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Apr 22, 2020

DC Horoscope: May 7, 2020 Full Scorpio Moon

DC Horoscope: Full Moon @17Sco20 May 7, 2020 6:45:06 am edt Washington DC in 6th house/Sun in 12th house; Hour of Jupiter; ASC 29Tau15; Midheaven ('MC') 7AQ34; Mars (26AQ) conjunct US natal Moon (26/27AQ) and opposing the natal Mars (26Leo) of Donald Trump - with the Saturn-Neptune midpoint complicating matters (see chart, upper right).

Chart-ruler Venus in 1st house makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets but, due to retrogradation, won't conjoin the North Node until early August (see lower left); however, Venus conjoins US natal Mars in Gemini suggesting some measure of cooperation.

This Full Moon falls across the 3/9 axis of Trump's natal horoscope. And since these and other current cosmic conditions have been previously discussed here on SO'W, please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes.

And as always, your on-topic comments and observations are invited--welcomed, in fact. Note that all spam will be deleted. jc

Mar 29, 2020

Is There Any Difference Between Mob Rule & Democracy? - Thom Hartmann

In a segment posted March 27, 202O, here's progressive broadcaster, activist, and author Thom Hartmann:

Astro-Note: I don't know about you, dear reader, but in Political Astrology I use asteroid Ceres as a symbol for democracy which tends to nurture and serve the people's needs. And where is Ceres as I type at 12:06 pm edt? At 21AQ53 and approaching America's Aquarian Moon (We the People!) of July 4, 1776.

Aug 4, 2016

The August 11, 2016 Aquarian Full Moon Spotlights Campaign 2016

Astro-Musings by Moonlight on the Presidential Bid of Donald J. Trump

by Jude Cowell

The August 11, 2016 Full Moon @25AQ51 conjoins America's natal Moon though this may depend on which natal horoscope for our nation is used. All of July 4, 1776 gives We the People an Aquarian Moon yet a one-degree orb of influence widens depending in the 'birth' time of the natal chart and there are several to choose from due to conflicting historical sources.

(I tend toward the 5:09 pm LMT chart which gives a 27-to-28-degree Moon).

For the purposes of today's post, and considering what is going on in our nation (the 2016 campaign for the presidency and congressional seats that are up for grabs), let's say that the Full Moon of August 11, 2016 falls upon US natal Moon denoting a fulfillment or culmination of some kind and may act in similar fashion to an eclipse as lunations sometimes do. That is, in a 'wild card' Uranian manner of unexpected outcomes or events--something new or novel entering the picture.

When the August 11th chart is set for Washington DC, the Full Moon falls across the 1/7 house polarity of Self-Other, Partnerships, and Open Enemies, further personalizing this lunation for We the People and our relationship with leadership. Trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon from the 9th house is Uranus Rx @24Ari21 which makes the radical political planet the Thales Planet or Point with a Sabian Symbol of "A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meaning." Perhaps an intriguing revelation will (again) turn up and affect the campaigns of Mr. Trump and/or Secretary Clinton. Has opposition research something more to reveal?

Mundane Moon represents publicity, the public, emotional moods and trends, but also women--is the August 11th Full Moon shining more brightly on Hillary than on Donald?

Okay, but here's the thing: the chart also shows a crisis-turning point configuration--a YOD pattern--with the Moon-Uranus sextile at its base (leaders who rule at a whim with little sense of how their enterprise is seen by the rest of the world; an emotionally immature person place in an important and visible leadership role--Munkasey). Sound like anyone we know? There's more!

Moon-Uranus points toward apex Jupiter in 2nd house ($) @25Virgo25 so that Mr. Moneybags, the mogul and promoter, is revealed as one who is given opportunities to broadcast himself and his social concepts in order to stimulate mass consciousness. This apex Jupiter has dropped his former long held beliefs (of the liberal Democratic variety?) and adopted a different world view and this has provided the opportunities to expound, broadcast, and promote himself and the new beliefs that now inspire him. Rarely doubting the rightness of his ideas, apex Jupiter in Virgo ( sign of The Critic) has a strong impact on society; however, mismanagement, over promising, and extreme self-aggrandizement result in fateful consequences that are not the positive improvements he promises.

