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Jan 5, 2012

My Lousiest News award for Jan 6, 2012

The upcoming US-Israeli war maneuvers are being touted by both governments as the world's biggest ever!

And certain transglobal warmongering chaos-creators actually seem happy over this dramatic turn of events which the US government in collusion with most of Congress and the business and weapons industries will soon remind us of the heady days when Dubs Bush lied us into war in Iraq and his case turned out to hinge on the credibility of Colin Powell's U.N. presentation.

And on Americans wanting to believe in their president's motives in spite of all evidence not supporting our trust.

So who do you think will play the 'Colin Powell-respected military leader' role in 2012 as Washington stirs itself into a tizzy over Iran's intentions (so they say) and imagines it has convinced the American people of some very deluded, fevered visions of the 1% Gang who are apparently "riding again" and wanting to force We the People into yet another Vulcan hellishness of an illegal, vulgar war--as if that little expansion project would be a good and sane idea.

But who benefits most?

Well, any of the two or three American citizens reading this post who are not recognizing Washington's military campaign for what it is--a long term attempt at Global Governance directed by entities abroad (ex: Citizens United 2010 brings big time foreign investors into US elections, aka, meddling), please stop reading here because I am truly done. For now.


Blog Note: am about to take a weekend off from le ususal & may blog from another location if inspired. Catchya later!! Jude

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