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Apr 17, 2013

Terrorism and Poison Letters to Washington Politicians

Poisons Flourish as Neptune Floats Through Murky Pisces

by Jude Cowell

Well, I've been wondering when Neptune traversing its own sign of Pisces would lead to mysterious poison events and threats and it looks like the time is now.

In another event, a letter including a suspicious substance has been preliminarily identified by authorities as ricin fouling up a letter sent to President Obama, and here we go again.

If we think there's a pattern to this story--a terrorist act is committed, then poisoned letters are sent to politicians--we're of course remembering 9/11/01 and subsequent anthrax events about which there were many questions never answered by the FBI. As TV programs began to show the video/s of the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday, I said to self, they'll replay this sight and sound over and over as with the attacks of 9/11 just in case there's one American who doesn't yet have it embedded within their consciousness and who isn't trembling at the thought of attending large gatherings. And so pundits have repeated themselves as their breathless speculations about the crime continue 24/7 with occasional tidbits of fact sprinkled in to keep us hooked.

It pains me to say this about my country, but if a law or laws are changed with these recent events used as justification, we may have a clue to who's really behind such anti-society events as their motivation is made clear and our freedoms are more restricted. {UPDATE 4/20/13: see Boston Lockdown: the New Normal?}

That said, my favorite remarks concerning Monday's difficult events in the wonderful city of Boston are made by Stephen Colbert during last evening's The Colbert Report:

Yes, the current Solar Eclipse season (which began in November 2012) continues to provide the collective with much Scorpionic energy including secrets revealed, leaks, betrayals, big business perfidy, and, sorry to say, death. For as you know, Scorpio's Mars-Pluto influences include brutality and tremendous force as well as weapons of war and the Pentagon.

Eclipses as 'Wild Cards' with Uranian 'Sudden Events' Portents

Next up is a Lunar Eclipse on April 25, 2013 which is also in Scorpio (5Sco45 at 3:57 pm EDT.) Yet hopefully events and influences in society will lighten somewhat in May and through the summer when the next Solar Eclipse occurs in the 15 South Saros Series on May 10th. But wait! Let me reserve judgment on its effects since its flavors seem to be somewhat mixed. According to Bernadette Brady in her excellent book, Predictive Astrology, the theme is:

The May 10, 2013 Solar Eclipse @20Taurus in 15S: 'a lingering situation suddenly clears with a release of tension and a sense of grief or loss that is more collective than personal.'

See what I mean? And of course, Taurus is the polar sign of Scorpio. The undertone is, of course, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square which is also affecting members of Congress. Today's poor performance by the Senate is an example of the blockage and frustration of this titanic Cardinal square. Shame on a scaredy cat Congress indeed whose big donations to keep their cushy seats mean more to most of them than acting to protect our children.

And so my heart goes out to Boston, its inhabitants, and Monday's victims and their loved ones as I echo Stephen Colbert: Stay strong, America!


Sources are reporting that in Boston, police have arrested a suspect. Quick work, isn't it? Wonder if the perpetrator didn't realize he'd/she'd be caught on a gazillion cellphone videos? UPDATE: no suspect has been arrested. A media running about like headless chickens were in a word, incorrect. My apology. I did think it was a quick arrest--too quick, turns out. jc

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