Note that planning Mercury @23Vir09 (planet of orators, dealers, reporters, and voters) and money planet Venus are also in the 2nd house of Earnings and Values (and the National Treasury in a mundane chart--can you imagine Mr. Trump getting his gambler's mitts on that?) indicates sudden news received. Will Mr. Trump drop out of the running? What are the odds, ask the New York Times this very morning!

Previously I have written that Hillary Clinton's natal Mercury-Saturn square is more preferable for a leader (more realistic) than Mr. Trump's fact-distorting, falsifying, confused Mercury-Neptune square (murky!) and I stand by that assertion. And since the DNC wrapped up at the end of July (and in spite of high unfavorables on both sides), it looks as if the voting public agrees.

Plus, it may be telling that the August 11th Full Moon is within the influence of the current March 9, 2016 Solar Eclipse of endings, partings, and separations for August 11th is not within two weeks of the September 1st Solar Eclipse with its realism and seeing old situations for what they truly are themes (Brady).

Will one day soon the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump be only a bad dream the American people awakened from before it was too late? I'm setting my alarm clock in hopes!


Recommended for more info on YODs and other planetary patterns: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney.

Feb 2, 2016

Horoscopes: Inauguration 2017 w/ Ted Cruz natal chart

Since this is a second week of comcast outages and DNS problems here my online time is brief so I'll publish a bi-wheel of the horoscope for Inauguration 2017 with the natal chart of Republican Senator Ted Cruz around it. As you must know, 2016 candidate Ted Cruz won last night's Iowa Caucus with Donald Trump coming in second and Marco Rubio third. Please enlarge the image below to read a few notes for I won't have a chance to write about the charts today.

Outside in green the US natal planets are entered; blue highlights are the planets of Ted Cruz; the chart in the center is the Inauguration horoscope of January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC with the Moon @9Sco21 conjoined by Cruz's natal Mars--and his natal Saturn rising across from US natal Moon--ouch! Perhaps his Saturn will put an end to his (and the Koch Brothers') White House dream (see eclipses just below!) As you see, his impatient Moon-Uranus duo snugs closely around US natal Saturn (14Lib48) which has a 'traditional vs avant-garde' influence (particularly on the US Senate)> we have Plus, his natal North Node of public contact @25AQ19 conjoins America's natal Moon (We the People) of 1776. This will be four years of another Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio blend as we had on January 20, 2009, folks.

In the charts, more cosmic action may be seen via the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse area around 8-9 Virgo (5th house) with the degree of Cruz's 8 South Solar Eclipse being eclipsed by the 19 North of September 1, 2016 @9Virgo ('separation and loss eclipsed or triggered by realism'.) Also, the Inauguration 2017 North Node conjoins the 3Virgo33 Full Moon of February 22, 2016 which ties the two dates together in some way not yet discovered:

This double horoscope is titled, President Cruz?

edit 3/26/16: what do you think are his chances of taking the 2017 Oath of Office? What higher oath might he have already taken? The primary link I see between the two charts is Cruz's North Node of public contact conjoining US natal Moon, aka, We the People in Mundane Astrology. A sense of destiny is attached to the American public's connection to Ted Cruz yet his NN and the transiting SN will join in a while which makes it not the most opportune time to begin new relationships, partnerships. or alliances for they may have opposite goals and/or they may be based on negative traits or negative vs positive motives, any of which may lead to an early demise or ending of the union. All crowns come with a heavy price and the 'Oval Office' is one that even the self-important Senator Green Eggs will not be able to pay yet meanwhile, there's a "big picture" of a Script which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise, as Dr. Tyl has informed us (Solar Arcs).

And the 2017 Inaugural Moon precisely conjoining Cruz's natal Mars @9Scorpio? I hardly know what to say since Moon-Mars contacts can denote excited or stirred up people, or, an angry public or disgruntled and/or protesting groups of people. Hope he isn't counting on our Moon-Mars link to further his Reconstructionist dreams and visions of power and control over the masses in fruitless and painful attempts to legislate an authoritarian morality--his theocratic morality--from the White House. Our president is meant to represent The People and is our only avenue to making our views and needs heard by the two other branches of the US government.

Charletans, criminals, and racketeers who pose as politicians regularly practice government badly while in office and act in breach of the public trust with abandon and yet their antics will not cause this American, a daughter of the Revolution, to doubt our nation's original (and present) intent that a worthy Republic be formed to Rule by Consent of The Governed for the principle is well baked into the American pie at least since 1776. Time grows short and Inauguration 2017 rapidly approaches. May all turn out as best as it can.

