01.

Eclipse info: Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.

'28Cap' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones. Also on-topic is Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala and its Keyword for '28Cap': CLAIRAUDIENCE..."meaning a capacity for being responsive to many inner voices."

Now isn't that your iPhone ringing?


Speaking of predictions, here's a video of Terence McKenna (1946--2000) discussing Earth's 26,000-year alignment with Galactic Center in 2012, the Tree of Life, and worm holes. McKenna is the fellow who brilliantly foresaw a New Millennial "transcendental object" that would keep everyone's attention transfixed, an obvious description of the Smartphones and iPads people keep their faces glued to day and night!

Dec 8, 2011

John Corzine's YOD: Pluto/NN = Sun = Mars

John Corzine resigned from MF Global on November 4, 2011 after the company filed for bankruptcy and Democrat Corzine's testimony on Capitol Hill today probably won't clue anyone in on where all the money went, as this Big Player CEO admits to not knowing much about his business.

This will be Mr. Corzine's first public testimony since the MF Global collapse over which he presided.

Astrologically speaking, crisis is shown in his natal horoscope through a YOD pattern (aka, a 'Finger of God' with potential for: a turning point; crossroads; special task; spiritual opportunity) which involves very dynamic planetary energies of power (Pluto) along with the North Node of the Moon (NN) indicating contact with the public and with groups.

Born January 1, 1947 near Taylorville, Illinois, Mr. Corzine's natal Sun conjoins energetic Mars, planet of action and desire. The YOD creates midpoint pictures which you may wish to consider as the turmoil and scandal swirl around him with fallout possibly affecting the White House. His natal Sun and Mars are in Capricorn, Pluto is Rx in Leo (12:53, conjunct Saturn 7:20 Rx) and NN is at 11Gem24, near Uranus 18Gem55 Rx.

Eclipse watchers may be interested to note that Corzine's NN was eclipsed by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse and his Uranus will be eclipsed tomorrow, December 10, by a Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11--and eclipses do tend to uncover secrets especially from the past (where many of them lurk.)

Plus, the current 'peculiar turn of events' Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 opposes his natal Sun and Mars--ouch! That's a lot of karmic energy from the cosmos hitting Mr. Corzine's natal planets and its reap-what-you-sow vibes seem to have caught up with him.

YOD midpoint pictures:

Pluto/NN = Sun: ruthlessly imposing one's will on others; making use of people; gained respect.

Pluto/NN = Mars: influential people met through groups or contacts; force or invective emphasis during meetings; violence or brutality used in the presence of others; a desire to make others amenable to one's wishes; being placed in somebody else's hand or power.

(Ebertin; Munkasey; all, any, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.)

Now Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets gives some interesting potentials in Politics and Business for the Pluto/NN combination though not all may apply to Mr. Corzine's situation at the present time--

Thesis: violent or criminal people who secretly enter the country at any given opportunity; sewage or waste compacts; agreements over reciprocal rights for info obtained under clandestine methods.

Antithesis: people who may not have the best interests of the country or business in mind; treaties involving the exchange of secretive or clandestine data; security or treaty breakdowns due to the actions of others.

Group Activities of John Corzine

As you know, only a birth date is needed to look at the Solar Eclipse Series into which John Corzine, former governor of New Jersey, was born--the 2 South--which last manifested @ 4Cap14 on December 25, 2000. By the Sun's degree (4Cap14), his PE (Pre-Natal Eclipse) is being triggered on Christmas Day 2011 and perhaps some of the 'uncovering' will include his involvement with certain 'groups' due to the flavor of the 2S Series:

'involvement in groups and feeling that one will gain a great deal through the association.' (Paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

The 2S Series is shared natally by Ronald Reagan and Noam Chomsky (I know!), and is the PE of the Bush-Cheney administration--and of the New Millennium we all held out such grand hopes for until the White House was usurped with the help of the SCOTUS in December 2000, when the eclipse occurred in Saturn-ruled Capricorn opposite US natal Venus in Cancer.

The next Solar Eclipse in the 2S Series will occur on January 6, 2019 @ 15Cap.

(Don't know about you, but the Bush-Cheney coup was the moment I knew for certain that America was in deep poo feathers and Washington DC has done nothing in the meantime to totally relieve such foreboding from my troubled brow. Thus I blog.)

Well, Mr. Corzine obviously gained a great deal as his PE suggests he might. Now what sort of 'deal' will be presented by the US Congress to one of their own?


Newt Watchers! Today's Fresh Air concerns an interview with Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty about her decades' long coverage of the career of Newt Gingrich. Apparently Newtish secrets may be revealed in this look-back at Newt's years as Speaker of the House, "changing the power structure" on Capitol Hill. And of course, Newt's serious ethics charges cut short his congressional 'brilliance'.

The broadcast is about to air momentarily (est) and audio will be available later this afternoon.

