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Feb 12, 2013

Defacing 'Liberty Leading the People'

Here in Georgia another major storm system is due but before the electric symphony begins I want to provide a link concerning the recent defacement in the Louvre of Delacroix's painting Liberty Leading the People.

A "sign of the times"? Oh yes, says a prominent astrologer.

Yet this American 'Child of the Revolution' may find herself identifying with the apparent cynicism of the woman who defaced the painting if that's what she was about especially considering the political anarchy now being perpetrated upon the people, both here and abroad. But as an artist with four natal planets in Capricorn, it would never occur to me to deface any painting, no matter its theme!

Still, it isn't as if Lady Liberty showed her best side during the French Revolution, now is it?

Well, here's a SO'W post published in 2009 in honor of Bastille Day with astro-notes which include the Marseillaise Trio, a primary planetary signature of the French Revolution (along with the 1781 discovery of rebellious Uranus) indicating violence and violent movements: Mars-Jupiter-Neptune.

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