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Apr 11, 2014

Apr 14-15 2014 "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse first of four

With the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 (depending on your location) being called a "Blood Moon" as inspired by Biblical prophecy, the website Earth and provides interesting information which may be of value to you. The April 14-15 Lunar Eclipse @25Libra will be visible from the Americas and is first of four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, the next three manifesting on October 8, 2014 @ 15Aries (Tropical Zodiac), April 4, 2015 @14Libra, and September 28, 2015 @5Aries.

As you see, the Aries-Libra axis is emphasized (ruled by Mars-Venus) which includes relationships of all sorts, war and peace, and, as always with Lunar Eclipses where the Sun and Moon oppose one another, an awareness factor and a culmination/fulfillment factor are involved. Revelations of secrets tend to come with any eclipse, Lunar or Solar, and weather conditions or Earth changes such as tectonic shifts cannot be ruled out. Eclipses are often known as the 'wild cards of the Universe' for their quirky Uranian 'expect the unexpected' frequency. In a word, the influence and results from eclipses are unpredictable.

Curiously, of the four Total Lunar Eclipses of 2014 and 2015, only the eclipse of September 28, 2015 will be visible from Israel and then only the last few minutes of it. Visit Earth and Sky for more details.

Whether you choose to see any of these implications as Biblical in nature is up to you, of course, but I admit that the direction the world is going--selfishness, greed, envy, parent-against-children/children-against-parent, 'knowledge increases men run to and fro', fraud and abuse by clergy, earth and environmental catastrophes, and so on--is a definite cause of concern for this blogger on behalf of humankind. The false philosophy that man can 'perfect himself' is laughable were it not a tragic deception and the deception may be part of what motivates many of America's current crop of anti-government, *Utopian anarchists who believe that chaos and world war are some sort of 'answer'. As if God can be 'sped up' by mere mortals!

If you wish to view a previously published horoscope of the April 15, 2014 Lunar Eclipse set for Washington DC and containing the havoc-wreaking Cardinal Grand Cross, please click here.

Plus, if you haven't seen it yet a view of the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse horoscope may be in order as well.

*Utopians, zealots, and anarchists are unmasked by Reinhold Ebertin as actors on the world stage described by planet Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, as it is now. The Cardinal Square between Uranus (progress; sudden events; the new) and Pluto in Capricorn (power elite; older generation; status quo types) shows an ongoing generational battle for control...ex: 'power games with important consequences' (Tyl)--basically the old order vs the new order with the rest of us stuck in the middle and being lied to by Washington and by any other global capital you'd care to name.

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