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Jun 1, 2017

Why Is CERN Going to Bilderberg This Year? video

June 1-4, 2017: Bilderberg Meeting Chantilly, Virginia; for your consideration:

In case of deletion here's the video link published by Truthstream Media.

Related Astrology: Moon Tracking Bilderberg June 1-4, 2017.

May 27, 2017 Another informative Truthstream Media video: These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America (57m27s).

Dec 3, 2015

The 'X' Zone Radio Show w Rob McConnell - Guest: Leo Lyon Zagami - audio

Since the creation of Stars Over Washington ten years ago we have discussed such topics as the 'new world order', the push toward global government, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati. Here Rob McConnell interviews once again Leo Lyon Zagami on such topics:

Related are two broadcasts by Max Igan: Rebalancing the Matrix and Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions.

And here is a modern natal horoscope of the New World Order based on the third of three Great Conjunctions in 1993 of Illuminati planets, Uranus and Neptune, @18Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. Tragically, as transiting Pluto, planet of the Underworld, assassination, sabotage, and death, moves even closer to an exact conjunction with the 'NWO' degree of 18Cap, we will--and already are--seeing and experiencing an increased number of acts of violence, catastrophes, and disasters in and against the Collective--some events finagled by the power elite, some perpetrated by 'lone wolves' and 'domestic terrorists' with serious mental and emotional problems. And yet are some of the perpetrators fighting against the 'new world order' -- or for it?

Aug 5, 2015

"Americans are hungry.." for Government that Works for Every Citizen

"Americans are hungry, indeed starving, for candidates who will take action to ensure that government works for every citizen, not just those who are able to write big checks to candidates, parties, and political action groups." — Miles Rapoport, Common Cause

The above excerpt is from Facing $5 Billion Campaign, Hunger for a '21st Century Democracy Agenda'.

Pathethic, isn't it? That the democracy, the republic, and the Enlightenment principles our ancestors fought and died for have been under attack from usurpers whose goals include a dismantling and collapse of all civilized institutions, a "drowning" of the US government, and the anti-constitutional establishment of a draconian global government where freedom, independence, liberty, human rights, and personal conscience dissolve as an anti-sovereign regime grasps power in its hot little claws.

Many people feel it these days especially with *Pluto in process of returning (in 2022) to its July 4, 1776 degree in late Capricorn: that powerful transnational entities have grown tired of the Novus Ordo Seclorum--the new order--of 1776 and presume to have the right to replace it with a crabbed plutonian model of their own design!

If you are an American by birth or by inclination, do you beg to differ?


*One of the roles of Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator (Ebertin.)

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

Aug 3, 2015

Delving into the Mysteries you are?

Here are links to three online resources for those who are delving or wish to delve into what may be called, the Mysteries, or the Occult, in relation to Politics and the establishment of a new order that is now in progress of creating global chaos so that the Novus Ordo Seclorum of 1776 can be replaced with a more stringent model as the 'New Millennium' proceeds.

As for Political Astrology and timing of such issues, you may remember that the last US presidential election of 2012 occurred under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus opposition which describes the status quo old order (Saturn) in a stand-off with the new order represented by disruptive Uranus--and conflict ensues, as we see. Of course, their recent opposition issues from the last (and current) Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which perfected three times in 1988 in the 27-30 degree range of Sagittarius with deceptive Neptune soon chiming in for a triple conjunction (1989) not seen since the 15th century:

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster, the ancient history of George Washington's family, and A Cosmic History of the Illuminati.

Another great resource for unusual topics is The 'X' Zone Radio-TV Show with host Rob McConnell broadcasting from Canada. Yours truly is scheduled to be interviewed by Rob this Thursday August 6, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT so I hope you'll tune in Thursday or catch a podcast at your convenience!

Jul 25, 2015

New World Technocracy - a Max Igan broadcast

Is there a solution? Yes. Max Igan talks common sense about the Technocracy that ensnares and weakens us all:

#Technocracy +MaxIgan #GlobalGovernment #GlobalElite #Globalism #Elitism #Totalitarianism

It's late days in their Utopian scheme, so you must be feeling mighty manipulated by now, folks. I know I am. Speaking of manipulation, here is global elitist Zbigniew Brzezinski writing in his book, Between Two Ages (1971):

"Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillation that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period."

