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Dec 20, 2012

If sold to a rival NYSE moves to Atlanta GA

Local Resident Feels Grumpy about Atlanta, Dreads New Neighbor

by Jude Cowell, local resident

America's premiere rigged casino, the New York Stock Exchange, will be sold to a rival for $8 million if regulators okay the transaction, and will then be based down the road about an hour from this blogger in Atlanta, Georgia.

Read the details here.

Well, they could hardly have picked a more corrupt place with its own gaggle of crooks than that of 'Hotlanta'. My days of art school there were many moons ago but even I noticed what a cesspool the city was. Living on Peachtree Street was a lovely thing aesthetically speaking but the corporate businesses I worked for were awful, plus, the usual description of Atlanta was and sometimes still is: fires, sinkholes, rapes, robberies, and murders.

Ex: one ('S___ Enterprises', by name) had an agreement with a modeling school owner to 'dates' for company executives. Never having dated a married man (still the case!) and having moral standards learned in the smaller, churchier town of Athens, I quit the job before the harrassment got any worse.

What a bunch of creeps!

Well, if this deal goes through, I do wish the Exchange good fortune setting up shop in once-burned, water-challenged Atlanta--for the sake of the American economy. Yes, the historical sights are interesting, I admit, and it's become a lovely enough city as cities go yet the business end of the stick isn't always what honesty requires. But that's probably no deal-breaker for a rigged casino, is it?

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