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Oct 7, 2014

"Hong Kong Protests Carefully Crafted, Not Spontaneous" video

An Interview from Hong Kong

Here is interesting information from journalist Peter Lee concerning the Hong Kong protests which delves much deeper into events than what Western journalism has presented to the American public.

A certain irony has not been lost around Stars Over Washington that Hong Kong's massive "student" protest against their election candidates being selected by China's power elite (as we're told) is exactly how elections have been rigged in America for years and accounts in part for the US voting public's depressing 'lesser of two evils' feeling we often get as we enter voting booths to consider corporate-backed candidates who are only cogs in an anti-democratic Global Government wheel of oppression, pretending otherwise as they may:

My thanks to The Real News Network and to Alexandra Bruce at Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending along a heads-up on this informative 13-minute video.

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