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Sep 19, 2012

DC's National Zoo baby panda cam (live!) w birth time

Update 9.23.12: sad to report that baby panda cub has died. Did I see this in its natal horoscope (detailed below)? Well, Sun in Virgo did put a newborn's health front and center plus, there were hints in the rest of the chart that I didn't detail because I wanted to celebrate the positive, not mention the negative, in an attempt to be optimistic about the little fellow. Baby pandas are so fragile!

Original post begins here and I imagine the panda cam will be discontinued:

Tiny Panda Cub Born in Washington DC's National Zoo!

by Jude Cowell

Thanks to a kind reader, a link to the Washington Post article giving the birth time of the newbie panda cub born in DC's National Zoo has been sent along! Born Sunday night (9.16.12) at 10:26 pm edt, this baby panda is about as sweet as can be and its innocence belies the usual political corruption, greed, lies, secret deals, and power plays that issue from the swamp that is Washington DC, one of my former cities of residence.

Speaking of the zoo, did I ever tell you that I lived near the National Zoo at one point and could hear the echoes of monkeys vocalizing every morning from my kitchen window? Living back in my homestate of Georgia these many moons, I now hear only the whoops and calls of monkeys of the two-legged variety as they seek to control and/or undermine what's allegedly your and my government.

And as a 'child of the Revolution', this grumps me up no end. You?


September 16, 2012 10:26 pm edt Washington DC is an Hour of Venus and shows baby panda with Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra with lovely Venus in Leo at IC (Home; Domestic Scene.) Youthful Mercury rules the Ascendant 6Gem07 and the panda with US natal Uranus, planet of The New, rising. Plus, little Mercury itself is at a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation and Fame: 00Lib13, conjoining America's natal MC in our nation's 5:10 pm Sibly chart.

And with jolly Jupiter in mid-Gemini rising in 1st house of Physical Body, this wise, inscrutable bear should be very popular and grow to be quite large, as we might expect a panda to do.

The Sun Vir-Moon Lib personality blend gives the already-famous mite an Earth-Air blend indicating humility, simplicity and, appropriately, a love of the natural environment. This is a very cooperative bear and with the natal horoscope's Part of Sons at Midheaven (13AQ25), I shall step off a limb and guess that the baby's gender is male, then keep my ears open around the Christmas holidays when the little 'fellow' will be named!

So Welcome to Washington, little panda bear!

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