Ted Cruz December 22, 1970 1:00 am MST Calgary, Canada; RR: B (accuracy in question).

Sep 14, 2014

Sep 24, 2014 New Moon @1Lib55: saluting Jupiter

If a horoscope for September 24, 2014's New Moon @1Lib07:55 is set up for Washington DC (2:13:45 am EDT), the New Moon, the seeding phase of a new cycle of activity, conjoins the Midheaven (The Goal or Aspiration Point) in the 'Sibly' horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (12Sag rising.)

In Politics and Business the Sun-Moon midpoint (conscious + unconscious) signifies potentials for: how the people's will is applied when taking the nation in a new direction, making national policy after reading approval polls, the international reputation of a country (ours rightfully sucks), loss of face--or, sorrowfully, head--in international politics, smears on a nation's reputation (global-cops-r-us), a leadership's will forcefully imposed upon the people, and/or pessimism flowing through the populace or through lawmakers. (Munkasey.)

We don't need Astrology to tell us that it's congressional lawmakers, pro-corporate Supreme Court justices, and Republican anti-government operatives who have been three of the major causes of our pessimism. And with deceptive Neptune now floating through its own sign of murky Pisces it's to be expected that along with inspiration, contagion, illusion, mysteries, scandals, veils, and paranoia are prevalent in society and destined to become more so as the transit continues until Neptune's magic wand finally touches the Aries Point in late January 2026.

By that time Uranus will be in late Taurus and Pluto will be in early degrees of Aquarius after conjoining 00AQ+, the US President's degree on Inauguration Days...assuming we still have presidents in 2026.

So yes, the New Moon horoscope does look much like a 'war chart' with a misguided Mars-Neptune square echoing same in the US natal chart but only a few factors will be discussed with you today: Jupiter @14Leo43 rising in 1st house (ASC 3Leo33) which is the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern. The locomotive pattern or shape forms quite rarely though this particular one has been off and on of late. For the Sept 24th New Moon and with the Pentagon gearing up for more military action in the Middle East (and public approval for airstrikes said to be high--no 'boots on the grounds' please...gullible!), we find that an optimistic Jupiter the General is leading a full-steam-ahead Locomotive of success. And there's more info contained within this astrological choo-choo train...

When leading a locomotive pattern, Jupiter can be a ruthless self-seeker riding roughshod over others or a dynamic executive and efficient coordinator. And with Jupiter denoting increase and expansion, both roles may apply to various people or groups represented by Jupiter in mid-Leo here. After all, the roaring Lion Point @15Leo is about to be conjoined by Mr. Adventurism though with Jupiter and restrictive Saturn in Scorpio now squared, obstacles and blockages apply to investing Jupiter's plans for expansion. Thus, some hesitancy has been exhibited.

Plus, the transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint sits atop America's natal chart (MC) promising only fluctuating success with the potential for attendant losses while philosophers busy themselves pontificating on the merits of global copping. Meanwhile, our own house is in such disarray it's a wonder they can muster the bombast needed to keep telling other countries what to do!

In addition, the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint, a plutocrat-big banker-organizers indicator (exs: the Fed; fat warmongers) conjoins 4th house Mercury @27Lib14 denoting that a massive propaganda campaign is underway using the media/reporters/talking heads but this midpoint picture also applies to current political campaigns with their knickers-in-knots over the 2014 Midterms in November.

(My prognostication: Democrats are favored in November 2014 though of course the usual political dirty tricks can interfere with outcomes.)

So with full-steam-ahead Jupiter determined to provide weapons to the 'good rebels' and bomb ISIS militants to smithereens, the primary drive or motivation is found in the relationship between the occupied/unoccupied section of the horoscope and in the New Moon chart of Sept 24th, Jupiter in 1st house of Self (Washington DC) has no opposing planets in the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies.

That is, no planets in 7th house except two: Inauguration 2009 Jupiter on Descendant (3AQ33) and We the People's natal Moon @27AQ+. For when transit Jupiter actually perfects its opposition to US natal Moon in late July 2015 (or months earlier if you use a different US natal chart with an earlier Moon), we'll all be referring back to the load of crap and trite slogans they used in 2014 in a transparent attempt to justify the propaganda they used to emotionally upset the American public and excite sentiment so that we would march back into Iraq while whistling their karmic tune of self-undoing.

