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Sep 14, 2014

Sep 24, 2014 New Moon @1Lib55: saluting Jupiter

If a horoscope for September 24, 2014's New Moon @1Lib07:55 is set up for Washington DC (2:13:45 am EDT), the New Moon, the seeding phase of a new cycle of activity, conjoins the Midheaven (The Goal or Aspiration Point) in the 'Sibly' horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (12Sag rising.)

In Politics and Business the Sun-Moon midpoint (conscious + unconscious) signifies potentials for: how the people's will is applied when taking the nation in a new direction, making national policy after reading approval polls, the international reputation of a country (ours rightfully sucks), loss of face--or, sorrowfully, head--in international politics, smears on a nation's reputation (global-cops-r-us), a leadership's will forcefully imposed upon the people, and/or pessimism flowing through the populace or through lawmakers. (Munkasey.)

We don't need Astrology to tell us that it's congressional lawmakers, pro-corporate Supreme Court justices, and Republican anti-government operatives who have been three of the major causes of our pessimism. And with deceptive Neptune now floating through its own sign of murky Pisces it's to be expected that along with inspiration, contagion, illusion, mysteries, scandals, veils, and paranoia are prevalent in society and destined to become more so as the transit continues until Neptune's magic wand finally touches the Aries Point in late January 2026.

By that time Uranus will be in late Taurus and Pluto will be in early degrees of Aquarius after conjoining 00AQ+, the US President's degree on Inauguration Days...assuming we still have presidents in 2026.

So yes, the New Moon horoscope does look much like a 'war chart' with a misguided Mars-Neptune square echoing same in the US natal chart but only a few factors will be discussed with you today: Jupiter @14Leo43 rising in 1st house (ASC 3Leo33) which is the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern. The locomotive pattern or shape forms quite rarely though this particular one has been off and on of late. For the Sept 24th New Moon and with the Pentagon gearing up for more military action in the Middle East (and public approval for airstrikes said to be high--no 'boots on the grounds' please...gullible!), we find that an optimistic Jupiter the General is leading a full-steam-ahead Locomotive of success. And there's more info contained within this astrological choo-choo train...

When leading a locomotive pattern, Jupiter can be a ruthless self-seeker riding roughshod over others or a dynamic executive and efficient coordinator. And with Jupiter denoting increase and expansion, both roles may apply to various people or groups represented by Jupiter in mid-Leo here. After all, the roaring Lion Point @15Leo is about to be conjoined by Mr. Adventurism though with Jupiter and restrictive Saturn in Scorpio now squared, obstacles and blockages apply to investing Jupiter's plans for expansion. Thus, some hesitancy has been exhibited.

Plus, the transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint sits atop America's natal chart (MC) promising only fluctuating success with the potential for attendant losses while philosophers busy themselves pontificating on the merits of global copping. Meanwhile, our own house is in such disarray it's a wonder they can muster the bombast needed to keep telling other countries what to do!

In addition, the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint, a plutocrat-big banker-organizers indicator (exs: the Fed; fat warmongers) conjoins 4th house Mercury @27Lib14 denoting that a massive propaganda campaign is underway using the media/reporters/talking heads but this midpoint picture also applies to current political campaigns with their knickers-in-knots over the 2014 Midterms in November.

(My prognostication: Democrats are favored in November 2014 though of course the usual political dirty tricks can interfere with outcomes.)

So with full-steam-ahead Jupiter determined to provide weapons to the 'good rebels' and bomb ISIS militants to smithereens, the primary drive or motivation is found in the relationship between the occupied/unoccupied section of the horoscope and in the New Moon chart of Sept 24th, Jupiter in 1st house of Self (Washington DC) has no opposing planets in the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies.

That is, no planets in 7th house except two: Inauguration 2009 Jupiter on Descendant (3AQ33) and We the People's natal Moon @27AQ+. For when transit Jupiter actually perfects its opposition to US natal Moon in late July 2015 (or months earlier if you use a different US natal chart with an earlier Moon), we'll all be referring back to the load of crap and trite slogans they used in 2014 in a transparent attempt to justify the propaganda they used to emotionally upset the American public and excite sentiment so that we would march back into Iraq while whistling their karmic tune of self-undoing.

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