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Sep 10, 2012

9.10.12 Congress' pre-election session (Virgo-Cancer)

In Spite of Approval Rating in Dumps, Congress Skulks Back to Washington

by Jude Cowell

Well, the US Congress has returned to Washington today to that Masonic temple on The Hill and has threatened to do a smidgeon of business such as applying itself to a stop-gap budget this afternoon to keep the place open and what passes for functioning. Or not.

Sun and Moon Tracking September 10--14, 2012

Perhaps a brief consideration of this week's personality blends of Sun and Moon, plus a few key factors, will give us hints of the flavors we may expect to encounter during week as Congress purports to get something done on Capitol Hill.

Naturally the key combo of the week is the blend of today, Sept 10th, which at noon finds: Sun 18Vir20 conjunct Mercury 18:27 in 10th house of Public Status/Career @ '19Vir" = "A Swimming Race" which might obviously refer to Campaign 2012; Moon 11Can44 in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, and Credit = '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message," a Sabian Symbol which can't help but remind us of America's biggest creditor, China. Are our congressional members taking orders from abroad? From more locations than one, I suspect.

Now Sun Vir-Moon Can is an interesting and practical Earth-Water blend of familial energies which concern nurturance and is shared natally by John Locke (the 'Father of Classical Liberalism') and author Upton Sinclair. This post will close with quotes from each, below, to further describe the week.

Sun Vir-Moon Can has a mind v emotions quality which can be nervous and defensive, yet 'principled but flexible' may be its best description; its 'Images for Integration' will somehow relate to the activities and discussions of Congress this week whether the public is privy to them or not:

"Two old Chinese women gossip about family problems as they work rhythmically in the rice paddies...The Working Mother...A nutritionist serves his family organically grown chicken soup."

There are a few midpoint pictures for Monday Sep 10th which may be of interest as well--any, all, or none may apply:

At noon edt: Mars/NN = ASC: vigorous cooperation (!);

Sun-Pluto = Mars 11Sco46 ('12Sco" = "An Embassy Ball"): ruthlessness; desire to perform record achievements;

Mercury-Pluto = Mars (still within orb as during DNC 2012): sharp criticism; desire to attack others; a blackmailer; indefatigable; ability to master great tasks;

Mars-Neptune = Pluto (the US Mars-Neptune square is our greatest flaw): causing brutal damage to others or suffering it; dissolution or death (Ebertin.)

Now on Wednesday September 12th, the Moon will conjoin Venus 6Leo36 ('7Leo' = "The Constellations in the Sky") so the week's flavors shift to Sun Vir-Moon Leo, an Earth-Fire 'scorched earth' blend as Sun 20Vir17 and Mercury 22:11 snug around Fixed Star Denebola ('to go against society; out of the mainstream'):

Sun Vir-Moon Leo hints at strong intellect, nobility, and discretion; it has an elegant cast to it thanks to royal Leo though a self-pitying vanity or conceit may be noticed. Its 'Images of Integration' are:

"Cinderella works diligently to produce her wedding gown...A medieval monk crowns his cathedral with a 300-foot spire...A senior doctor cheerfully changes an old lady's bedpan."

Maybe Cinderella is preparing for an 'Embassy Ball'? And I'd rather the monk change the bedpan!

Then on Friday September 14, the Moon sails into Virgo where the Sun still shines creating a very earthy, fussy Sun Vir-Moon Vir blend which identifies closely with work and perfectionism. This is the natal blend of former senator and President Lyndon B. Johnson and we can only wish we had someone of his legislative (arm-twisting) calilber in the Senate now to put so-called 'Tea Party' members in their places so that actual governing might occur.

This is a conscientious combo so perhaps the alarmingly few congressmembers who are there to accomplish something decent on behalf of the American people will speak up during this brief pre-election session of Congress, or at least during the upcoming lame duck session.

Sun Vir-Moon Vir's 'Images for Integration': "A well-oiled printing machine hums away, producing perfectly bound copies of The Layman's Guide to Essential Nutrients...A ballerina practices alone in a room of mirrors and, sensing her potential imperfection, focuses on her flaws and begins again."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, that's two days, Monday and Friday, with references to nutrition and nurturance with a doctor and an old lady in between. Hmm. Let's end with the quotes as promised, above:

"New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common." (John Locke)

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?" (Upton Sinclair)

And as I always answer to no one in particular: yes, it is altogether a Utopian dream because the ruling class gives up nothing of what it has taken from those it considers to be beneath it--Until we unite and stop the ridiculous 'partisan' bickering with which they keep us divided and conquered--long enough on November 6th to kick out those who've caused the mind-numbing gridlock on Capitol Hill since 2010 and send candidate Mitt 'Wall Street' Romney and his prissily dancing horses back from whence they came.

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