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Oct 26, 2012

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse November 13, 2012

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 13, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Image above: the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 which falls within the 15 North (15N) Saros Series and in Scorpio is ruled and co-ruled by Mars and Pluto; 15N contains 'joy through commitment' and 'good news' vibes (Brady) and last manifested on Nov 4, 1994 @'11Sco' around the time Republicans took over Congress and promoted their so-called "Contract with America--perhaps a good omen for the austere Romney-Ryan ticket especially since this eclipse occurs within two weeks of Election Day 2012 and thus affects it."

Will continued 'embassy' issues for the US surface? If so, this is denoted by the Sabian Symbol for '11Sco': "An Embassy Ball"; Scorpio eclipses bring intensely passionate energies into the Collective--this is a North Node eclipse so energies are rushing in--and brings times when strength of purpose benefits, and root causes of problems may be uncovered and dealt with; karmic (evolutionary) progress may be gained if positive elements of sign Scorpio are well-directed--which means that revenge, retribution, mayhem, and betrayal must not be allowed to override forgiveness.

We find ourselves in several difficult binds yet America will be much better prepared for future growth if present hatreds and prejudices are put to rest, resolved, or at least tamped down to a lower-than-dull roar. But tell that to racists and bossy financial and ruling elitist Plutocrats, right? At least We the People might be aware enough to listen to our higher natures and treat our fellow Americans and others as we wish to be treated!

Now if we 'stretch' a bit and don't mind counting Chiron, chart-ruler Venus makes no major applying aspects in the chart but 'she' does make an applying minor (irritating) aspect: a sesquisquare to non-Ptolemaic Chiron (discovered in 1977; may result in 'socialization difficulties'), but significantly I mention it because it's partile (exact) to the minute--00A00, from Airy Libra to Watery Pisces, and in process of returning once again to BHO's n Chiron position 5:19 Rx in his n 1st H--mentors are important to him, and thus are important to our nation. Also, Venus in 6th H of Health, the Virgo house, resonates with Chiron, the Healer, the Wound, and The Key (and the Christ archetype in Astrology); few can disagree that America's mental and emotional health and Spirit have been wounded many times over by our own apathy that allowed misplaced trust concerning what our elected officials do, and by government itself through invasions, wars, and occupations which US taxpayers are forced to pay for while the power elite (banking houses both here and abroad) wage said wars and rake in massive profits therefrom. (Now remember I'm of the 'what if they threw a war and no one showed up to fight' generation! How I wish everyone would try it.)

Fortunately, a 1st H Jupiter affords some protection from Above though its Rx condition may weaken or delay its beneficial effects on our economy--plus, Jupiter is Unaspected here, working on his own on inner levels (Rx.) But is he strengthened by having his own way? Or, debilitated by not having good or workable connections with the other actors (planets) in the eclipse chart. Well, perhaps he doesn't mind working alone for a while! Jupiter's rulership of the 8th H of High Finance and a natural link to money (as with Scorpio) shouts to us something about Debt and Credit, Military, Health Care, and Insurance costs and funding, and we may be looking at a description of the ongoing battle over Obamacare, budgeting, deficit reduction, credit downgrades, fiscal cliffs, and sequestration cutbacks on Capitol Hill with testy Mars @27Sag35, also in 8th H and out-of-bounds.

Even though the GOP 'spends like drunken sailors' when at the helm, the investment function of Jupiter inspires me to ascribe the expansive planet more to the Democratic Party at this time than to the austerity-promoting Republican Party with its sour, dour Saturnian outlook and determination to raise taxes on the middle and working classes while easing tax 'burdens' on the wealthy. In other words, investment may be delayed (Rx) yet could be forthcoming once Jupiter turns Direct on or about Jan 30, 2013.

An alternate view is that with a Romney presidency, funds will be again gifted to the wealthy class bwo the Bush tax cuts while austerity, lack, and hardship are forced upon the rest of us--and we may see many corporations cooperate with the White House by hiring quite a few of those US workers they refused to hire during what they intended to be the failed presidency of Barack Obama. Is this what Jupiter's Rx condition means? Are the current CEO threats of job loss against their workers who don't vote Republican another side of Jupiter Rx?

At IC 6Leo00 (Foundation; Basis/End of the Matter; The Drain) is US n NN (showing our need for close attention to be paid to our domestic concerns and for withdrawing our noses from the business of other nations), President Obama's n Mercury and Sun, and his political duo of n Uranus-NN; in 5th H of Risk-Taking lies BHO's n Pluto 6Vir59 spotlighting its polar opposite, Chiron in Pisces in process of performing a Chiron Return (#4 of 5, exact on Oct 19, last in December) for the president, as noted in his October transits, above. He's not just a candidate--he's the president and closely involved with The People's business and the implementation of a transformative agenda--plus, as many have said, eight years of hardships and robbery under Bush-Cheney can't be repaired in only four years!