Funny, but I'd forgotten that once Newt Gingrich was TIME's 'Man of the Year'! Here's his natal horoscope if you've managed to miss it so far.

Nov 29, 2011

A Natal Horoscope for Newt Gingrich

Newt Notes

by Jude Cowell

Yes, his poll numbers are up and endorsements pour in for Republican candidate Newt Gingrich with his high-flying Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius personality blend. Herman Cain's romantic yet secretive nature and Rick Perry's constant flubbability are aiding Mr. Gingrich with fellow Republicans desperate for a viable horse to bet on in 2012.

Earlier today I published Gingrich's natal horoscope with a few details if you're interested. I'd begun the post a week ago and thanks to our holiday break here in America, only today did I get around to completing it but neglected to move the article into today's queue. Hence this shout-out.

See what you think about this Sun/Moon square Neptune (at a critical 29th degree) guy and leave a comment if you have a chance.

Would you vote for the Newtster?


Plus, here are astro-peeks at Mitt Romney (horoscope shown) and Gov. Rick Perry (chart details only), the candidate who never got the memo that the voting age in America is 18, not 21, and the 2012 elections will be held on November 6, not Nov much flubbability for just one man!

Nov 24, 2011

Horoscope: Bonus Army 1932 w OWS notes

Bonus Army 1932 Assault w Occupy Wall Street Considerations

by Jude Cowell

Here you see a horoscope for the time (4:45 pm est), date (July 28, 1932), and location (Anacostia, near District of Columbia) that the Bonus Army of our nation's unpaid WWI veterans and their families, who'd marched on Washington to demand that their bonuses be paid, was charged by Major General Douglas MacArthur leading infantry, cavalry, and six battle tanks commanded by Major George S. Patton.

Yes, it's our two main American heroes active at a 1% v 99%-style stand-off in the olden days of 1932, with the military and police forces doing the dirty work of a resentful, crisis-ridden White House administration that went on to lose its next bid for the Oval Office to Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The violent behavior of the US government toward American citizens who were free to dissent and were feeling betrayed financially after risking their lives in service to our country--and were hungry, as were their wives and children--is all too similar to the police brutality being used these days since the Occupy Wall Street, or 99% Movement, began on September 17, 2011...brutality used on peaceful demonstrators who want We the People's grievances redressed.

How positively unAmerican of the US government, then and now!

Please click to enlarge the horoscope for a few extra details which may not be mentioned here for it's a holiday in the US, out-of-towners arrive this evening, and so I shall only note a few chart factors in the text of this post beyond the basics:

Bonus Army Charged by MacArthur @ 4:45 pm est July 28, 1932 Anacostia, District of Columbia; Hour of the Sun; Moon (the people) and Mars (police; military; males between ages of 25--35 appr) are out-of-bounds and performing unusual feats--Moon OOBs indicates a populace feeling unstable, disregarded, and unfed due to being unpaid though granted the privilege by congressional action for their WWI service.

This horoscope shows Sun and Moon in 3rd quarter phase (crisis in consciousness); Neptune in Virgo--as is US natal Neptune--is in detriment in Virgo since opposite is Pisces, co-ruled by opaque, misty, diffusing, confusing, often deceptive Neptune. The Neptunian tactic of fraud comes to mind, then as well as now; Sun conjoins America's natal North Node 5Leo+ which emphasizes the importance of the president's destiny which he could've handled very differently than by attacking US citizens.

Two primary chart factors I'm focusing on today:

1. a crisis-ridden, turning-point heralding YOD pattern--a sextile (60 degr) between Mercury and Venus 00Can06, a World point of Manifestation, at its base and pointing toward the man in charge, Saturn @1AQ06 Rx. Saturn at apex of a YOD configuration has a karmic (reap what was sown) flavor and is discussed just below.

As you see, Venus began the day at a crisis 29th degr of Gemini and denotes 'relationships, values, evaluations, smaller amounts of money'--Gemini is the sign of duplicity (ex: vets' betrayal by their government and military), and Mercury, planet of messages (their March on Washington and subsequent encampments delivered it) and young people (the families accompanying the vets, and the press that reported events in some sort of fashion to suit the plutocrats in charge.)

Of interest may be the midpoint picture formed by the three planets involved in the July 28, 1932 YOD pattern--on its own, the 'Mercury/Venus' combo indicates 'a business sector at odds with society, and/or, speeches that emphasize economic facts' (Munkasey.)

Saturn Rx shows delay, indecision, inhibitions, loss, restriction, control, oppression, authority, management...but also 'rewards for long term efforts'...which eventually occurred when Congress overrode FDR's veto and voted them their monies in 1936 long after one-term Herbert Hoover had moved on down the line, his once-stellar reputation sullied...

