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Dec 26, 2012

The Maya Advise Us on Pole Shifts (video)

2012: Mayan Advice on Pole Shifting

by Jude Cowell

First, a blog note: the typing and publishing of this post a few minutes ago resulted in my pc acting oddly. This post published too soon and without a title. Therefore, I'm now editing a title on to it and adding this explanatory message to go along with an important message from the Maya.

If you believe there's anything to the Pole Shift-Sunspots-Venus theories being bounced around the internet, the following video may provide more insight for those who may be in a fret over such 2012 topics, or are merely curious.

Original post begins here:

With the December 28, 2012 Full Moon in Cancer bringing POTUS and Congress back to Washington DC to ostensibly continue negotiations on the 'fiscal cliff' and Bush tax break finaglings, I want to instead embed a video which may comfort some readers who've been focused on end-of-the-world issues and the Mayan Prophecies while noting that some congressmembers seem determined that this will be the end of America--a curious correlation of simultaneity there.

The following 10 min-48 sec presentation concerns the issue of a Pole Shift which has already begun (flocks of birds falling dead from the sky? beached dolphins and whales? the number of natural disasters including earthquakes increasing? intuition bubbling up from the Collective Unconscious?) and how things will pan out for mankind during and after the '30 hours of darkness' the Earth is said to be facing. Yet Earth's center will hold, they say, it's the Earth's crust that will change.

Survival suggestions include staying calm and heart-centered, and gathering our families together for Sunrise will come again though adjustments will then be necessary. It is said that the Maya have experienced and survived Pole Shifts before and if so, their advice may be what the world needs to know!

For a variety of intriguing videos visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

May 19, 2012

Forget December 2012: earliest Mayan Calendar found!

Fabulous news! An older than dirt Mayan Calendar has been found in the deepest jungle and its moon cycles and other calculations do not support the hype over the alleged Mayan 'prophecy' of the end of the world occurring at Winter Solstice 2012, the Galactic Center Alignment we've all been waiting for. No seriously, we have.

And curiously (for astrologers!), one of the archaeologists involved in the amazing discovery (click link above for smashing photos) is William Saturno. How's that for being aptly named since Saturn rules rocks, stones, dirt, old relics, and the study of Archaeology itself? Wonder if he knows of this synchronicity...

My thanks for the article link to the excellent Crystal Pomeroy who writes a regular and meditative column for Daykeeper Journal, as you probably already know!

Jan 4, 2012

Mayan Calendar and Predictions for 2012 (videos)

Two videos today, the first explaining the Mayan Calendar (and Gregorian Calendar), the second by Robert Sitler PhD is 20 minutes long and goes into more detail about Mayan predictions and the lessons we might learn:

Plus, here is a view of the Winter Solstice 2012 Horoscope set for Washington DC which includes a few details of an interesting nature.


Around here, a Progressive Politics list for 2012 includes:

Move To Amend (Citizens United)
Rebuild the Dream
Thom Hartmann
David Pakman
Democracy Now!
Free Speech TV

Jun 18, 2011

Living On Earth features Mayan Calendar Prophecy Dec 2012

June 18, 2011: Today's Living On Earth addresses several important topics which include:

Congress blocking FDA approval for transgenic fish (if only US lawmakers would stand firm against all 'Frankenfood', right?), the life and legacy of creative (Neptune) scientist (Saturn) George Washington Carver, space weather and a brand new cycle of sunspot activity, climate change creating more intense weather, and the science of wildfires.

Then it's new FDA regulations on sunscreen products, Henry David Thoreau's lessons for living a 'deliberate life', and more.

Also featured on today's LOE is an interview concerning the Mayan Calendar and (alleged) prophecy about the world 'ending' on either December 21, 2012 or December 23, 2012. Will Earth and Planet X collide for Winter Solstice 2012? Or will Earth simply putter to a stop? (My basic view is that only God will end this incarnation of planet Earth. However, difficult days and Earth Shifts are ahead. You may disagree as you wish!)

LOE: "The Mayan Long Count Calendar is nearing the end of its 5,125 year cycle. New age prophecies, based on the ancient calendar, warn the world will end when the cycle concludes in December 2012."

