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Aug 6, 2014

Sudan natal horoscope data

Prayers for Sudan

Perhaps you're aware of how major famine now threatens the good people of south Sudan with fighting making things worse by keeping aid and supplies from reaching those who desperately need them. 'Insult to injury' hardly describes these horrendous conditions. Is the world ashamed? It ought to be.

For astrologers who don't happen to have handy the natal data for Sudan I shall post it here from Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes. Naturally the details are from historic record--a solemn ceremony marked the official recognition of Sudan's full and legal independence; therefore the following may be used to set up the country's 'natal chart':

Sudan January 1, 1956 8:00 am EET -2:00 Khartoum. ASC 4AQ31; 12th house Sun @9Cap48; Moon in 7th house @23Leo05. The New Moon of July 26, 2014 (EDT) @4Leo conjoined Sudan's natal Descendant with its rebellious Uranus @1Leo09 Rx just dipped below Dewsc in the 6th house of Work, Health, Service including the military.

As transit Saturn (restriction, austerity, loss, deprivation) has traversed Scorpio 'the old man' visited Sudan's natal Neptune @00Sco09 (where the next Solar Eclipse will manifest in October), n MC @14Sco52, and 10th house Mars (21Sco36) and---Saturn @28Sco55 making it Sudan's Saturn Return with its demand for accountability.

As you see, natal Sun has been hit by transformative Pluto of late bringing power struggles galore. Pluto will eventually meet with natal Mercury @25Cap16 in 12th house and the Moon-Pluto-Jupiter line-up in natal 7th house has expansive Jupiter soon to come calling--which will be Sudan's Jupiter Return once tr Jupiter reaches 1Vir11 conjunct Fixed Star Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia.

Regulus = 'success if revenge is avoided.' Oh dear. Those with a testosterone-laden warrior attitude usually fail to score highly when it comes to choosing peace over revenge, don't they?

You'll spot other transits and such to Sudan's natal chart but I wanted to give you the basic details in case you should need them.

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