Yes, one could, couldn't one?

Updated for you: the Solar Horoscope of Zbigniew Brzezinki.

Jul 24, 2015

World Citizen crosses border with World Passport - video by Garry Davis

How very interesting! I had forgotten all about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948 at Palais de Chaillot, Paris, France and promoted as a result of World War II. However, my suspicious nature wonders if such a border-dissolving passport was part of the longstanding global governance plan as are the world wars and revolutions--and the war being fomented in America and globally right now before our eyes; note how often we're hearing the term "race war" in violence-promoting news reports):

Do you know that President Obama has a World Citizen Passport?

#UniversalDeclarationofHumanRights #GarryDavis #WorldCitizenPassport #GlobalGovernment #UN #NationStates

My thanks to Crystal Pomeroy for sending along a heads-up on Mr. Davis' video! If you haven't, you still have time to check out Crystal's Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 1--27, 2015 at the excellent Daykeeper Journal! @Crystal_Pomeroy

Jul 18, 2015

Astro-Notes on VP Joe Biden with cameos by Cecil Rhodes, President Obama, and Rachel Maddow

Astro-Notes on Vice President Joe Biden: November 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, Pennsylvania, Cecil Rhodes, and a Few More Things...

by Jude Cowell

"From memory" says the data source for the natal horoscope of VP Joe Biden and if we take his data as factual we find that VP Biden's natal Sun @27Sco34 conjoins the natal Midheaven (MC = Goals; Aspirations; Public Status) of President Barack Obama. How nifty for the pair of them, heads bent together in the White House, Biden a Council on Foreign Relations man, a group that began originally as The Round Table founded by British empiricist and "Diamond King" of South Africa, Cecil Rhodes.

Rabbit Holes of Power: Makes No Difference Who Plays the Role of US President

An overview of the entire Global Government scheme is available for the hardy to read so if that is you, please see Chapter 22, Cecil Rhodes and his Knights of the Round Table where the submerged role in the US government and the Obama White House of VP Joe Biden may be revealed to you in all its splendid subterfuge and ultimate Utopian distopianism (though some Democrats are said to prefer subtle persuasion and propaganda while Republicans go more for the brutal conquest-enforcement model of Global Governance; either way, chaos and subsequent rebuilding are on the purposefully engineered Plutonian political and financial agenda.) As you know, VP Biden is also a member of the Bilderberg Group of World Planners, not one of the more popular secret-cabal packs of so-and-sos and self-imagined 'overlords' using the Hegelian Dialect ruse upon the public where they create the chaos (Thesis), then 'save' us from it (Anti-Thesis) while merrily shredding the US Constitution as they go.

Now on this difficult topic there is another page I recommend if you dare titled, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Round Table Group. You probably know a bunch about the Rhodes Trust and Rhodes Scholarships that were established under Rhodes' will (1902) and administered by his pal, international banker Nathan Rothschild of the House of Rothschild, master manipulators of the Plutonian kind. Naturally, this firmly ties into the Great Scheme viathe British Empire and its central banking system with the US banking system ('the Fed') along with top scholars who get to study at the University at Oxford.

Why, even my political 'splainer-in-chief of complex topics, the very intelligent (Rockerfellerite) MSNBC news host Rachel Maddow is a former Rhodes Scholar. Tap the BuzzFeed link, then scroll down a bit if you wish to see a photo (#13, no less) of her tossing the sign of the goat, Satan's sign, at you. Wish she hadn't let herself be photographed doing that.