Jul 17, 2013

July 17, 2013: asteroid America in Capricorn today

Asteroid America, Obama's Plutonian Power, and the US Senate

by Jude Cowell

Today, July 17, 2013, the US Senate convened at 9:30 am edt, an Hour of Saturn, with 6Vir40 rising and thus bringing up the natal Pluto of President Obama. The ongoing Water Grand Trine between the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, with Neptune of The Masses has been contacting the president's 7th house Pluto, planet of power, manipulation, surveillance, and the unconscious.

Sextiles from Jupiter and Saturn have provided him with valuable opportunities for understanding how skills may be utilized and solutions found, yet with Neptune @4Pis57 Rx (today) opposing Mr. Obama's natal Pluto, a condition is in play via dissolving Neptune in which unseen forces or entities erode natal Pluto's power and control. Subtle or possibly deceit-filled manipulations are afoot!

Today these planetary conditions arose at 9:30 am edt in Washington DC with President Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21) at Midheaven! Moon = reigning need (Tyl) and MC = The Goal so we may expect that something the president desperately wants is at the top of the Senate agenda for July 17, 2013, and/or perhaps the president's powerful partnerships (natal Pluto in natal 7th house) will somehow receive attention on Capitol Hill, secretly or otherwise.

Convening during a Saturn Hour is perfect for our 'most deliberative body' and is also conducive to the hard work Saturn demands. Recent compromises in the Senate on nominee blocks, filibuster reform, and an immigration bill are promising but not too promising that the US Senate may be in process of getting its deliberative mojo back. Yet with Mercury Rx until July 20 and conjunct US natal Sun, activist Mars @2Can42 and out-of-bounds (off on his own and up to who-knows-what), and today's unaspected Sun (isolation--note that the president has kept a low profile since returning from Africa), a wait-and-see attitude is better than getting or hopes up too soon.

What's Up with Asteroid America?

Discovered during WWI on August 7, 1915 in Simeis, Crimea, USSR by G. Neujmin, asteroid America (#916) obviously signifies our nation in Mundane Astrology work though its archetype actually represents the entire Western Hemisphere. Named for explorer-cartotographer Amerigo Vespucci, its glyph is a pyramid with an eye inside which is said to have been taken from America's Great Seal image of same (Eye of Providence--or, eye of Horus in a floating capstone) by the excellent Al Morrison.

A search for America in the Serennu ephemeris shows that today, America is @18Cap36 Rx, a degree which spotlights 1993's three conjunctions of Illuminati-Enlightenment planets, Uranus and Neptune ('18Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER"). And there's a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up in early November 2013 which contains influences of this insightful planetary duo and it will be discussed here and elsewhere in the coming weeks.

So where was asteroid America on July 4, 1776? At 27Lib26--trine US natal Moon in late Aquarius, and square US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33, which imho, denotes We the People's opportunity for a new nation, a sovereign America, and powerful Pluto's control and manipulation of the US government via blocking tactics (square) from abroad (1776 Pluto out-of-bounds from the rest of America's natal planets---in a word, London.)

Now if only I could figure out why our nation is called 'America' and not 'Amerigo'!

Mar 9, 2013

March 2013 US Progressions: SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon

March-April 2013: US Progressions Show Strain of SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon (We the People)

by Jude Cowell

Sometimes when listening to Washington DC politicians squawk, deceive, propagandize, and scam it's helpful to look at certain progressions issuing from America's natal horoscope (using July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA today) for an updated snapshot of what we as a nation of leaders and citizens have evolved into, or the point of progress we have reached.

Below you see an image of the USA's secondary progressions (physical plane) for March 11, 2013 at 3:51 pm, the moment of a New Moon @21Pis24, which falls into the 7th house of Legal Partnerships and Open Enemies in the SP chart. A few details follow (click image to enlarge for more details), but mainly I wanted to show you a difficult midpoint picture involving America's SP Moon (the public) which is in the mood for balance in unequal conditions and situations, but instead we're getting political theater, illusions, deceptions--and from Mars-Saturn's energies of 'destroyed vitality; destruction; harm' influences, we're being subjected to quarrels and conflicts (Mars) blended with austerity and restriction (Saturn):

SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon: feelings about losing something (our jobs, our futures, our country? jc); moodiness or depression; lack of courage--or, developing courage and strength; a need to restrain impulsive activities; anger over restrictions (anti-women's-rights legislation and odd proposals by misogynist Republicans who don't relate in a normal fashion to the ladies? jc); energy levels that fluctuate. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

The combined energies of the Mars-Saturn duo also relate to potentials for military power, use of strife and struggle, persistent wars, frustration for or by criminal elements, demands to halt armaments (ex: North Korea which says its missiles can now attack Americans--the people = Moon--jc), continued military actions under political or other restrictions, an obligation to use force when restraint is called for, ambitiously taking the property of others, and/or an older enterprise which becomes angered.