Mercury/Venus = Saturn: thoroughness; a serious attitude; deep meditation. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Apex Saturn in a YOD formation shows one (or those) who should not use force unwisely, yet as we know, this Saturnian caution was not heeded by Hoover, hence the fated or karmic undertone in the chart. "This is a testing YOD," says Saturn the lesson-bringer, and timing is all important to outcomes since fated consequences are described. Frustration (another of Saturn's favorite words) and a sense of failure may accompany this YOD if its energies are not properly (Saturn, says!) expressed.

If you've seen the Occupy Wall Street natal horoscope for September 17, 2011, sunrise, you'll see Saturn 17Lib01 which conjoins the Bonus Army's Midheaven, The Goal Point of any chart. Speaking truth--Saturn--to Authority--also Saturn. And of course, all these Saturnian issues are presenting themselves underneath the auspices of our recent US Saturn Return to 14Lib48 when our nation's responsibility-accountability chickens come home to roost.

This apex Saturn demands attention to social responsibilities, focused and purposeful activity, and heralds a new path that has serious implications (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.) Yet a tendency toward self-preservation seems to have been the primary concern of the US government.

Another link to the OWS natal chart is that its Sun/Moon midpoint at sunrise falls at 21Can47 which conjoins 1932's Pluto 22Can05; other links may be noted if you'll check it out for yourself! This Pluto is lining up to oppose US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx, a time when great powers are locked in massive battles for control, a background influence that undergirds the whole shebang.

There's also a titanic generational clash recurring in 2011:

Uranus/Pluto square from Aries to Cancer, whereas now the revolutionary pair of Uranus/Pluto square each other from Aries to Capricorn with the square's difficult, frustrating energies expressing in 2011 with similar themes of revolt, jarring societal changes, upheavals, and riots; the Cancer/Capricorn axis is emphasized, then and now--through the polarity of security/nurturance v career/authority.)

2. the military assault on the Bonus Army occurred during a 6 North Saros Series Solar Eclipse which had manifested on March 7, 1932 @ 16Pis33...6N themes are 'relationship to father figures; authority issues; needing to take responsibility or control; commitments through another person's not being able to carry on.' (Brady.) '17Pisces'/'17Vir' are considered critical (crisis) degrees and relate directly to the Uranus/Pluto cycle since they met there in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s = civil rights--workers' rights--racial inequality--anti-war protests; plus, 2011's income inequality issues, tuition increases, etc.

So in 1932, President Hoover and his military advisers (and international bosses) attempted to take control and had some temporary success, we might say. But it was their own sense of responsibility and their commitment to paying our war veterans that they wanted to avoid.

Sounds kind of like the attitudes of Republicans in Congress circa 2011 and how they behave over such things as extending unemployment benefits, extendign corporate welfare, and a desire to institute other populace-controlling methods of austerity (Saturn!) These are some of the plutocratic strategies of globalism-loving politicians determined to keep down the oppressed and disenfranchised in America, a group whose ranks are constantly increasing.

In closing, the grand schemes pair of Jupiter and Neptune (inflation; speculation; market bubbles--the planetary imprint of the Obama presidency by Great Conjunction/s all through 2009 conj US natal Moon) are in different signs--Neptune 6Vir32 conjoins President Obama's natal Pluto, a time of eroding power--but they are snugged around Bonus Army Mercury 00Vir31 which forms a midpoint picture you may wish to consider. See of any of these potentials ring true given what we know so far--any, all, or none may apply:

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: speaking for the deprived; misleading or misdirecting others; skills with deceptive practices; putting on an act; talking a lot; a raising of hopes.

In the 1932 horoscope in the 6th house of Police and Military Service is Mars, planet of war, conflict, and protest, just beyond his Return to natal position in America's birth chart (July 4, 1776; Mars '22Gemini' square Neptune 22Vir25.) And, if you use this ASC 25Sag37 as the tail of a high-flying Kite pattern, acts as the spearhead of MacArthur's and Hoover's efforts to quell dissent in this Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Plus, as you see, Mars 25Gem21 conjoins asteroid Eros ('the piercing') (and OWS's natal MC at sunrise!) which describes the charge of Mars--US 500 infantry, 500 cavalry, 800 policemen, and 6 tanks, as noted) toward the Bonus Army marchers who, in their gullible, patriotic love for America and pride in their military service to the US government, cheered--cheered!--because they assumed that General MacArthur was leading troops to HONOR them, our veterans of WWI.

But they soon discovered their mistake...


Further reading: Herbert Hoover; Douglas MacArthur; George Patton. It's been said that MacArthur ignored Hoover's orders to stop the assault but MacArthur charged the marchers because he allegedly thought the Bonus Army was part of a Communist plot to take over America. But I just don't believe that he assaulted innocent Americans because of his own conspiracy theory, do you? That there were communist sympathizers or double agents within the US government then, and perhaps now, seems much more credible, sad to say. jc