So if you're unfamiliar with the centuries-old 'Great Plan' for a New Millennium 'new world order' to replace the then-new order begun with the founding of America in 1776, why not try a previous post Astro-Notes and Famous Quotes on the New World Order and see if it fits what you see going on around you in 2015? Okay, the post may be a dud but you won't know if you don't try it and please Re-tweet any of my articles for I've spent quite a few years at this freebie blogging thing and an occasional Re-tweet would be mighty nice of you! @judecowell

Arghh! Once More the MSM Touts the Will Biden Run for President? Memo

Now let's step off the 'new world order' ledge long enough to take a detached peek at the Water-Earth Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus personality blend of Joe Biden and see if its potentials ring true based on the public persona that VP Biden has projected during these many years of political activity. If not, his Moon @00Tau59 may denote an earlier birth time with an "I AM the people" natal Moon in late Aries, ruled by activist Mars and denoting a workaholic crusader with a mission temperament when paired with the secretive, mystery-loving, hidden control, big business sign of Scorpio with its forceful Mars-Pluto vibes.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus describes one who is drawn to the joys of life and to death matters and has an interest in the corruption of innocence, and as a US senator, he is known for sponsoring the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) with broad support in Congress. This blend contains the typical practical-and-supportive vibes of a Water-Earth combination though it may have a chauvinistic streak. Talents include a natural understanding of financial and economic realities, along with full dedication to loved ones.

Although stubbornness and a total blindness to the motivations of others may be noted, this blend's pragmatic wisdom is extremely valuable and may be noticed in its supportive role of a Vice President who may be something of a power-behind-the-throne actor in a similar mold as Dick Cheney to George W. was purported by pundits to be.

With Biden's Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend, we find intense idealism which resonates with his CFR and Bilderberg leanings, plus, I heard him say to Bill Maher a few years ago that he's a Zionist though the clip seems to have disappeared (see video, below.) An ability to be a reliable touchstone for his friends is evident and it seems clear that President Obama leans on the rock that is VP Biden, a man who is, I believe, one of Mr. Obama's mentors as required by the president's natal 1st house Chiron in mystical Pisces. (Remember that the president experienced his 3-fer Chiron Return while in the White House.) Mr. Obama's natal Chiron opposes his 7th house Pluto (6 Virgo) denoting his ability to express such Pluto-Chiron themes of oppression and exploitation within the mass consciousness as he plays the White House mouthpiece, we might say, which is a primary role of the US presidency.

So! I just noticed while typing how easy it is to get off the topic of Joe Biden and onto other political actors! Well, maybe it's time to consider the Scorpio-Taurus Images for Integration provided so helpfully by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign which is a visual method for sussing out the integration of one's Solar conscious mind with the Lunar unconscious which results in a whole and fully functioning personality:

"A successful businessman probes the mysteries of life...A celebrated surgeon amasses a fortune...Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld."

Of course I know that you, dear reader, can freely associate these images with what you know of the life of VP Joe Biden--one such being that he underwent two brain surgeries in 1988 and wasn't given very good odds of being 'normal'. And this isn't counting his son Beau's recent and tragic death from a brain tumor at age 46.

Now on a Global Politics level, let's close today's astro-notes with a clip of Joe Biden avowing himself to be a Zionist which makes him part of the political movement called Zionism (which is not the same as Judaism):

Natal data for Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; BC/BR online.

'Living in a Paradox" - Max Igan -- The Full Circle Project

Here are the first 15 minutes of Living in a Paradox with options for more, below:

#MaxIgan #LivinginaParadox #FullCircleProject #FalseReality #TheMatrix #TakeBacktheWorld #FullSpectrumResponse

Download at The Crowhouse; or, directly stream the audio (mp3) here.

Awake are you? Then you may wish to join the Full Circle Project.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing left to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

Jun 15, 2015

What Bilderberg Really Has Planned For 2015

With just a 10-minute video viewing you can keep up with The Bilderbergs!

#Bilderbergs #BilderbergGroup #PowerElite #Corporatocracy #Oligarchy #Plutocracy #Globalism #NWO #2015 #PresidentialElection2016

Jun 10, 2015

Who are the Democrats Supporting TPP? - The Thom Hartmann Program

The US Congress is scheduled to vote this Friday June 12, 2015, and the secretive, anti-sovereign, anti-environment, anti-workers-rights, anti-democratic, anti-American #TPP "free trade" deal is on the verge of gathering 60 nations into a vicious glop of new world orderism. This "deal" may be the final sell-out of the American people and as a checkmate on China, it won't work because, thanks to Nixon, Reagan, and subsequent presidents and their enablers, that gigantic fire-breathing dragon has already left the cave.