In April, the SP Mars-Saturn = SP Moon picture will perfect (25Lib48) and be at its strongest concerning 2/8 and 3/9 house matters, if it expresses at all.

That last sounds like the ongoing influence of the Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square with its generational challenges as old guard (Pluto) blocks and is blocked by Uranian rebels and whippersnappers of a 'radical reform' nature. And I'm certain that you recognize players like old-guard Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham being none too pleased (so they say) with the likes of Senator Ted Cruz whose physical and rhetorical resemblances to insinuating Senator Eugene McCarthy are uncannily reminiscent of the McCarthy era's *paranoia when mere mentions could sink a politician's career.

Well, dear reader, I hope you're actually on this blog because here is the SP chart of America for March 11, 2013:

Hour of Mars Rx (@18Lib25 in 2nd hou$e), and chart-ruler Mercury @20AQ42 is also Rx so right away we know there are delays and frustrations afoot; Neptune and NN are in karmic degrees ('fated' = reaping what was sown)...26Cancer/26Virgo, so they are sextile one another along with the 26-degree MC/IC security/domestic scene axis; the Neptune-NN midpoint opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius...Neptune-NN = Moon: enhanced intuition; lack of community spirit.

Neptune trines MC denoting that illusions, deception, fraud, and possibly inspiration or intuition are used to further career and our nation's public status.

You see SP Uranus @7Gem01 in the public 10th house which, along with US natal Uranus, has been so recently visited by transit Jupiter indicating that political, social, academic, and/or financial gains can be or have been made by those who have the opportunities afforded to them.

However, SP trickster Pan Rx and SP wealthy gold-hoarder Midas oppose one another (although in 'real time' they've been traveling in tandem for the last few years--in Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus and tr Jupiter)--and Pan Rx conjoins US SP Neptune in the 2nd house of the National Treasury. Plus, for more economic destabilization, we have the inflationary, scheming Jupiter-Neptune pair ruling the 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt/Credit, and Corporations by way of its murky Piscean cusp.

And SP Jupiter @15Can25 Rx continues to lodge upon the Pentagon's natal Ascendant making 'sequester cuts' to America's military budget difficult to have faith in (for me) though its Rx condition relates to US natal Jupiter's Rx Station of 1905--pre-WWI--when our nation's Jupiterian functions became inverted and crabbed by war, war-profiteering, high-interest loans for waging war that benefit international bankers, and an ideology that expands in spite of what befalls those haplessly encountered within its path.

IC = End of the Matter; The Drain: Ruled by Mars, Sub-Ruled by Pluto

The critical/crisis-degreed Pluto (29Cap) in 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking is worrisome, of course, for Underworld Pluto of The Syndicate remains as he's always been in US charts: out-of-bounds and working on his own in isolation (ex: an ivory tower, a distant vantage point.) And with US SP South Node of the Moon nearby @26Cap20, war and violence continue to be what our 'leaders' fall back on as they march our nation toward its destiny while riding the currents of public moods and opinions as befitting a Neptune-NN sextile yet managing to avoid such shifting cultural trends within their own lives, as they generally desire.

This avoidance is accomplished by subtle evasion rather than by direct confrontation and/or honesty. Try to get a direct answer to a fair question from a well-practiced politician!

Now there are many other chart factors active in America's current Secondary Progressions especially when transits and Solar Arcs are considered but I shall trust you to check things out if you wish and leave a comment with this post, if you may!


US planets now Rx by Progression: Mercury (AQ), Mars (Libra), Jupiter (Cancer), Saturn (Scorpio), and Neptune (Virgo); unaspected: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Chiron; oppressive plutocracy's Pluto-Chiron = Sun (the leader; the president.)

*Paranoia is easily felt and exploited whenever nebulous, gaseous Neptune floats through its own sign of confused and confusing Pisces.

