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Dec 26, 2012

The Maya Advise Us on Pole Shifts (video)

2012: Mayan Advice on Pole Shifting

by Jude Cowell

First, a blog note: the typing and publishing of this post a few minutes ago resulted in my pc acting oddly. This post published too soon and without a title. Therefore, I'm now editing a title on to it and adding this explanatory message to go along with an important message from the Maya.

If you believe there's anything to the Pole Shift-Sunspots-Venus theories being bounced around the internet, the following video may provide more insight for those who may be in a fret over such 2012 topics, or are merely curious.

Original post begins here:

With the December 28, 2012 Full Moon in Cancer bringing POTUS and Congress back to Washington DC to ostensibly continue negotiations on the 'fiscal cliff' and Bush tax break finaglings, I want to instead embed a video which may comfort some readers who've been focused on end-of-the-world issues and the Mayan Prophecies while noting that some congressmembers seem determined that this will be the end of America--a curious correlation of simultaneity there.

The following 10 min-48 sec presentation concerns the issue of a Pole Shift which has already begun (flocks of birds falling dead from the sky? beached dolphins and whales? the number of natural disasters including earthquakes increasing? intuition bubbling up from the Collective Unconscious?) and how things will pan out for mankind during and after the '30 hours of darkness' the Earth is said to be facing. Yet Earth's center will hold, they say, it's the Earth's crust that will change.

Survival suggestions include staying calm and heart-centered, and gathering our families together for Sunrise will come again though adjustments will then be necessary. It is said that the Maya have experienced and survived Pole Shifts before and if so, their advice may be what the world needs to know!

For a variety of intriguing videos visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

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