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May 15, 2012

5/15/12 Obama-Geithner meeting = Lunar Ecl Dec 2010

For the one reader who may have the time and the Astrology software, check out the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini which was the precise degree at Midheaven ('The Goal'; Aspirations) over the White House at 3:30 pm edt today (5/15/12) when President Obama and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner are said to have met for discussion.

As you know, 29 degrees is considered a critical-crisis point in the zodiac for all signs and we may expect that real-world events such as JPMC's *out-of-bounds risk-taking and CEO Jamie Dimon's being called upon to step down from the Federal Reserve Bank board is part of the crisis here described and which leads back somehow to late 2010, first quarter 2011 in particular. And at 29 Gemini, a World Point of Mannifestation is being triggered since 29 Gem rushes to reach 00Can00, a signpost pointing us toward Summer Solstice 2012.

Let me know what you discover, okay?

UPDATE 5:00 pm et: see Boehner lays down markers on year-end fiscal cliff which notes the Obama administration's extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy--in December 2010. So as things now stand, the end of 2012 is expiration time since the over-generous tax cuts (for those who don't need them and will not pass on the largess to any of the 99%) had already missed their sunset...


*Out-of-bounds now of the earthly plane is only one planet--Venus (valuations; money; relationships; the attraction principle) about to perform her rare Transit (Occultation of the Sun) on June 5/6, 2012 in mid-Gemini. Unusual alliances may be made--or broken, perhaps one or some relationships which were formed in June 2004; we'll see. Either way, Venus is in a class of her own and can be astrologically and mythologically represented on certain levels as Isis, Columba, Inanna. Not very comforting, is it?

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