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Oct 19, 2012

New Black Hole Found? (video) and '25 Scorpio'

In the Sabian Symbols, the word picture for '25 Scorpio' is "An X-Ray" with a keynote of INVESTIGATION, and a postive expression of: 'an exceptional power of analysis; when negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc), we have 'uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of swelf and the state of society.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Why mention '25Sco' in tandem with the following presentation? Because it involves an X-ray Nova and gamma ray blasts which seem to have revealed a new black hole at its center, that's why!

And of course, the horoscopes we've considered of late have had activity around and within the 24 to 30 degree-range of Scorpio. Why, even the US Inaugural Moon of 2009--We the People--clocked in at 29Sco45 at noon on January 20, 2009 when President Obama took the Oath of Office the first time in front of TV cameras, the assembled company, and anyone who cared to notice our public spectacle of power-transfer. But as you know, an early Aquarius Mercury was Rx (and conjunct Pres. Obama's natal Jupiter Rx) which expressed as a glitch made by Justice John Roberts which made a second Oath-Taking necessary.

This circumstance gave an unconscious 'his Oath was suspect or insufficient' hint of scandal to Mr. Obama's term of office before it even began and it has operated as a target for exploitation all along by the GOP's zealous right wing.

Very similar tactics were used in the plot to seize the White House from FDR by using the lame justification that setting up another man in the White House to share the burdens of presidential office was necessary in order to help Mr. Roosevelt who wasn't physically up to the task! Truth is, they were determined to depose the president in a tantrum against his New Deal policies which did not pay them what they though was their due (everything!)

Again in 2012, fascist sympathies are creeping across the land and we may look no further than to financial houses of Europe, the US, and elsewhere if we wish to identify many of those who would deny the right to vote to American citizens, force employees at pain of job-loss to vote for the boss's favorite candidate (or else he'll close your company), plus, other strong-armed tactics which are staples of the Republican political playbook for plutocrats and monarchists so that they may finally and completely take over the US government and all resources.

As the plot against FDR was simmering and rising in the 1930s, Hitler was gaining power across the seas by way of all sorts of tricks, and a 'Rise of Fascism' Solar Eclipse manifested. You may wish to view its horoscope (set for DC) and read a few of my notes on the topic.

And perhaps you'll join me in wondering who the Top Five Money Men are who back the candidacy of Mitt Romney?

Q: do you feel any conflict between Mitt's Mormon beliefs v gambling casinos and how gambling losses can decimate families? Anyone?

This degree range of Scorpio entails contacts with Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction and President Obama's natal MC.

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