So as Thom Hartmann says here as he calls out Capitol Hill Democrats who are induced to vote for the draconian "deal", Call Your Congressman Now!! Unless you value amoral corporations over people, that is:

#TPP #TPA #SecretTradeDeals #NewWorldOrder #Globalism #GlobalGovernment #Corporatism #Totalitarianism #ThomHartmann

One of the "Democrats" promoting the TPP (behind closed doors) is Nancy Pelosi whose Scorpio Moon is apparently telling a Scorpionic tale of betrayal with a side dish of manipulation and control of others.

Astrologically, on June 12, 2015 in the Eastern Time Zone, the Moon (We the People; the public mood) is bracketed in the morning (10:32 am) with a Moon-Saturn inconjunct (an aspect of adjustment--the Moon-Saturn duo is depressive but can also represent ambition, direction, and strategy, an echo-chamber word in the news these days) and a Moon-Venus square at 10:12 pm suggesting blockages, obstacles, and delay.

And of course we always remember the political equation (and calculation):

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

Jun 4, 2015

Bruce Fein: TPA 'Fast Track' is Unconstitutional!

#BruceFein #TPA #TPP #FastTrack #unconstitutional #ThomHartmann


Trans-Pacific Agreement or Partnership? Yet another goosestep on the road to Corporate Global Government.

May 14, 2015

Max Igan: "The NWO is the same system RELOADED"

Warning, dear reader: controversial topics are ahead in this indepth interview with the intrepid Max Igan:

#MaxIgan #nwo #GlobalGovernment #Israel #USA #EconomicCollapse

May 12, 2015

Max Igan & Jim Fetzer speak out about Jade Helm Deeper and Darker...

#MaxIgan #JimFetzer #TruthFrequencyRadio #JadeHelm15 #PoliceState #USSpecialForces #Awaken #TheBigEvent

Note that Jade Nelm is said to run until mid-September 2015 and is synchronous with the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse. Tap or click here for a list with details of 2015 Solar Eclipses. The highly stressful September 13th eclipse is number 2 on the list. September 10th is mentioned above as the date to look out for and it is within 2 weeks of the September 13th eclipse with its background themes and Uranian disruption.

May 9, 2015

"Constructing The End Game" - a Max Igan broadcast

From Season 4 episode 8:

#EndGame #SurvivingtheMatrix #MaxIgan #TheCrowhouse #GlobalElite #HiddenHand of #Pluto #Plutocracy

Visit The Crowhouse for additional audio and video content.

Apr 23, 2015

The TPP, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Modernizing the WTO

Brief Planetary Considerations on Trade 1995--2015

by Jude Cowell

Did you see Alex Manson's article of April 20, 2015 in the Wall Street Journal about Modernizing the WTO?

Mr. Manson writes that the trade organization has to "adapt if it wants to stay relevant" which seems a notable topic for a newspaper article considering the current tussle over the President Obama's insistence on Fast Track Authority so that the Trans-Atlantic Partnership (#TPP) can be shoved through Congress with the public kept in the dark over its provisions and threats to US workers, environmental protections, national sovereignty, and who-knows-what other serious changes to our world.

Just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren about Fast Track and the TPP. She says You Can't Read This because the American public wouldn't like the TPP at all if we knew what's in it and I must agree. If the TPP is so great why can't we know about it before it becomes law, replaces US laws, and gives international corporations an even stronger hand of disenfranchisement against workers?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can read the TPP--in private but then they cannot discuss its details and that alone should make anyone suspicious. And some say that the majority of the TPP's text has nothing to do with trade!

Well, on a similar topic I took look today at a founding horoscope for the World Trade Organization (WTO) since it supposedly has oversight over international trade deals, a duty which is possibly now abandoned. WTO's founding date is January 1, 1995 and since I have no specific hour, one of the charts I'm reading is symbolically set for the New Moon @10Cap33 that morning at 11:55:38 am CET Geneva, Switzerland, location of WTO headquarters. Naturally the 2-3 days leading up to the New Moon was a dark time when shady things go bump in the night!

Note that the WTO's 10Cap solar-lunar degree naturally conjoins the United Kingdom's natal Sun of Jan 1, 1801 (UK natal Moon 19Can26 in 10th house 12:00 am London, UK--Campion).

