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Feb 29, 2012

Senator Olympia Snowe: Sun and Moon in Pisces

Perhaps you heard the announcement yesterday that Maine's Senator Olympia Snowe will retire when her third term ends on January 3, 2013 which could be good news for Democrats.

Her Wiki bio gives February 21, 1947 Augusta, Maine as her birth date and place of entering the Time-Space flux of Planet Earth. Considered a 'moderate' senator, Olympia Snowe's step down offers interesting possibilities for a change of guard in the US Senate.

The 24-hour period of her birth date shows Sun in Pisces (1:44--2:44) and Moon in Pisces (3:11--15:57) making her a double Pisces (Water-Water) at the least since we need her birth time to determine the sign ascending.

As we'd expect, Water-Water types are very creative and able to 'go with the flow' yet may 'go misty' when their deep feelings are touched. Times gone by may be a nostalgic focus for Water-Water, a sentimental combo which may veer toward over-rationality in order to stem their changeable emotional tides.

The Senator's Sun Pisces/Moon Pisces blend has three Images for Integration (Sun = conscious mind; Moon = the + child), one of which seems apt for her retirement so I wish you'd see what you think and get back to me if you wish:

"The stars and the ocean together create one world, no horizon...adrift at sea...the sunset beckons."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Some very creative folk share the Pisces/Pisces blend natally: Michaelangelo, Maurice Ravel, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov and actress Jennifer Jones, who said:

"I've seen every problem," a remark that well demonstrates a basic trait of 'psychic sponge' Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac which contains all the others and feels deeply the problems and foibles of the world.

Well, if anyone ever wanted to feel problems and foibles, America circa 2012 is the perfect place in which to do so, isn't it? But quite fatiguing. Medical reasons are possible, of course, but perhaps citing the gridlock of my-way-or-the-highway attitudes and conditions on Capitol Hill these days is reason enough for a lady to retire. And it's certainly no wonder she's had enough of our highly polarized Congress--so have I and I'm only viewing their bad behavior from the far hinterlands of Georgia with horoscopes in hand.

Wishing a Happy Retirement for Senator Snowe! And a better acting Congress for us.

Now it's back to packing for me...but I wish I were watching Heist, the Movie instead...

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