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Jun 5, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker avoids recall if you can believe it


Walker Survives Recall Election In Wisconsin

The Associated Press is reporting that Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker has survived a recall election in one of the most closely watched and dramatic state races. He defeated Milwaukee's Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett.

More at NPR.


Or did he?

Well, if today's Venus Transit is descriptive of recall efforts in Wisconsin, it's apparent that the Sun (male principle) trumped tiny little feminine Venus. Or, as is their habit, Republicans cheated (success at any cost!) for earlier today I blogged that there would be a large turnout at the polls (voting Mercury out-of-bounds) and that irregularities would be suspected. We'll see if a recount or other disagreements result from Walker's odd 'victory'.

Now the strong-arming, paternalistic neocons who now infest our nation will be emboldened in their quest to ruin other state governments and collapse the whole shebang we call America. Blah!

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