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Apr 24, 2014

Now in Pisces: Neptune's current Declination Cycle began in 1944

Neptune now active in its own sign of Pisces

by Jude Cowell

On March 7, 1944 at 10:06 am EWT (Washington DC), Neptune crossed from South declination to North declination while positioned @3Lib19 Rx in the Tropical Zodiac. (Sun @16Pis53, Moon @20Leo33, and rising in DC was 16Tau03.) Venus as chart-ruler was coolly collected @18AQ17.

Facts are difficult to ascertain these days as the current position of transit Neptune @7Pisces conjoins 1944 Mercury (7Pis47.) This relates to some of the Neptunian nature of current events--ferry boats sinking tragically with young people (Mercury) aboard, suicides, the search for downed planes under vast oceans, leaks of all types, media mergings, mass movements, gas and oil pipeline issues and concerns, water contamination, secret trade deals including the Pacific Rim, social networks, disappearances, crimes, and many other associations within the astrological realms of the Big Blue Planet.

Wikipedia's Events of 1944 page contains a list where you'll spy some Neptune-related events many of which occurred during or because of World War II. In fact, the 'fog of war' is one of Neptune's typical manifestations, as you know, along with drugs (including alcohol, dependency and otherwise), the 'silver screen' (Olivier's film Henry V debuted in London, November 1944.) Plus, Neptunian frequencies affected FDR winning his 4th term as POTUS (propaganda to the masses!), Operation Pluto (the world's first undersea oil pipeline laid between England and France), and the beginning of the UN Monetary & Financial Conference at Bretton Woods, NH.

For the Bretton Woods Agreement, Neptune's influence on fraud plays into finances just as obviously as its connection to the liquified natural gas explosion that destroyed a square mile of Cleveland, Ohio on October 22, 1944. So check out 1944 events if you may for Neptune's wavering, merging, deceptive, gaseous vibes are all over the place.

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