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May 26, 2013

2013 Pluto to 1989's Saturn-Neptune Conjunction

2013: Ancient Pluto's Magic Wand Transforms 1989's Saturn-Neptune Pair

by Jude Cowell

In 1989, Saturn and Neptune met in Great Conjunction three times: March 3, June 24, and November 13. These exact hook-ups (meetings, encounters, energies combined into such influences as: Communism, Americanism, Globalism (its implementation unopposed in 1989), Socialism, secret government, hidden leadership and control, Militarism, Nationalism, lack of community spirit, loss, erosion of soil, dissolution of structure, and all manner of other possibilities (earthy Saturn = form; boundaries, authority, walls, restriction, conservatism, lawmakers, status quo, old men, etc, and watery Neptune = urge to merge; dissolution; deception; delusions, paranoia, illusion; fraud, loss; the media/the masses, propaganda, veils, charlatans, mystics and Mysticism, mediums, channelers, spiritualists, gurus, priests, etc.) And...The Divine Source!

Why, even the GOP's illogical theme of 'shrink small enough (Saturn) until we can drown in a bath tub (Neptune) the baby of government (Saturn)' is described by this problematic pair of energies, and of course, we are reminded of political ideologue and operative Grover Norquist, in 1989 and now--along with the Congress-White House alliance that introduced harsh Sequester Cuts that now undermine the US economic recovery, delayed as it's been by political hacks and jackasses.

Saturn-Neptune's cosmic cycle is approximately 36 years in duration and is represented by the 9th Harmonic and the 4th Harmonic if we choose to reduce to essentials and study our topic on such levels (4 x 9 = 36; 2 x 18 = 36; 6 x 6 = 36.)

See Historical Events of 1989 if you're curious for you've already noticed that lumbering Pluto, of ancient beast reputation, has of late visited the range of degrees in Saturn-ruled Capricorn where Saturn and Neptune nestled a'nonce in 1989. Now with the entire 30 degrees of The Goat or Mer-Goat sign said to be a difficult Labyrinth unto itself, we're experiencing transit Pluto transforming facets of the 1989 duo of Saturn-Neptune, blended and working in tandem as they were. Karmic Pluto can stir any pot from beneath his Invisible Cape and Helmet of power, surveillance and puppet mastery--plus, assassination can never be completely ruled out wherever The Creepy One and his minions skulk and snivel.

So if the current trine aspect between Saturn and Neptune doesn't pan out quite as well as society needs it to (Scorpio to Pisces) toward social improvements, we can collectively 'thank' string-puller and wealth-horder Pluto (aka, Drago or Draco the Dragon) for interfering in our business from atop his secluded Ivory Tower while every ill wish toward us is lodged obsessively within the recesses of his primitive reptilian brain.

We speak of cultural and societal shifts that have been a long time coming with Pluto's orbital cycle around 248 years in length. And of course, America's Pluto Return (to 27Cap33) occurs 3x in 2022, as you know,--for the first time ever. Earlier degrees that Pluto crossed leading up to July 4, 1776 are of significance as well and may yield much info if one cares to have a peek at important historical dates and 'match them' with transiting Pluto's positions of the era--then look for Pluto's return to that degree in our modern era, plus, note the positions of other planets at that particular moment in time.

Using the degrees of 2013's transiting Pluto (Mr. Hades) hitting the *10--12 Cap range of the Tropical Zodiac, we find a midpoint picture with several potentials to be aware of in 2013 as they relate to events, entities, and personalities of 1989 (exs: GHWB, RR); you'll recognize some of the Jackassery Politics of our more brash era--above-the-law behavior now exhibited and practiced by those who assume they can get away with whatever bad behavior might gain them their objective/s--and for support, 'behavioral' Uranus now careens and jerks its erratic way through 'upstart' Aries. Radical anarchists, those dreamers!

Below, Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey midpoint descriptions are paraphrased for you:

1989 Saturn-Neptune = tr Pluto 2013+: denial of guilt and responsibility; new ideas about evolution upset long held but weaker historical theories (Munkasey); tremendous fear of loss (Tyl): difficult growth or development; heavy emotional depression (as when your home, school, and community are blown away? jc); serious illness (Ebertin.)

Besides affecting 1989's suffering duo Saturn and Neptune in 2013, Pluto is active in other planetary configurations as well including acting as apex planet in a critical YOD pattern shown in America's Solar Return 2013 horoscope, denoting our national birthday (on July 5th this year.) Heads-Up on an upcoming SO'W post about the US SR 2013 topic with Cancer, the sign of The Crab emphasized: additional details will be provided soon concerning this newly beginning 'personal year' (July 5, 2013 until July 2014) for our nation as seen through a common-good astrological lens by this former DC resident and blogger who dabbles in Astrology in a meager attempt to lift the rock from the squirmy little politicians writhing underneath.

Symbolically speaking, Pluto does like to animate his spiders, scorpions, and vermin in a macabre dance of manipulation and control, doesn't he?

Now in our dualistic world, there are both positive and negative levels of expression, but as a basic reminder of the Sabian Symbols involved with this planetary trio of fate as Pluto waves his magic wand, here you go: '10Cap' = "An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor" = NURTURE; '11Cap' = "A large group of pheasants" = ILLIMITABILITY; '12Cap" = "A student of nature lecturing" = EXPLANATION. (Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

"Pheasants"? Parading upon an 'ancient lawn', perhaps?

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