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Nov 11, 2012

Nov 11 2012: Neptune Direct Station at 00Pis21

Neptune Direct Station Conjoins US Pre-Natal Eclipse Series 00Pis33

by Jude Cowell

With today's Neptune Direct Station @00Pis21 and "1 Pisces" having "A Public Market" Sabian Symbol, I want to mention once again America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series, the 12 South, with its theme of: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; things seem worse at first then clear' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

A Solar Eclipse in the 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 and you may remember that the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout had occurred in the Gulf of Mexico and under the influence of 12S, a 'cap' was finally installed successfully to stop the millions of gallons of oil releasing into the waters. The compromised well has leaked of late but that's beyond the scope of this brief post on oceanic Neptune, King of the Seas.

Neptune's Direct Station occurred at 2:52:36 am est while many of us were sleeping which is appropriate for the nebulous planet of the Unconscious, sleep and sleep aids. Note: if by now you haven't caught and released that giant green moth flying around you bedroom, please do so! Unless you're on the East Coast and are made homeless by Hurricane Sandy, that is. Then Neptune's rulership of water and flooding is all too real for comfort with your pillows and beds washed out to sea.

And the Winner Is...Barack Obama

To add more of an unconscious flavor to Neptune's Direct Station today, mindful Mercury Rx forms an applying square (blockages; obstacles) aspect with Neptune which provides the Collective Unconscious with difficulties in seeing things clearly just when we need to as 2012 ends. In Washington, we find many bubble-living Republicans who are having more problems than usual ignoring realities they don't like. But facing truth--not one of Neptune's talents yet a Direct Neptune tends to be more honest--is an imperative now and political progress of the GOP will be limited until they do. Yet as in Summer 2011, they may decide to take America down with them as they go, kamikaze-style.

As for reality-based Saturn @4Sco22 in 2nd house in the Neptune Direct Station horoscope set for Washingotn DC, Mr. Lesson-Bringer and Neptune are in the trine stage of their approximately 33-year cycle. They last met in Great Conjunction/s in 1989 three times: March 3, June 24, and November 13 in the 10 to 12 degree range of Capricorn. As you know, these degrees of Capricorn are within orb now of transiting Pluto so we have a midpoint picture to consider for a snapshot of these energies when combined and which time links 1989 with 2012/13:

1989 Saturn-Neptune = 2012/13 Pluto: difficult growth or development; heavy emotional depression (Ebertin); feeling downtrodden; tremendous awareness of loss potential (Tyl.)

Actually, you may wish to review a list of major events which occurred in 1989 such as the Exxon Valdez tanker running aground--a deja-vu in 2010 and mentioned during the BP Deepwater Horizon fiasco that killed eleven workers, if memory serves.

Now for more information on today's Neptune Direct Station (without the aggravating political tidbits provided here) visit expert astrologer Dipali Desai who will be glad to fill you in!


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