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Jul 14, 2013

July 2013: Mars in Cancer and the Cardinal Square

Planetary Tales of Summer 2013 and Beyond

by Jude Cowell

Over at Celestial Space, Dipali Desai points out that the transit of Mars through Cancer from mid-July to the end of July, 2013 activates the Cardinal Uranus-Pluto square.

So Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn are involved with a Mars-Moon-Saturn signature which underscores America's Secondary Progressions which we discussed recently with the People's SP Moon now between SP Mars and SP Saturn which provides We the People and the public mood with feelings (Moon) about losing something while inducing for many a level of depression that hopefully will lift once SP Moon moves from between SP Mars and Saturn--after November 28, 2013, though around that date there may be a difficult or weakening event as SP Moon 'catches' SP Saturn Rx @3Sco10.

SP Moon symbolically moves about one degree per month.

A glance at the transits of Nov 28, 2013 shows a difficult transiting midpoint picture of Saturn-Neptune = Pluto which supports our Mars-Saturn-Moon condition through its potentials for feeling downtrodden, depressed, and/or fearful of loss...just how plutocrats of the Underworld want us to feel!

So in July 2013, this leaves the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, where US natal Saturn is placed @14Lib48, and it too--the planet of courts and justice (or sometimes, justice denied), evaluations, revenge, diplomacy, relationships, smaller amounts of money, the attraction principle, and ruler of America's natal MC @00Lib+ is being triggered for our Libran Saturn is within orb of activation from an opposition by quirky rebel Uranus, planet of freedom, which may have aided George Zimmerman's Not Guilty verdict last evening and announcing him "free to go".

Actually, a chapter of the Cardinal Square/Grand Cross tale is told in my upcoming US Jupiter Return Report 2013 available soon in PDF format for your printing pleasure. This is a 12-year horoscope and our nation's first Jupiter Return since the three-fer Return/s of 2001-2002. Testy Mars also figures prominently in the July 22, 2013 Jupiter Return so I hope you'll check out the JR 2013 Report which will be listed near the top of this blog's sidebar.

As Dipali mentions, Mars, motivator, activist, and sometime-shootist, also activates the ongoing Water Grand Trine from July 13--16, 2013 so check out her helpful insights concerning Mars in Cancer and his activist role in our affairs!

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