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May 8, 2014

Foundation data for Phoenix, Arizona

Since new appliances will be delivered here today at any moment, I'll simply provide for those with the time and inclination the natal data for the city of Phoenix, AZ which began on the site of an ancient Native American irrigation system. And yes, the city is named for the mythical phoenix, the bird that rises from ashes and the totem that some of America's founders preferred over the eagle.

My suspicion is that secretly the phoenix has represented America all along!

Be that as it may, the following data may be used to set up a founding horoscope for the city in case you don't have the details already and wish to follow current transits concerning the Veterans Administration's Phoenix office slackness--or, as many of us would term it, the scandal that issues from a huge caseload created for America's multiple war-torn soldiers.

Naturally on this blog and elsewhere the condition of US Mars in Gemini (1776) turning retrograde by progression which occurred in Summer 2006 is a prime factor in such topics with our warriors (Mars) returning (Rx) to find regressive (Rx) and weakening conditions awaiting them when it comes to the US government's glowing promises of care for the health needs of the men and women who were sent into battle by the sub-par politicians of Washington DC. Personally I can think of several neoconservative warmongers who should fairly pony up several million dollars of their own war and weapons profits to pay for our veterans' care.

Phoenix, AZ: October 20, 1870 9:09 am MST; ASC 27Sco43; MC 7Vir24; Moon 2Vir30 in 9th house with natal Mars 25Leo14; Sun 27Lib05 in 11th house and conjunct the Rx degree of transit Mars (March 2, 2014) and thus 27Lib+ is the 'shadow degree' of the Mars Rx period of 2014. The warrior planet ('god of war') will reach and surpass this degree during the 3rd week of July 2014 so perhaps some kind of resolution will be reached in Phoenix around that time--or at least something stalled moves forward. Transit Mars has recently conjoined the city's natal Mercury (paperwork, news, etc) and will hit natal Venus 14Lib58 as well before the warrior planet is done plus, the natal 11th cusp 9Lib02 is within 1 minute of Mars' Direct Station degree (9:01) on May 19th!

In addition, natal South Node 13Cap52 in 2nd house (SN is aka the dragon's tail, a separative and karmic point) is now conjoined by transit Pluto in Capricorn; Pluto/SN is an indicator of violence and war that disrupts society.

Source of founding data and rectification by Marc Penfield, in Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere

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