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Nov 25, 2013

Dec 2013--July 2014: Testy Mars in the Sign of Diplomacy

Mars Ruffles Libra from December 7, 2013 until July 25, 2014!

by Jude Cowell

With all the diplomacy going on these days and since Libra is said to be the sign of diplomacy, I've become somewhat fretful over the long drawn-out transit of 'god of war' Mars through the airy Venus-ruled sign of Libra. As you know, the orbit of Mars around the Sun lasts approximately two years, however, the last transit of Mars through Libra occurred from the end of July 2010 until mid-September 2010--so the 2013/14 transit will occur almost three years later. Sheesh! Impatient Mars makes a long slog through a sign in which 'he' tends to be uncomfortable more often than not, thanks to our Solar System's retrograde phenomenon.

See PBS News Hour's photo slideshow of Events of 2010 which includes the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout that sabotaged the Gulf of Mexico and our coastline, the horrific earthquake in Haiti, the trapped Chilean miners' rescue after 69 days, austerity measures forced upon Europe, massive floods in Pakistan, the START Treaty between US and Russia, Iceland's volcanic eruption, the failed Times Square bombing, WikiLeaks leaking of US State Department documents, and, on August 31, the ending of the US combat mission in Iraq (with Mars in Libra!)

And for the upcoming Mars transit, see Carrie Dann's Obama on Iran deal: US 'cannot close the door on diplomacy'.

(Regular readers of Stars Over Washington know that I consider what issues forth from Washington DC to be Political Theater anyway, yet it's good to keep up with whatever storyline the media echo chamber is touting the loudest on any given topic. And perhaps you've noticed that there are few if any differences between the Democratic and Republican parties. They just follow the world government script, sad to say. Plus, if We the People don't interrupt their secret TPP deal America will be bowing to global corporations in the blink of a pyramidal eye with national sovereignty a thing of the past just as international corporatists have long planned, the borry sastards.)

But let's get back to Mars in Libra:

Now on his good days, Mars in Libra doesn't act in a particularly negative manner for he actually wants to associate with others and if he can manage to show some cordiality, friendliness, and teamwork, he can successfully achieve his goals--providing that his emotional moods don't lead to too much frankness so that others are put off. Differences, differences, differences! Can they be put aside?

Approximate dates and degrees pertinent to this long transit are Mars' Retrograde Station around March 2, 2014 @27Lib31 after which he seemingly backs up through Libra until reaching approximately 9Lib01 (conjunct Fixed Star Vindemiatrix--see star info below) around May 20, 2014, then moves forward until reaching his own 'shadow' point (the degree of his Rx Station) on or about July 21, 2014. After Mars reconnoiters the same territory in the Zodiac, whatever actions (military or otherwise) have been on hold can begin to move forward once again. Hopefully, these actions will be something the American people will want to move forward--and not the TPP or the groundwater-destroying Keystone XL Pipeline.


During his long sojourn in Libra, Mars will encounter US natal Saturn (14Lib48) indicating a period full of obstacles littering paths (though the blockages may have been self-placed) although much hurry is expected and annoying rules are imposed. Becoming more structured, organized, and focused are possibilities as well and with careful planning, things may work out in the end in spite of delays.


Also during the Mars through Libra transit, Mr. Fussy will square US natal Sun (leadership) in Cancer three to five days prior and after conjoining US natal Saturn due to our nation's Sun-Saturn square. In fact, Mars can perform as an excellent trigger so the energy embedded within our Sun-Saturn square will be activated near the dates given above. However, Mars square natal Sun often denotes frustrated actions, difficulties or separation in alliances, and touchy feelings with egos bruised as authority is questioned or challenged.

Whew! Sounds pretty much like the entire presidency of Barack Obama, doesn't it?

For more information concerning this months-long Mars transit which carries over from 2013 into Summer 2014, you may wish to check out the excellent Matthew Currie's Mars in Libra: I'm Not Your Baggage Handler...I highly recommend it!


Vindemiatrix (the Grapes Gatherer, or just The Gatherer; aka, Epsilon Virgo) is said to be an evil star (Robson) having the nature of Saturn and Mercury (Ptolemy.) Its influence may include disgrace, theft, and wanton folly and may indicate a loss of partner thus creating widows or widowers (Brady.) However, Ebertin mentions Vindemiatrix as providing mental concentration which aids such people as businessmen and architects.

Its magnitude has dimmed in our days so the star's influence is not as keenly felt as it once was, plus, precession has taken a toll. Still, its role as The Vintager may be pertinent to modern-day horoscopes (along with asteroid Bacchus) and I have seen its degree triggered during times of widowing or of 'reaping what's been sown' which is what this Saturnian astrologer describes as karma. jc

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