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Oct 23, 2013

April 2014: a Cardinal Grand Cross and a US Lunar Return

Casting a Cosmic Spotlight on April 23, 2014 and We the People

by Jude Cowell

First, here's astrologer Michael Lennox speaking about the Cardinal Square which becomes a Cardinal Cross at times as other planets join in and involving the socially and politically riotous Uranus-Pluto square now in progress until 2015. The video was posted in late August 2013 and contains some general information on the conflicting energies inherent within this cosmic planetary pattern of heavy-weights:

Actually, today I've been looking at US Lunar Returns for 2014 and particularly focusing for now on our nation's Lunar Return for April 23, 2014 which perfects at 10:08:07 pm edt, White House (using US natal Moon @27AQ10 on July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) I have relocated the Return charts for the White House and am using the Moon as a timing device for our spotlight.

As you know, through aspects and other chart factors, a Lunar Return provides details for a particular month including the tempo of life, mundane concerns, minor phases of experience, and changing or fluctuating circumstances (as well as for the timing of events.)

And while it's most useful to read a Lunar Return chart in relation to the current Solar Return, that is beyond the scope of today's post. However, here's a link to my brief analysis of US Solar Return 2013 from July past and you'll note that, as always, the Moon disposits US natal Sun and that in 2013, Cancer sits upon the IC/4th house of the Solar Return 2013 chart, both of which give prominence to US Lunar Returns for the period (July 2013--July 2014), especially since chart angles are points of energy manifestation. Naturally, a prominent IC points to the Domestic Scene and Security Matters. Thus, years 2013 and 2014 are cosmically linked as are the Moon (We the People) and Sun (leader) in Mundane charts.

13 x 4 = a Whopping Cardinal Grand Cross

America's April 23, 2014 Lunar Return chart shows a Cardinal Grand Cross pattern involving Mars Rx @13Lib23 in Return 10th house (conjunct US natal Saturn) and opposing Uranus @13Ari41 (4th h.) Jupiter @13Can58 (conjunct US natal Sun) is in Return 8th h opposite Pluto @13Cap33 Rx in Return 2nd h of the National Treasury so wealthy underworld boss, Pluto, continues his 'power struggle' opposition to US natal Sun (leadership.) Notably these planets are all at 13 degrees, a number which some people are superstitious about and 13 does, of course, carry meaning within Freemasonry and other secretive systems of thought, some which many of our Founding Fathers were members of in their day.

See: Properties of the Number 13.

A Cardinal Grand Cross is a very active configuration indicating that the actors (planets) involved are energetically 'on the move' and behaving very assertively. The four squares agitate the already impatient quality of the pattern and may inspire poorly planned actions as the charged up energies keep things tense and pressurized.

Meanwhile, the oppositions in Cardinal mode show that cooperation is much needed for ultimate success though finding willing assistance is difficult. Cultivating sociability might help matters but in Washington, that's not likely these days (unless one has a dog!) Bad timing, recklessness, and direct confrontations are more likely along with being accident-prone since impulsive hothead Mars is in the picture along with Uranus, planet of sudden shocks. Together, the Mars-Uranus duo has an explosive quality which may be catalyzed into action.

Even so, there is strong ambition to achieve and to best the competition herein, and if Mars can be tamped down enough so that careful consideration and forethought are employed rather than premature action, much may be achieved with a dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross--unless headstrong temperaments impatiently prevail. Yes, I may be describing Ted Cruz here and a need for the GOP to take control if they can against a grenade-tosser so determined to take center-stage in spite of any and all losses.

So all in all, from April into May 2014, we may expect a continuation of confrontations and stand-offs, a frenetic tempo, and major obstacles that block many people's objectives. Is that any different than Washington DC circa 2013? Maybe not but if things are worse, I suspect the American people will be even more disapproving of our off-the-mark, ideologue politicians than current polls indicate.

Plus, We the People becoming fed up en masse with the US government is precisely what global government promoters of the 'new world order' persuasion want. After all, they go to a lot of trouble and expense to engineer the chaos from which they'll pretend to 'save' us.

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