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Feb 7, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio to give SOTU 2013 response

Senator Marco Rubio: Sun trine Uranus

by Jude Cowell

Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida on May 28, 1971 with Sun in early Gemini--6Gem40 at noon. His opportunity to deliver the Republican response to President Obama's SOTU Address on February 12, 2013 is denoted by transit Jupiter, planet of grand opportunities, and the Great Benefic's Direct Station at 6Gem19 which was exact on January 30th--and occurred precisely upon his natal Sun.

Excitement grows and Rubio's political future seems bright plus, he's made the current cover of TIME magazine as "The Republican Savior," a compliment which he himself smartly denies.

Yet astrologically this seems feasible with his natal Sun trining Uranus, the planet of bright ideas that save the day and an engaging way of expressing his many ideas. Plus, his chart also contains a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in very early Sagittarius (00Sag55 Rx and 1Sag33 Rx) which gives him idealism to serve but which can be over-exploited by others. The conjunction may also give him a tendency to misplace his trust. ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"--Jones.)

His SOTU 2013 response will be delivered bilingually, in English and in Spanish, an astrological nod to his Sun trine Uranus. Natal Mercury conjunct Venus should make it a pleasant if critical speech (Mercury-Venus square Mars in Aquarius with contentious Mars in wide conjunction with natal NN 17AQ02...public encounters.)

And of course, as Jupiter moves forward in the Zodiac, it will again trine natal Uranus (9Lib36 Rx), a time when politics, finances, and social issues are favorable for him and new methods and technologies are successful.

So Senator Rubio's grand opportunity and the publicity he will receive for his SOTU response will resound well for his career though caution is advised when expansive Jupiter transits natal Sun (ego) and this is a strong influence since Jupiter stationed there. It describes a period when one must either move forward to a higher level of influence (as he will) or go on to something else. Projects or endeavors begun twelve years ago are particularly on the menu during this transit due to Jupiter's 12-year cycle, though getting carried away by ego satisfaction and over-optimism should be avoided for best use of this expansive energy.

(He began serving in the Florida House of Representatives in 2000.)

Now there are several other horoscope factors suitable for discussion concerning this complex man so I urge you to view Marco Rubio's natal chart if you haven't already. Other transits to his natal planets have recently been and will be in play as 2013 goes on so we may find ourselves remarking more in depth upon his natal chart and prospects in the near future.

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