And since the WSJ article (linked above) about modernizing the WTO was published on April 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm ET, I set up that horoscope in order to view current transits to the WTO chart of 1995. Here are the primary transits now in progress with a focus on conjunctions to the New Moon chart of 1995 which has Cardinal Points of Prominence angular: 1Ari21 rising and 00Cap37 at Midheaven (MC):

2015 Neptune conjunct WTO Saturn @8Pis01 (in 12th house of Politics and Back Room Deals), a time when traditions and structures may disintegrate and circumstances (TPP = a new sheriff in town?) require a new approach to the handling of authority). Another transit is that of Saturn Rx to natal Jupiter @4Sag49 (in natal 8th house of Corporatism, Big Business, and Transformation) which times a period with the retrograde of Saturn when prosperity and growth may be restricted; a slower return for the WTO's efforts may be expected and some wealth, knowledge, and/or power may have to be shared and spread around.

The last conjunctions in this brief consideration of the WTO natal chart involves transformative Pluto, the saboteur and spy, now at 15Cap32 Rx. Powerful Pluto, planet of hidden wealth in secret places, is poised among the WTO's natal Sun, Moon, Mercury (21Cap10), Neptune (22:35), and Uranus (25:29) and will be there for the next few years. I am assuming that the WTO will continue to exist, of course.

Pluto to natal Sun and Moon, then Mercury, marks an extended period of turmoil and transformation of power and goals with ego being the driving motivation for most actions. Knowledge will make a difference in retaining one's power with ideas and plans becoming more intensely focused and previous concepts altered to allow for more relevance. Calls for modernization echo this requirement in order to increase the organization's influence.

When transit Pluto reaches natal Neptune (fresh off its Great Conjunction/s with Uranus three times in 1993 = new world order, or, Global Government which is what I believe the WTO and the TPP are all about), the WTO may expect an erosion of power via undermining forces which are difficult to detect. Sabotage, perhaps cyber, and/or newer systems may replace or greatly change the WTO's structure, methods, and traditions (all this planetary stimulation by Pluto is occurring in the structural status quo sign of Capricorn).

Pluto is within orb (5 Degrees) of natal Neptune in January 2017 and first conjoins the nebulous planet of fraud, deception, and corruption in early 2019. With WTO's natal Uranus @25Cap29, transit Pluto enters its electrical vicinity for the first time ever in February 2018 and perfects its first conjunction in 2020:

Pluto to natal Uranus will mark a period of technological advances which will deeply affect the WTO agenda and its business concerns and jobs related, or part of, federal or national programs. Popular protests may erupt in response to government actions with freedom and independence as topics of concern--as they are now with the secretive TPP deal being swept along no matter how We the People express concern and suspicion.

As a panacea for TPP critics once Fast Track Authority is gained, a 60-day period of public comment is promised and may be timed by political and financial planet Jupiter in Leo reaching its shadow degree (where investing Jupiter turned Rx on December 8, 2014) and passing it (early July 2015) and, barring political or planetary obstructions, this change of direction denotes forward movement on several financial and political levels, all of which will affect the lives of people in the United States and in other nations as well.

Yes, we're mired in a new-world-order swamp, folks, and no one in Washington DC is telling the complete truth of what the corporate globe-knitting embedded within the TPP really intends.

#WTO #TPP #ElizabethWarren #WSJ #Jupiter

Mar 28, 2015

"Walking the Knife Edge" - Max Igan

#SurvivingtheMatrix #MaxIgan #worldhistory #Disinformation

This is a 15-minute excerpt from a recent Max Igan broadcast. Following up on the rest is recommended.

Update June 11, 2016 Note to Those Who Comment: it's very uncool for you to use my posts to underhandedly advertise your websites and/or services. I would never do such to your work, please don't do this to mine. Your efforts will be deleted if Google allows me to. jc

Mar 10, 2015

TPP Sale Echoes Broken NAFTA Promises

#TPP #NAFTA #globalism

TPP, another not-so-well disguised tactic to undermine America's soveignty on "the march" toward global government.

