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Sep 18, 2014

A Few Words from President Teddy Roosevelt dated October 1, 1913

With his social crusader mentality on display along with a stern and ingrained moralistic tone, here is an excerpt from the Forward of Theodore Roosevelt's autobiography:

"We of the great modern democracies must strive unceasingly to make our several countries lands in which a poor man who works hard can live comfortably and honestly, and in which a rich man cannot live dishonestly nor in slothful avoidance of duty; and yet we must judge rich man and poor man alike by a standard which rests on conduct and not on caste, and we must frown with the same stern severity on the mean and vicious envy which hates and would plunder a man because he is well off and on the brutal and selfish arrogance which looks down on and exploits the man with whom life has gone hard."

Theodore Roosevelt Sagamore Hill, October 1, 1913

Timed natal chart details are available for Jupiterian President Teddy Roosevelt October 27, 1858.

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