Sep 8, 2011

President's Address to Congress 9.8.11 ends w Moon/Jupiter

Here's a link to the video of President Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress earlier this evening (9.8.11) which I blogged in real time for you here with some gentle Chiron in Pisces info tossed into the water.

Please pardon the link instead of providing you with the video itself, but after trying several news sites, youtube, etc, I'm giving up my attempt to embed the code--it's offered on a site or two but won't go live for me here. Maybe later it won't be as cantankerous but who has time for balking when there's so much to do?

One thing not mentioned in my post linked above is that at the precise end of the president's Address, the Moon/Jupiter midpoint arose and thus perfected a picture.

At 7:41 pm edt, Washington DC, Moon was in the sign of America's natal Moon (*27AQ10) but @ 8AQ, so right away we know that we-the-people have a Lunar Return soon--actually, this Saturday morning (@ 9:54:22 am edt) with the emotionally (Moon) expansive (Jupiter--but The Banker/General/Guru/GOP planet is Rx in **intolerant Taurus so he's keeping his powder dry as the Jupiterian Republicans did when they nixed the tradition of giving a rebuttal to the President's Address Thursday Sept 8, 2011.

Don't know about you but I didn't exactly miss their goatish rebuttal especially after Wednesday night's Republican 'Debate' of The Stubborn Jackasses.

Galileo much?

Thing is, I've noticed quite a few Moon/Jupiter contacts such as conjunctions in the natal charts of politicians whose mothers apparently led them to believe in themselves--that they could be or have anything they want. And yes, sometimes decent folk are attracted to what was once called the 'public service' aspect of Politics but usually it's the misguided ones without moral compasses who gravitate toward Politics, 'that organized system of hatreds', where their (presumed) preciousness is babied and whose main job is to shill and represent for their financial backers. And stay in power, of course. And propangandize the masses.

What that makes the majority of them, I'll leave for you to fill in since southern ladies don't often use such language.

But then we have a few more direct, progressive types like, say...Senator Bernie Sanders whose birthday is September 8--Happy Birthday, Bernie!

Some potentials for the Moon/Jupiter midpoint in Politics and Business include: a legal system that acts as a barrier to commercial or agricultural production, ineffective lawyers, and, sad to say, floods. (Munkasey.)

Moon/Jupiter = Ascendant: inconsistent ideas about the roles others play in your life; fortunate contacts; cheer and confidence.

As always, any, all, or none may apply.


*have I ever mentioned to you that the Sabian Symbol for US natal Moon (the American people)--'28AQ'--"A Tree Felled and Sawed" reminds me of the con v lib/R v D ruse that politicians of both parties (factions, really) use to divide ('sawed') we-the-people ('tree'), and the dismantling of our systems of government and civil society which we see in national and local politics now--is the felling.

Unless we bop the stastards. And we're all that can.

**intolerance, prejudice, greed, and stubbornness are the shadow side of the sign of the Bull, Taurus, the field where Jupiter Rx currently cavorts. But I'm speaking mundanely here, as always, so no critique of anyone born under the sign or having planets posited within its 30 degrees is intended!

Besides, you're not a politician, are you? jc

Mar 19, 2009

Obama Stimulus Bill ok'd AIG bonuses

Thanks to Jax, a reader at Jude's Threshold, I have a link for you to a Fox News video and article concerning the fact that Obama'a Stimulus Bill explicitly grants AIG bonuses as inserted by Sen. Chris Dodd.

Be sure to scroll down for the mocked-up active pic of the primary recipients of AIG campaign donations riding in what favors a dune buggy, sodas in'd be hilarious if the circumstances weren't so undermining for America.

You know the Inauguration 2009 chart wasn't so marvelous with its Mercury Rx under the Sun's rays, that Venus in Aries is Rx, money is being requested to be returned (Rx = re-this and re-that) and Venus, one of the money planets, was in confusing Pisces on Inauguration Day...near quirky, willful Uranus.

The Venus-Uranus pair often indicates being erratic, extravagant, or wasteful with money.

And with May 27 being the first of 2009's three conjunctions of Jupiter (large amounts of money) with inflationary, veiling Neptune, planet of excess liquidity, the entire year will be about speculations and large promises not so easily kept.

Once again, here's the midpoint picture of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which lands all three times on US natal Moon (we-the-people in our national chart):

Jup-Nep = Moon: going with the wind; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness.

And so far, 2009 is panning out exactly as the above midpoint pic describes, don't you think?