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Jul 13, 2013

"Self, or the last illusion" (video w music)

Self, or the last illusion is a film by a man who tells us 'what we are not'.

I found this film to be a knock-out though some of its images (illusions themselves) botherate me since I don't cotton overmuch to images of skulls or sinews or the like. Robotics can be marvelled at but that's about the extent of my viewing of them. Futurism is fine but there are standards.

Anyway, the topic of this video may seem not to belong on this, my Political Astrology blog, certainly not by topic. Or perhaps I embed it here so that arrogant politicians and their handlers might inadvertently find the film...due to the sad truth that few if any politicians have souls that haven't already been sold to the (seemingly) highest bidder. Which is to say, 'And Man became a living soul', not that we have 'souls' to barter away. It's more like we give our hearts to cruel masters who lie, cheat, and deceive us, y'know?

Inside the Beltway, or out, I personally recommend viewing Self, or the last illusion full screen for many of its images are life affirming, technically brilliant, and to my mind, Welcome in the darkest of corners of this old Earth and are much longed-for in the heart-breaking circumstances which usually come to us all at some point in our or our loved ones' lives.

Into each life, Niobe mourns for lost children, while in one of her roles, seductress Lilith is said to take them away...

The Legend of Lilith is one example of the content we find online these days concerning this controversial archetype...and you know that one of her many faces is controversy!

Well, my hopes are that we all are of good cheer while standing up for our rights and that no harm may come to the innocent from secret activists ('plants') who hide within organizations and practice stirring peaceful protests into free-for-alls with resulting lock-ups. For the art of infiltration (in Politics and Business) was perfected centuries ago by entities whose name/s I shall not mention. In the days ahead, there will much gossip, many slanders, and other libels within society which finally surfaces in the news, and if time allowed, we could discuss some of the astrological signatures of Neptune-in-Pisces influences in relation to Current Events right this minute. Alas, non!

Therefore, since this weekend blog time is brief because I have Report-writing to get back to for Electronic Delivery next weekend of America's Jupiter Return Report 2013 (horoscope shown, PDF), I'll simply remind you of what you don't need reminding of: a place called the Neptune Cafe for Political Astrology discussions with Washington and America quite often spotlighted by the owner/author, Michael O'Reilly, who prefers the Scorpio Rising chart as America's natal horoscope (July 4, 1776). jc

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