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Jun 3, 2012

CIA natal chart 'hit' by current Solar Eclipse

CIA Natal Horoscope 'Hit' by Current Solar Eclipse: No Luck and Exiled?

by Jude Cowell

Not much to say tonight except that I just noticed that the natal North Node (future direction, path, destiny, encounters) of the Central Intelligence Agency is in process of being 'hit' or conjoined by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21.

This eclipse falls into the 14 South Saros Series and its degree conjuncts the *'mystical yet judgmental' Fixed Star Alcyone (something to cry about; exile; unlucky--A. Louis) in the Pleiades constellation of The Seven Weeping Sisters.

14S themes include 'success after long periods of hard work; an obsessive idea is finally accepted; new methodologies; a long-awaited breakthrough' (B. Brady), and it involves Mercury-Pluto content which is perfect for spies (Pluto) with eyes (Mercury) on our every move. Also, 'obsessive' = Pluto, 'idea' = Mercury, as you know, and this nosy flavor comes from the initial eclipse in the 14S Series which occurred on August 29, 984 (OS) with Sun and Moon @ 10Vir59. Yes, that 984!

Yes, in 2012 we're all feeling suspicious eyes upon us as they collect and appraise our personal data, a circumstance which perhaps was predictable from the start due to US natal Mercury Rx (24Can11) opposing natal Pluto (27Cap33) Rx and out-of-bounds (July 4, 1776) of the earthly plane yet hopefully the CIA is keeping just as many tabs on actual miscreants and criminals along with your Aunt Granny Fanny's emails describing her gall bladder surgery.

Of course, if anything occurs to or within the CIA relating to its North Node and the themes of the triggering Solar Eclipse, the public will probably never be informed of it unless the sudden Uranian 'wild card' effect that all eclipses may visit upon mere mortals occurs along with the tendency of all eclipses to uncover hidden facts and reveal secrets--even from the distant past (ex: skeletons)--which may completely take over the proceedings in spite of all anyone can do to keep the lid on!

View the CIA natal horoscope here and check out the horoscope of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21 if you wish (chart shown set for Washington DC.)

Adding a layer of complexity to the eclipse-and-secrets picture, there's the very current June 4, 2012 Lunar Eclipse @ 14Sag (a Full Moon of awareness, culmination, and relationship) which perfects tomorrow morning at 7:11:33 am edt in Washington DC and whose revelatory energies may present quite a challenge for those who prefer to hide big secrets, obfuscate illegal actions, or avoid admitting to inconvenient facts...


*Alcyone's keywords 'mystical yet judgmental' come from my favorite Astrology software, Solar Fire Gold v8.

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