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Mar 20, 2012

Cardinal Crisis 2012 and Beyond

The ongoing Cardinal Crisis pattern of planets, imprinted and driven most forcibly by the Uranus/Pluto square from Mars-ruled Aries to Saturn-ruled Capricorn, just keeps on thundering along and sending out sparks of unrest and generational clashes across the Earth.

The Uranus/Pluto square is what I believe is emphasized in mundane horoscopes recently as "A Square Brightly Lighted on One Side" where transiting Mercury in its current retrograde phase has been spotlighting @ '6 Aries' along with tr Uranus hitting this degree repeatedly as well.

A square (90 degrees = obstacles, blockages, being blindsided) between signs Aries and Capricorn is something like the influence on society of a mundane Mars/Saturn square by rulership and through this planetary lens we're watching and experiencing--and perhaps taking part in--civil unrest, protests, and explosive violence (Uranus/Pluto SQ), along with Saturnian austerity measures which contract and restrict an economy, not improve it (as global bankers and their agents well know. It's meant to hide the largest transfer of wealth, property, and natural resources ever seen so we mustn't wait for corporate media to tell us the truth about it! Instead there are progressive broadcasters such as Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman to clue us in.)

Can You Feel It?

Also manifesting with Mars/Saturn are frustration, resentment, and harsh circumstances which are facilitated by a globally based Establishment pushing Saturnian austerity measures and harmful (and, in many cases, deceptive) conditions upon us as if no one notices how anti-societal the measures are and what their eventual outcomes will be!

Plus, astrologically speaking, it isn't helping in America that our nation's South Node of the Moon (6AQ) has been transited off and on of late by the Pluto/Chiron midpoint as global plutocrats use their long-developed strength to disenfranchise We the People (exs: Citizens United, President Obama signing the Executive Order late on Friday afternoon--March 16, 2012--which usurps the consitutionally granted fiscal authority of the House of Representatives and sneakily forks it over to the White House--we'll be very sorry about this later), the Bush Depression, and more.

Well, giving up is not an option!

So one of the best suggestions I can think of to provide here is to point you in the direction of a Philadelphian--mundane astrologer Theodore White and his freshly published Spring 2012 Edition of Global Astrology
For it's always better to be forewarned than caught completely off-guard, don't you agree? Especially when the majority of us have been totally apathetic for so long. And our continued apathy is what Global Governance types are counting on to win the race toward a 'new order' yet it's a habit we must encourage ourselves and our fellow citizens to leave behind at the Aquarian South Node for the natural leadership talent of our Leonine North Node, a Jupiterian point of future direction, awaits We the People, just as our Founding Fathers intended.

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