Now having both Mars and Pluto in 8th H has been notable in previous charts for a connection to 'death by war' and with Jupiter the General ruling 8th H--and Rx--we may sadly expect the number of US caskets to increase along with the financial costs of war if our adventurism doesn't continue to be tamped down--which it won't under a Romney White House letting the neocons back into power.

Well, here Mars sextiles nebulous, prevaricating Neptune (2A45) which stimulates our infamous natal Mars-Neptune square with its 'fog of war' theme that always gets us into conflicts through misguided ideologies driving misdirected energies. Therefore, another pre-emptive strike cannot be ruled out nor can more Afghan soldier "green on blue" attacks which will complicate America's Exit Strategy at the end of 2014. However, Mars sextile Neptune denotes a need to forgo action until things are seen clearly and not just through a rosy 'visionary' mindset of an 'ideal' future while pining for a 'string of victories' (Epstein) which war-profittering neocons hold so dear.

This sextile aspect may also show hints of drills and preparation for war in this strongly Fixed-Water horoscope (determined, rigid, secretive Scorpio) on our side, but also by others against the US and in opposition to the global government we're attempting to force upon the Middle East, and the Saturn-Uranus inconjunct shows Israeli-Palestinian needs for major adjustments. Cardinal-Earth energies are weak in the chart so practicality and an appreciation of actual consequences are desperately needed to keep over-enthusiasm and rash actions under check--but with Cardinal weak, practicality may 'rush in' with unconscious force.

These adjustments are especially important with planning Mercury Rx at '1Sag', the 'A Grand army of the Republic Campfire" degree (Jones.) And of course, the Pentagon-White-House collaboration on drone strikes against enemies is also denoted--obviously the old neocon "winning hearts and minds" has fallen by the wayside if it ever truly was a goal of the Pentagon. After all, 'they hate us because we bomb them and have tended to prop up dictators in the region who abuse them (and the billions of dollars the US sends overseas never seem to benefit the people.)

US n Mars in Gemini conjs 2nd cusp of National Treasury, Personal Resources, and Earning Ability which may be positive or negative for increasing or decreasing of funds and reminds us of the threat of cuts in future Pentagon budgets. US n Sun in Cancer conjs 3rd cusp of Communications so we may expect to hear much from the president on the issues highlighted by the Nov 13th Solar Eclipse including secrets revealed, for eclipses tend to uncover or leak The Hidden, inconvenient as it may be.

Rebellious Uranus @4Ari58 Rx in 11th H of Groups and Associations continues its sojourn in Mars-ruled Aries with its signature of zealots and "Utopians" (as labeled by Reinhold Ebertin.) Tea Party politicians and other social-political activists are denoted on various levels especially with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square bringing unsettled conditions, upsets, uprisings, protests, strikes, marches, rallies, strong-armed tactics, and violence within societies the world over. A flavor of financial upsets is also denoted--and as you know, Underworldly Pluto keeps massive wealth hidden in many secret places but he wants it all including Earth's dwindling natural resources.

While it's affecting the entire world with unrest and violence, in the US the Uranus-Pluto influence is being strongly felt through civil rights issues re-surfacing from the mid-1960s which gives us that deja-vu feeling of having settled such matters way back then as Uranus and Pluto last met in Great Conjunction in mid-Virgo, The Virgin: voting rights, civil rights, women's rights, Roe v Wade, etc. The Uranus-Pluto square's riled-up effects have a background influence on the Collective until 2015 and perhaps a little beyond. 'New vs Ancient' may be one way to describe its stalemate quality for these are generational conflicts with a distinct class warfare flavor (no matter which political party accuses the other of waging it!), and Neptune in its own sign of confusing, often deceitful Pisces adds illusion, delusion, disappointment, contagion, liquidity, fraud and scandal to the titanic clash.

Let's close with a word about status-quo, conservative Saturn recently moved into Scorpio: here Saturn tends to concentrate on taxes and accounting, property, corporate financing, and other business matters with a perfectionist flair (MR's n Jupiter is in Scorpio as is Paul Ryan's and Ronald Reagan's); 'hard taskmaster' describes Saturn in Scorpio for Mr. Austerity has no patience with lazy attitudes or an unwillingness to work or to take responsibility for one's self (ex: Romney's remarks about the 47%!)

In Scorpio, Saturn's willpower is spent on practical accomplishments while efficiency is placed above people in a robot-like manner. Attainment of authority is a must for this managing Saturn and the Republican plan to force austerity and larger economic burdens upon those who can least afford it may be what is being shown here.

But if President Obama is re-elected (and especially if the House and Senate lean more Democratic on Election Day 2012), the improving, regenerating side of Saturn in Scorpio (patience, concentrated work, and determination to succeed) may be expressed instead and can provide a serious work ethic to governing issues and the concerns of the American people who are ready to hear of the Saturnian realities about our financial system, and ready to understand what must be done in order to keep our Republic.

~:~Please stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a post concerning the November 28, 2012 Lunar Eclipse Horoscope with details. jc

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