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Oct 12, 2013

Shutdowns 1995/96 and 2013 linked by Mars-Neptune

Mars-Neptune, Government Shutdowns, and Autumn 2013 Eclipses

by Jude Cowell

On Saturday October 19, 2013, transit Mars @2Vir39 returns to its position in the 'Shutdown New Moon 1995' horoscope (Sun-Moon @10Cap33), which is called a Mars Return, and which symbolizes a new 2-year cycle of activity relating to shutdowns and stalemates. For the current government shutdown, testosterone-driven Mars, the planet of quarrels, activism, and war, is opposed by transit Neptune @2Pis44 Rx.

As you see from the 1995 New Moon degree of 10Cap33, transit Pluto now conjoins it showing changed circumstances that lead to a critical time of development (Ebertin.) A New Moon begins a cycle of activity as well, and this one on January 1, 1995 occurred 3 days prior to the swearing in of the 104th Congress, and times the cosmic beginning of the New Gingrich 'revolution'. Rounding up, the negative expression of 11 Cap's Sabian Symbol is: 'egoistic satisfaction in matching the mediocrity of others' and I'm quite certain that then as now, the American people look to the US Congress for such sorriness as that.

In fact, some say that the approval rating of Congress has now dropped to the historic low of 5% (which causes me to wonder what on earth is wrong with the 5%.)

So with tr Mars about to return to its 1995 degree on October 19th, and with the current position of nebulous, fraud-producing Neptune opposing said Mars, what's up in the Mars-Neptune department? Well, you know about America's problematic Mars-Neptune square (22Gemini SQ 22Virgo) in our national horoscope (July 4, 1776) so whenever Mars and Neptune tangle, our 'confused motivations/misguided actions' tendencies are usually on display or are triggered. (Ex: Republicans seem to have forgotten their 'defund Obamacare' campaign which was irrationally instigated by wet-behind-the-ears senator, Ted Cruz. The GOP has "moved on" from that particular losing battle and have set their sights on other budgetary targets where they'll be able to save face, they hope.)

My fuss is that all this high drama is meant to undermine confidence in the US government of the American people--yet it doesn't do that for me but does serve to highlight my lack of confidence in the current doltish crop of Capitol Hill brigands, but not in the republican system itself. Efficient government is what I prefer, even if it means that government isn't 'smaller'. (Well, okay, so I was born with four natal planets in Capricorn, the sign of government, business, and law!)

So! Transit 2013 Neptune opposing 1995 Mars denotes a time of futile efforts (!) and debilitating factors which undermine actions; misguided ideals inspire acts of revenge and aggression while risk-taking endeavors and hostile confrontations do not work out in Mars' favor. Scandal, deception, illusion, and mistrust are on the Martian menu at this time. Headaches are difficult to diagnose yet a majority of Americans agree that it's quite simple to discern from what quarter the headaches the US Congress is giving We the People have their beginnings.

Obviously, the Mars-Neptune transit between Shutdowns 1995 and 2013 indicates that results are not conforming to what the Republican Tea Party's expected outcome was delusionally intended to be and the irrational, self-deceived energies that Neptune can supply to any situation turned out to be more prominent in the real world than Neptune's undermining of President Obama's signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act, at least at this time. Additionally, Neptune also signifies The Web and the ACA website's awful first week has been gummed up by Neptunian forces (are hackers involved, I wonder?) More political attacks from anti-government/small-government types will be forthcoming, I suspect, especially since they've fought against FDR's New Deal programs from the start and now consider Obamacare to be an increase in the size of government--which it is.

Well, no one should ever expect outer planets such as Neptune to provide dependable outcomes, should they?

As I type, the Senate is in session--rare for a Saturday--concerning an offer that would reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling limit so we can pay our bills and thereby avoid becoming a deadbeat nation in default.

However, uplifting the 'full faith and credit of the US government' and protecting the dollar as the global currency are quite different matters.

Yes, the Republican Tea Party has a definite 'genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset' (ruling by lurching from crisis to crisis) so the negative expression of the current Solar Eclipse degree (May 2013 @19Tau) is being demonstrated all too well by the austerity-loving political party. Perhaps this morning's Sun-Moon blend may be instructive as to the flavor of the meeting at the White House so let's check it out:

Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn (Venus-Saturn) is a purposeful, pragmatic, ambitious blend of energies with a social conscience; this blend of the 'artful manager' denotes diplomacy and an ability to work together as idealism morphs into decisive action.

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by activist Bobby Seale so here's an apt quote for the day from him:

"We must start coming forth with our energies...our intellects, and our abilities to see what is right and what must be done, so the suffering will stop, and the phrase 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' begins to make some human sense."

At 2:00 pm edt today, the Moon enters Aquarius and prepares for a US Lunar Return on October 14, 2013. In the Return chart, the Moon is opposed by--you guessed it--Mars in late Leo, which indicates the deep anger and resentment of the American people toward whomever each one of us considers contentious Mars to be representing in the government shutdown fiasco!

For me, Mars is the actor involved with the anarchistic Uranus-in-Aries zealots as described by Reinhold Ebertin in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences though, as always, you, dear reader, may feel free to totally disagree.

So at 2:00 pm, the Sun-Moon blend becomes Sun Lib-Moon AQ which has a curious implication to the current anarchy in Washington for it signifies those who 'build castles and a Utopia' in their minds. You'll remember that the old 'Utopia' plan is that of the Adam Weishaupt crowd of Illuminatists whose descendants remain determined to destroy civilized systems such as government, law, religion, and education. And with the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse soon occurring with its illuminating Uranus-Neptune content, I'd say they've done a pretty good job of it so far.

News at 12:00 pm et: John Boehner touts that an impasse has been reached in this morning's negotiations with the president. Well, our political drama queens and prima donnas must be pleased that their starring time before the cameras hasn't ended...yet.

View the horoscope of the October 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse in Aries set for Washington DC, if you wish.

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