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Mar 22, 2013

March 22, 2013: Senate "vote-a-rama" w a Fire-Fire blend

How For Goes Thy Senate Vote-a-Rama 2013?

by Jude Cowell

In case you missed it, PBS has the scoop on today's Senate "vote-a-rama" though I must award Public Broadcasting a Big Phooey for falling in with the GOP line by using "entitlement" in their article when mentioning the American people's under-threat social safety net programs.

Taking a look at today's astro-portents, perhaps a picture can be captured of Vote-a-Rama energies. At 2:17 pm edt, the excitable pair of Mars and Uranus conjoin at 8Aries+ so we may expect idle posturing and an empty pretense of good will to be shown. ('8Ari' = "A Large Hat With Streamers Blown by the East Wind"--Jones.)

Plus, if senators actually intend to accomplish anything, it should be done prior to the Moon's last aspect of the day (Moon square Saturn at 11:38 pm edt) after which Luna is void-of-course until the wee hours of Saturday when she joins in with the crisis-crossroads-turning-point YOD configuration involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto ('trying to save what's left; adoption of the austere'--Tyl.)

In fact, looking at a 6:00 pm edt chart of today (3/22/13) and one for 11:59 pm edt, two YODs are in formation at 6:00 pm--by 11:59 pm, there are four YODs if we count the oppressive Plutocracy pair's pressure upon We-the-People's Moon...Pluto-Chiron = Moon @ 10Leo55. Ouch!

And with Moon in Leo, We-the-People are in the mood for a Friday and weekend of fun and entertainment, not austerity-implementation by politicians who will be 'debating' the issue of whether or not congress members, slack as they are, deserve automatic pay raises! I think most Americans can save them the effort by asserting that the majority of them Do Not Deserve the Pay They Already Receive, much less raises for their sorry mal-practicing performances of recent years.

Still in effect is the Neptune-NN (deception with the public) midpoint where manipulative propagandist Pluto sits giving people difficulties when attempting to blend their perspectives with that of others. However, the late evening YOD that forms tonight includes a lovely Moon-Jupiter sextile at its base (good for PR.) Alan Oken has called this the 'ray of hope' aspect so we'll see if anything beneficial issues forth toward the public from the bowels of the US Senate tonight--especially since its midpoint picture is rather telling:

Moon-Jupiter = Pluto: the big picture and the power to make it appear; major plans for major triumph (Tyl.) Mmm-hmm...but is it a triumph for the American people?

Topics of the day and evening may also include: the legality of drones (freaky draconianism and law-breaking), abortion (politicians get your noses out of our bedrooms and doctors' offices--and zip your pants lest you create a baby politician), and repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act (too expensive to repeal it even if its critics are correct--aka, boat left harbor.)

Now voting Mercury hangs out at 6Pis+ all day into the night and everyone knows Pisces can be murky, confused, deceptive--or, inspired by compassion. So let's look at the Sun-Moon blend in effect all day into night for it's a creative, volatile, and dramatic (to answer the question posed by the above-linked article) Fire-Fire combination which can get very down in the dumps when things don't go its way:

Sun Aries-Moon Leo is full of pride and optimism and describes idealists with tremendous passion--even leaders and heroes. 'Fiery feeling and sharp intellect' combine within a big-thinker mix that's full of conviction as those with 'large personalities' take center stage. A childish insistence on 'my way is the only way' may be the attitude shown along with massive ego needs that blind true self-perception (lookin' at You, Republicans!); plus, in Arien fashion, large objectives are sought before debris from previous projects is tidied up.

Let's close with a word picture which may or may not symbolize any of our senate players acting in the March 22, 2013 Political Theater tragi-drama:

"Image for Integration: After slaying the black dragon of sloth and greed, the young warrior is knighted by the one true king. He marries the maiden of purity and they live happily ever after." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, if only the people of the world could live happily ever after! And perhaps we could without the self-serving meddling of greedy, power-mad politicians, none of whom deserve pay raises for refusing to govern on our behalves, or for their fumbling ineptitude when they do.


Astro-Note: 3/22/13 at 6 pm edt: Sun 2Ari26, Moon 7Leo48; at 11:59 pm edt: Sun 2Ari41, Moon 10Leo55, and I believe the '2-3 Aries' degrees of the Zodiac is an area of no follow through; DeVore's Encyclopedia gives '2Ari' as: 'abscesses' and '3Ari' as: 'birds, aviators; collisions; goitre'. Nice.

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