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Nov 12, 2012

Secrets of the CIA (video)

The following on-video presentation for your consideration is not a 2012 production but given the David Petraeus scandal now rocking Washington DC--or at least some political partisans are hoping it will rock the White House--and in light of tomorrow's Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, sign of spies, secrets, and betrayals which conjuncts US natal 12th cusp of Politics, Secrets, Karma (reaping what's sown), Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions (exs: the Pentagon; the US government), I thought you might be curious to view it if you haven't.

For as you know, eclipses tend to reveal hidden activities and secrets and November 2012's Solar (and Lunar Eclipse coming up on November 28th) are certainly busy doing just that and it's only November 12th! Their 'uncovering' effect will last for at least 6 months until the next Solar Eclipse on May 10, 2013 @20 Taurus in the 15 South Saros Series (15S theme: release of tension; sense of collective loss or grief--Brady.)

You may also wish to view the current Solar and Lunar Eclipse horoscopes set for Washington DC and may do so by scrolling down the sidebar to the Most Popular Posts list, or by entering 'Eclipses' in the Google Search Bar. Thanks!

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