May 16, 2012

Robert Reich on Public v Private Morality (video)

As usual, Professor Reich explains it very clearly and in barely over 2 minutes:

Plus, here's a brief consideration of the natal planets of Robert Reich along with an interesting quote of his from 2009 concerning the 'top tier' and their antics.


Liber said...

Wow, Jude...Thanks for posting this excellent video...hope it goes viral!
I'm posting it everywhere I's the perfect short/visual explanation of what is so darn up-side down when it comes to truly important American morality.
Hope you'll post more little 'short's' like this often.

jude cowell said...

Thanks Liber, Prof. Reich's video is timely and brief since many Americans haven't time to pay much attention to even the surface issues much less deeper meanings underneath. And as one who likes to draw I always appreciate his quick sketches! jc