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Oct 7, 2014

Discovery of Uranus: America's totem planet of War and Independence

William Herschel's discovery of planet Uranus in 1781 was the first of the 'modern' (transpersonal, or, outer) planets to enter human consciousness from beyond the boundary of Saturn's orbit. Its discovery date times its synchronicity with both the American and the French Revolutions and the ideals of freedom, independence, equality, brotherhood--and anarchy and rebellion against the old established order denoted by status quo Saturn.

Although Mercury, planet of ideas, thinking processes, and communication, is the traditional ruler of Astrology, Uranus--as co-ruler with Saturn of Aquarius and, some say, the higher octave planet of Mercury--has come to signify the 'New Age' and its realms of Astrology and a variety of otherworldly pursuits and studies. Certainly aspects between Mercury and Uranus represent intuitive thinking occurring in a flash like a bolt of lightening, and the inventions and new ideas that may come from such moments of enlightened realizations, devoid of Saturnian steps in between.

Yet even Uranian ideas, plans, and visions need reliable containers in which to pour and be manifested upon the earthly plane and these must be supplied by Saturn, ruler of form, substance, and reality. Most people know someone who often has marvelous new ideas yet who seldom if ever manages to bring them to fruition by putting them into practical form and utilization. Their ideas tend to remain on the Uranian 'drawing board' for lack of an aspect between 'old' Saturn and 'new' Uranus in the natal chart and can give the person an otherworldly vibe and an impractical aura that can keep more reality-based folks at arm's length.

As for the Political Astrology lens used on this blog, the more mundane associations between Uranus and political thought and policy, radicalism, and disruption are uppermost and this is predictable (though Uranus never is!) Uranus may disrupt, separate, isolate, or interrupt at any time--either early, late, or never, and is linked with the 'wild cards' of the Universe, Eclipses, two of which are occurring this month of October 2014. Tomorrow, October 8th, times a Lunar Eclipse @15Aries05 with its potential effects made even more unpredictable by a close conjunction to quirky Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, an astrological portrait of zealots, anarchists, and Uranian Utopians (as described by Reinhold Ebertin.)

Two weeks later on October 23, 2014, the Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 occurs, when karmic progress can be made thanks to its manifestation in Scorpio, sign of regeneration. Yet Scorpio also denotes betrayal, revenge, and secrets so what are our chances? After all, karmic progress entails making better decisions concerning how to deal with current events rather than relying on past mistaken choices and behaviors that may have been appropriate then but will no longer serve if improved outcomes are desired.

And that, as I'm certain you recognize, is a handy definition of the obsessive neurosis that grips Washington DC politics as the "shining city on a hill" continues its draconian attempt to remake the world in its now-quaint 'New Atlantis' image.

Thanks to the help of sister Caroline Herschel: Discovery of Uranus March 13, 1781 "between 10 and 11 pm" according to William Herschel's account, Bath, England. At 10:30 pm LMT: ASC 11Sco43, Moon 14Sco59 rising, 1st house Jupiter @27Sco25 Rx, 2nd house Pluto 6AQ09 (discovered in 1930), IC 27AQ12, 4th house Venus @2Pis54 (sister Caroline selflessly giving her all to brother's work?), Sun 23Pis45 (the self-denying William?), 5th house planet of sight, Mercury @11Ari45, a degree that transit Uranus has so recently electrified), 6th house of Chiron @3Tau20 (conjunct the healing Centaur's discovery degree of 3Tau09, November 1, 1977), North Node of Future Destiny @5Tau08 (which puts SN rising showing the Herschels' isolation and "outstanding in their field" status), Desc 11Tau43. The 8th house of occultism and hidden things holds Uranus @24Gem27, with Gemini ruled by insightful Mercury; MC @27Leo12, The Goal Point, showing perhaps some desire for achieving prominence within the scientific community of his day, modest though he was. Perhaps the proud Leonine Midheaven refers to some amount of unconscious arrogance within his nature and his discovery of Uranus did lead to his acceptance by the scientific establishment and to being favored by the king.

Finally, as-yet-undiscovered Neptune @4Lib48 is Rx and in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes, an idealistic placement by house and sign for the planet of dreams and visions.

Source for Uranus discovery data: Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (#ad)

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