If that's the case, then perhaps you'll want to read, listen, or download the rest of Predicting the End of the World for a more reasoned voice on the topic than is usually shared online. Even the mainstream media promotes the Mayan Calendar obsession which is certainly a good reason to stay cool about it given its high propaganda value to our current fearmongers.

Some say that rumors of a 2012 doomsday are being spread so that people can make money which sounds plausible to me considering opportunistic human nature!

Yet a transcript of PBS's April 2008 broadcast Cracking the Maya Code is it becoming more timely by the minute?

Ancient Maya: Ace Mathematicians Who Studied the Celestial Sphere

Yes, they had the good sense to keep tabs on eclipses and other planetary activities. Then if you care for a little Astrology on the matter, try a previous post on Winter Solstice 2012 which shows the horoscope (set for the White House) and gives a few pertinent details including the 2012 Solstice's YOD pattern of crisis, crossroads, and/or a special task which points to planet Jupiter.

In the chart, you'll see that Jupiter Rx makes a transit to US natal Uranus 8Gem55, a time when freedom and independence issues come to the fore with results that are unpredictable especially in relation to finances, investment, fund-raising, travel, group activities, technology, and...Astrology.

Image: Indian Pipes, a copyrighted botanical (Saturn) pencil drawing (Mercury) in a visionary (Neptune) landscape by yours truly, Jude Cowell.

Apr 6, 2011

Seriously: Who Takes "President Trump" Seriously?

A recent poll suggests that someone does take NYC's serial-bankrupt mogul seriously in his bid for the US presidency in 2012.

Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with bankruptcy with its safety valve capacity, of course: except that when it's done on that level of a playing field (where the wheeler-dealers scamper while risking other people's money), a definite whiff of scalliwaggedness must waft about prospective voters' heads if they have any deliberative capacity at all.

And as many people have asked, if Mr. Trump is a serial filer, how good can he be for America's already-shaky financial prospects?

I mean, if America's debt ceiling isn't raised by May 2011, bankruptcy will be knocking loudly on our collective door like a Landlord Trump collecting way-overdue rent.

For me a Trump prez candidacy is on the same shaky rung as the 2008 campaign of Sarah Palin, with John McCain riding close on their pseudo-presidential coat tails. It's amazing how US political campaigns have risen into the stratosphere costwise, and ballotwise there's no telling whose name might turn up for our consideration. Very Jupiter-Neptune, I think: the grand schemers with pie-in-the-sky-esque antics (and those who flatter them!) yet whose talents must in the end have some practical motivation and application within the vicious world of politics.

And with diversion so prevalent in society these days (a handy tool for political operatives everywhere), perhaps a Donald Trump candidacy in tandem with "That thing on his head," as David Letterman has repeatedly and endearingly said (a hairstyle that often defies description or belief), may at some point prior to the November 2012 election, bring us a much-needed chuckle as we watch the jester cavort for the cameras while spouting outrageous ideas that he hopes will catch the public's attention.

(Note: there is nothing presidential or crazy that Mr. Trump can say that can force me to watch The Apprentice, flagging ratings or no. Just sayin'. jc)

Okay, But Let's Take Trump Seriously One More Time on This Blog

(And as my mother used to say, "Now let that be the last.")

On the downside for candidate Trump, being known for barking the phrase, "You're fired!" has a particularly bad vibe for US families and the millions of unemployed voters who have watched Congress argue amongst themselves, grandstand, and read the US Constitution (as if we-the-people don't know how) lo these many months since the Republican-Tea Party majority took over the House in January 2011.

After the November 2010 elections, even I could see the Washington gridlock coming from hundreds of miles away! They've 'served' in Congress barely three months and a Friday shutdown of the US government is said to loom large as I type.

But all I really know is that if shutting down the US government for good is the ultimate intent of certain factions operating within the US (and their antecedents who administered on behalf of an over-arching agenda before the current crop of Hegelian scoundrels, shills, and Chaos Utopians arrived), they're doing an annoyingly excellent job of it as 2012 nears. They may have latched on to the overly-PR'd 2012 New Age-Mayan Prophecy gold mine of Fear and are using it to good effect for their power-and-wealth-grabbing purposes with a side order of mass manipulation.

