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Nov 30, 2013

Splitting America: The New Madrid Earthquake & Assumption Sinkhole (video)

The New Madrid Earthquake, Assumption Sinkhole, Two Americas, & Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

Earthquakes in the Mississippi Valley have occurred before and are expected again. Nowadays, an actively expanding sinkhole in Louisiana is leaving its calling card which most Americans don't want to accept but there are plenty of physical clues to the level of threat in which the residents of the region now find themselves. With this unstable environment, many home grown residents will refuse to make refugees of themselves in order to keep their families from harm, what I would call a huge shame. Lack of national media attention to these matters stymies public opinion and interferes with our understanding of the gravity of the situation.

Move away!, is the best advice for the entire region yet heeding such a startling idea is seldom easy and often impossible for the snugged-in with few resources.

Yes, a lack of personal assets tends to be the eternal problem blocking simple solutions for it costs a good chunk of money to relocate, especially when there's a family household to move and children's needs to consider during the process. Is government aid available? Well, you know how tattered our traditional Social Safety Net is, thanks to politicians who follow orders from their bosses (not to lessen the culpability of said politicians who act in breach of the public contract).

Such results ripple out from a current transiting midpoint picture:

Saturn-Neptune = Pluto, and this influence adds a 'denial of responsibility from the guilty parties' vibe to the proceedings--and to many other types of proceedings, too. A quick listen to TV 'news' broadcasts will fill you in, if necessary, and you'll hear wealthy Pluto asserting how innocent he is in all matters, financial and otherwise! Earthquakes triggered by HAARP waves, My Pet Goat's hidden significance, and other controversial themes are noted in the video as well with Pluto's usual talents closely involved along with invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) as conduit and facilitator for puppet master Pluto.

If interested, Wikipedia has a page on the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812, 202 years ago. Here, I'll list the dates and times of them and their epicenters, if you wish, or simply click the Wiki link:

1. Dec 16, 1811 2:15 am; northeast Arkansas; rising in New Madrid: 22Lib52 and IC = US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx = major events;

2. Dec 16, 1811 8:15 am (6 hours later); with "similar intensity";

3. Jan 23, 1812 9:00 am; Missouri Bootheel;

4. Feb 7, 1812 4:45 am; New Madrid, Missouri.

You may note that 'Feb 7' is prevalent in current US political press coverage and important in Washington politics as engineered events unfold in January and February 2014. Also, Feb 7, 2014 will be the 203rd anniversary date of the #4 New Madrid Earthquake of 1812.

Although the following video presentation covers several topics of interest, be warned that its content becomes 'Anonymous-y' after several minutes with that computer/robotic voice used by Anonymous and it contains explanations of occult symbols being employed against the populace. As a lone blogger I cannot endorse all the statements in the video embedded below yet I am passing it along for those who think a tad of useful knowledge may be grasped from a consideration its content:

Update June 26, 2017: apologies, but the video is no longer available for embed though it may still exist on YouTube. jc


In the video (if you can locate it on YouTube) the Louisiana Sinkhole is described as, "Like someone flushed a giant toilet."

An easy suspicion is that the entire region has been flushing down the drain for a long time. Louisiana: Now with More Brine? The sinkhole is the beginning of an Inland Sea which some say will enlarge and divide the physical America we know. Note: once I was advised of a late-days event called, The Shaking. Could the New Madrid Earthquake be it? An earthquake does seem to be what's referred to--a sort of seismic catastrophe. As far as this blog goes, can 'forewarned (really) be forearmed? For that is this blogging American's intent by publishing such a post with the embedded video, above. And it's certainly true that mainstream media in not covering the threat. Wonder why not? The video purports to tell why.

Astrologically, how awful to think of underground Pluto (caverns, tunnels, destruction, permanent transformation) bearing much of the responsibility (though not all of it, for there's the input of Saturn (crust of the Earth/tectonic plates, soil, mud, etc), and Uranus (separation, electrical charges, shocks, disruption, storms, etc) to consider if one reads the roles of planetary actors found in the earthquake horoscopes. Plus, Neptune's watery, dissolving effects are, of course, closely involved as well.

Too Much Jupiter?

The 1st Madrid Quake of 1811 has Jupiter @2Can13 (conjunct US natal Venus)--the first December 1811 quake's Jupiter Return occurred on July 5, 2013 which is the date of our US Solar Return 2013 which did not fall on July 4th this year but on July 5th. the Louann Salt Dome being completely eroded into caverns and empty spaces, or not? And the Gulf Coast of the US is dissolving (Neptune)? So America is in process of physically dividing and the Sandy Hook event was another staged 'false flag op'? Hardly. Many topics are addressed in the above video presentation relating to current conditions of our nation. My advice to those who are overly sensitive 'ostriches' who blanche at discussions of occult symbolism is: avoid watching the video at all costs! Or, only watch the first few minutes, as you wish. jc

A Bit about the December 16, 1811 Horoscope

Now there are a few quite curious Sabian Symbols at planetary degrees present in the horoscope of the 1st Quake of 1811. One of them describes Jupiter's degree when rounded up (my emphases added): '3 Cancer' = "An Arctic Explorer Leads a Reindeer Through Icy Canyons"..."Keyword: INDOMITABILITY...pos: unlimited self-reliance in and through every possible phase of self-expression; neg (unconscious/shadow side--jc): self-imposed handicaps and a needless acceptance of every day restrictions." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, M. E. Jones); 'Reindeer' word picture from SolarFirev8 program created and sold by

('Icy' = Saturn-Uranus; 'canyons' = the Mississippi Valley and the 23rd Psalm's "-valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..."--which shows how serious this is, as quoted by President Obama at the ceremony honoring the Sandy Hook Elementary victims of New Town, CT, with assassin Pluto in attendance.)

Louisiana: 'Bubbling Bayou's and Assumption Sinkholes

Whatever we do, we must not sink into "simple shiftlessness or abandon" of the problems inherent in such a potential catastrophe for action is required in the Gulf Coast region--evacuate, because unavoidable events may occur in which the safety of the region's inhabitants is of uppermost importance, imho--disagree if you must. But I'm one of those common-gooders in the collective sense while simultaneously preferring an individualist's expression as my due. Must be that Uranian American stuff, y'know.

So it's possible that a few readers may wish to follow up on their concern about these conditions or issues so why not go to a source, right? Visit the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle for news and updates.

September 14, 2021: Post partially updated for the sake of clarity. jc

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