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Apr 6, 2014

A Brief View of the Stars Over Washington DC

When Pierre L'Enfant laid out three major landmarks of the Federal City he reflected the triangular pattern of three stars in the heavens: Arcturus (the White House), royal Regulus in zodiacal Leo (the Capitol Building), and Spica (the Washington Monument.) In the Zodiac two of the stars are in Libra as astrologers use them now yet constellation Virgo is the prime influence upon the planners and architects--the Freemasons--of Washington DC.

Arcturus (alpha Bootes; Greek: the Bear Watcher; aka, Al Simak by Arabian astrologers--'the one on high') conferred its guardian function upon the Executive Branch of government with the White House situated so that its inhabitants could 'keep an eye' on Congress and vice versa. However, subsequent constructions within the Federal Triangle have interfered with such a function as L'Enfant (and Andrew Ellicott) intended.

Another diverting of L'Enfant's original plan for the 'Dream City' of George Washington is the Washington Monument which had to be re-located due to its weight when the cornerstone was laid at noon on July 4, 1848 when the Moon and North Node (aka, the Dragon's Head) were in Virgo. Previously the White House cornerstone was laid at noon on October 13, 1792--also with the Moon and Dragon's Head in Virgo. George Washington laid the cornerstone of the Capitol Building on September 18, 1793 with Sun, Mercury, and Dragon's Head in Virgo.

All cornerstone layings were performed with Masonic ceremony including that for the Federal City itself (April 21, 1791 at 3:30 pm, also by Freemason George Washington.) The City's natal Jupiter of 1791 falls upon the 23rd degree of Virgo, the position of our national Neptune (July 4, 1776) which is actually a transit to America's natal horoscope indicating potentials for spiritual awareness, inspired expansion, and promotion yet with fanaticism and paranoia lurking underneath. Well, it seems that Jupiter-Neptune themes of fraud and grand promises are embedded into Washington DC--and therefore the nation and the US government--from their very founding.

An Egyptian Star and its Feminine Archetype, Isis

Another important star closely associated with America is SIRIUS which the Sun (leadership) conjoined in Cancer on July 4, 1776. When Sirius is linked into the gestalt of a horoscope it lustrously shines and brings wealth, success, and good fortune in government yet Sirius may also scorch for its energy is strong and hard to handle well--in fact, honesty is required for best results. Sad to say, our current crop of government-undermining entities and agents are proving themselves fanatically determined to scorch America's wings and besmirch our nation's centuries-long reputation as the One Nation Among Many and an idealistic model of the light of freedom, equality, and independence for the entire world.

As for America's extreme leaning away from democracy toward plutocracy now coming to fruition, we see it partially through the Virgo lens via The Virgin holding wheat sheafs or corn (the matrix of life.) These are nurturing symbols also associated with goddess Ceres, another feminine archetype with an Isis vibe. (Two examples are found on top of the Capitol Dome, and in New York harbor via the Enlightenment/Illuminati-infused Statue of Liberty made of copper, the metal of Venus.)

And when we look to America's natal Venus in nurturing yet business-loving Cancer and to our natal Ceres in Pisces, we find evidence of Corporatism (US Venus conjunct corporate Jupiter) and Plutocracy via our Pluto-Chiron midpoint of oppression and primal violence conjoining US natal Ceres (security; food supply.) Unfortunately, we've bowed to Science and allowed Corporate America complete control of our food supply and the farming industry and now it's easy to see one particular result--Monsanto's genetically modified, patented seeds which can't reproduce and must be re-purchased for each planting.

(Weather modification affecting climate and planting seasons that tend to create conditions of famine are beyond the scope of this post though you can certainly think of several other examples of corporate interference that cause and will cause much suffering and loss for the people when the power elite decide the time is 'right'.)

Yet in spite of it all and even though the entire project of expansion into the New World we call 'America' was funded by and as a corporation, it does not necessarily follow that We the People must be trampled underneath the hooves of wealthy plutocrats who intend to depopulate the globe so that there are more natural resources to nourish them!

So will you vote in November 2014 and show the world's greedy plutocrats that the American people are determined to keep our republic on the democratic side of history's ledger? I hope for the sake of our nation's future and the future of our children that you will.

If you have a yen for further reading on Fixed Stars try 'Brady's Book of Fixed Stars', 'Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation' by Ebertin-Hoffmann, and David Ovason's 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital' (#ad) which goes into much detail concerning constellation Virgo and the many Zodiacs sprinkled across my former city of residence, Washington DC.

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