Or...perhaps the cosmically advanced Mayans knew what they were carving about.

Well, I say, Hurrah! that Wisconsin voters today in their Supreme Court race beat back a little the draconian creep instituted by the state's current gaggle of GOP strong-arming soldiers (like Gov. Scott Brown and his brethren) who seem to have never met what they consider to be a lesser being whom they couldn't stifle, hoodwink, or disenfranchise.


For further reading try NWO 2012.

Jul 19, 2009

'Free trade' America's hemorrghage

Well, I must agree with Thom Hartmann and say that "free trade" is the hemorrhaging of America: Obama Drinks Friedman's Kool-Aid is on the money.

For years I've complained about the outsourcing of US jobs. Now there are few left to outsource. We don't manufacture enough, groused I, and we need what we produce, then we can export the rest.

Guess that makes me something of a protectionist; the caution is the tone of the voices that attempt to make all protectionisms into a bad thing. But even a deer in the woods knows that when you're wounded, you lay low and heal by tending to yourself, not by acting as if all is well and you can keep on keepin' on as before.

In Astrology this might be described as 'South Node' behavior, unconscious behavior that was successfully defensive when it was first devised but no longer answers the challenges of the present time...the old 'beating your head against a brick wall and expecting a peak experience rather than a huge headache' tactic - easy to fall back on, but difficult to see clearly due to its unconscious nature. Yet this is what must be done - problems must be viewed clearly, faced, and dealt with more directly and honestly than South Node (neurotic) behavior and points of view can allow.

America has now (or will in 2009, if you use her Gemini Rising chart) a Secondary Progressed Full Moon ('Sec Moon'), a timing mechanism based on our nation's founding on July 4, 1776 and which shows that we've expanded as far in the world as we can this cycle, and must pay attention to the natural cycles of initiated energies vs regrouping and reforming energies. We are in the less-popular yet necessary 'reform/regroup' stage of the 28-to-30-year cycle now. That gives America approximately 14 to 15 years to reconnoiter.

Meanwhile, larger forces are at play: the 'global economy' is a devised system that gives Worldwide Collapse more than a toehold - it's been given a license to occur. Those who have promoted and worked for a one-world-government through the decades are now revealed as anti-social if not downright psychopathic toward their fellowman whom they disdain; they will crash entire world systems because they think they will rise as our global masters.

Yet to my southern-roots way of thinking, who in their right minds would trust people to lead who must first destroy all that stands in their paths to (what is only) worldly glory?

Previously I have noted here my belief that population control is part of the power elite agenda. That the unwashed masses have greater power in numbers is well known to those who would rule over all, and lower numbers of rabble make them feel...cozier...within their lairs of power, more certain of their ultimate victory.

Yet to me it would seem a hollow victory, for this world is temporary and all their gold and gems will not avail them in the higher realms that all shall face in turn. Above man's laws have they set themselves. But it's God's Laws they shall not escape.

For those who wish, I speak of Natural Laws which plutonian puppetmasters imagine themselves above as if a Fountain of Youth session is scheduled for their every weekend get-away, and the best cabalers may be cloned for future use. Gross.

Perhaps a spacious bunk on the ISS awaits certain irreplaceable honchos and their families in case the Mayan prophecies come true and the Earth rebels.

(Hence the big race to service and stock the International Space Station, if indeed the ISS is the only one. NASA is one place where our mega-monies have gone the last 4 decades+...and the loving preparations are not made for thee or me.)

But I admit: this is only a flight of fancy, a notion - a hunch stirred with a dash of suspicion about the sort of human nature that would step upon its grandmother's throat if it meant a seat on a golden lifeboat made necessary by decades of assault and plunder of the planet, activities that have lead to an alarming speed-up of what are actually natural cycles of our planet.

So! Shall we protect America in reality instead of just alarming people into mooing herds with magenta threat level alerts?

Yes, I know that the 'Homeland Security' threat level colors have been or are being retired from service: ahh, the power of ridicule and satire - my favorites!

Thanks, Jon, Stephen, and Bill.