Feb 21, 2015

March 3, 2015 Full Moon in Virgo: "Faith and Reason Shake Hands"

The Full Moon @14Vir50 on March 5, 2015

by Jude Cowell

The Earth-Water combination of March 3, 2015's Full Moon @14Vir50 indicates supportive, practical, and nourishing energies with the Sun in Watery Pisces. Exact at 1:05 pm EDT, the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend is shared natally by such personalities as Luther Burbank, Alexander Graham Bell, Jack Kerouac, Glenn Miller, Roberto Assagioli (see quote, below), and Senator Edward Kennedy.

This is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation) prior to Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 (6:45 pm EDT, a New Moon) and the Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 which manifests on that date at 5:36 am. Of course, Spring Equinox is also called the Aries Ingress (Sun to Mars-ruled Aries Point, 00Ari00:00) which spotlights major changes and peaks of activity on the world stage and stands as a predictive horoscope for an entire year. Other information is gained by consulting the horoscopes of Summer Solstice in June (00Can00), Autumn Equinox in September (00Lib00), and Winter Solstice in December (00Cap00) along with America's Solar Return of July, plus, other national Return horoscopes, and event charts.

Information found in President Obama's Solar Return in August 2015 is also relevant to the course of our nation along with transits and progressions to all related horoscopes; these must be studied for a fuller picture (although not suitable for today's brief post.)

Full Moon (awareness, opposition, culmination, relationships) March 3, 2015: Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo, the "Faith and Reason Shake Hands" *blend, denotes energies that give broad intelligence, analytical talent, and great perception which will bolster the Full Moon awareness factor. But in what departments of life? On a personal level, perception will be most notable for those who are aware of their natal planetary placements---in which house do you find 14/15 Virgo and 14/15 Pisces for there is where illumination will occur. On a mundane level, we may expect the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces to be highlighted by the light of the March 3 Full Moon and the polarity emphasizes the tragedy of more brutality and revenge, as you know.

*Small events bring enormous consequences

Additionally, sign rulers Mercury (Virgo) and Jupiter (Pisces--with sub-ruler Neptune now strong in its own sign) and the Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Neptune pairings of energies are worth considering. In the realms of politics and business, we find Mercury-Jupiter denoting such potentials as expanding communications and transport systems, and discussions on legal, business, religious, and/or philosophical matters and theories. Such discussions and plans indicate possibilities for strained budgets, inflation concerns, religious leaders vying for political power, and scholarship censored by religious beliefs. Well-considered communications bring benefits with Mercury-Jupiter but with a caution against promoting overblown ideas or ideals.

With Mercury-Neptune we find a legislature controlling the excessive dreams and plans of government and business leaders while futuristic visualizations are promoted by leaders sharing their dreams of growth, development, and progress. Of course, the presence of nebulous Neptune, planet of veils, masks, fog, smoke, inspiration, and deception adds its typical undermining influence which leads to instability; weak or artificial plans need rethinking.

Use of delusion to mesmerize the public (propaganda) is evident for communications promise more than can be delivered and serve to divert the people's attention from important matters which may be carried out surreptitiously by fraudsters and spendthrifts with the Neptunian media playing the usual supporting role of keeping the corporate ball in the air.

And since a Full Moon is often a time of relationship fulfillment and brings a culmination of some kind, the Moon's ability to grant us fuller awareness across the Virgo-Pisces axis may clarify that others are not what we thought them to be---or, that they have purposefully deceived or even secretly harmed us. A wise course is to beware of illusion and deception under the silver moonbeams of March!

Now in spite of the fact that a "Faith and Reason" influence adds Illuminati-New World Order-globalism vibes to the March 3 Full Moon via Neptune (Faith, Spirituality) and Uranus (Reason, Science), let's close with some very good advice for all world leaders and wanna-bes, and for the war-wagers who profit from the deaths of others. The quote concerns the victim-savior axis even though as a group the power elite class seems to be too craven and self-serving to learn from it (which to me makes them seem rather ignorant):

"Without forgiveness life is governed endless cycle of resentment and retaliation." Roberto Assagioli.

Tragically for humanity, that's the sort of natural law their plans for global governance depend on.


Recommended reading: *Sun Sign, Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey.