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Oct 19, 2013

US Political Parties in Cease-Fire Mode until January 2014

Perhaps on Thursday past you read this from Robert Reich: What to Expect During the Cease-Fire or perhaps you're simply relieved at the moment that the government shutdown has ended. To me, it seems a meager victory since the US government is now 'open' which it should have been all along. No kudos here from this Stars Over Washington blogger for congress members reaching such a pathetically low bar.

On an economic level, the 16-day shutdown cost $24 billion which has been tossed into the wind by Tea Partiers and their Republican enablers, so now we wonder how holiday retail sales quotas for 2013 will be affected with January 15 so near and February 7 lurking. However, prevalent is the haunting certainty that Republican malcontents will again use similar tricks in order to tarnish and undermine the president's political agenda while grousing over the ACA (aka, 'Obamacare'--which promises to provide health care insurance and treatment for those who desperately need it), even though a majority of the American people are heartily fatigued with their political antics and expressions of irrational will.

These frustrating conditions may be seen in the horoscope of Winter Solstice 2013 which, as did Winter Solstice 2012 with its YOD of crisis (Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter Rx), ushers in the New Year with much of Washington's deception and the breaking of the public trust on display around our new dates to fret about: January 15, 2014 and February 7, 2014.

Is the US government so fragile that a minority of brigands can shut it down and threaten economic ruin both here and globally based on misguided principles and their out-of-control egos? If so, it's because current and past congress members have set up the weakened condition along with SCOTUS' collusion and a bunch of shadowy financiers who egg all of them on.

Now that the end-of-shutdown culmination inspired by the October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse in Aries has occurred, cosmic events coming soon include a Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013 and, of course, Winter Solstice 2013. Neither horoscope looks particularly comforting considering current circumstances and the Threats of January-February 2014 looming, though the 'insight and bright ideas' Scorpio Solar Eclipse @11Sco15 on November 3 may supply solutions. A money and big business sign, we may hope that Scorpio's innate ability to make positive karmic progress by taking prudent, correct action (while avoiding the sign's more negative tendencies of revenge and betrayal) may be accessed on behalf of our nation if the ruling class of Washington DC so desires.

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