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Nov 16, 2014

Sun-Saturn in Politics: Sun and Saturn meet @25Sco55 on Nov 18, 2014

In Washington DC Can Passion and Politics Share Mutual Goals?

If you're familiar with America's natal horoscope of July 14, 1776, you know that our nation is imprinted with the influences of the Sun-Saturn combination for the two planets are in Cardinal square to one another with Sun @13Can19 and Saturn @14Lib48. This aspect and planetary duo influences our national 10th house of Career and Pubic Status on the world stage and thus their energies are prominent in our national psyche.

Unfortunately for the American people, our out-of-bounds government continues to neglect our natal 10th house Saturn's imperatives and lessons of responsibility and accountability which now leads our nation to a 'fall from grace' on the world stage (10th house) especially with deconstructing Pluto now creeping through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. But there are infiltrators and operatives who have long wished it that way and they act totally under the sway of the Mars-Pluto energies discussed below.

Now if you've read this blog before you may know that for planetary pairings and their midpoints (halfway between two planets where their energies powerfully blend together) I tend to consult Michael Munkasey's excellent book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets. My basic reasoning for this is that the book, unlike others with midpoint directories, contains specific information concerning Politics and Business within the Hegelian Dialect manner of Thesis and Antithesis for each of the midpoints' potentials which then lead to Synthesis (triggering the power number 3.) There are several other uses for the book's info as well but since this is a Political Astrology blog, there we are.

So when the Sun (leadership; the president) meets authoritarian Saturn @25Sco55 on November 18, 2014, what might be triggered by this important pair of energies besides America's natal Sun-Saturn Cardinal square that relates, of course, to mature leadership, government, authority, control, status, and on some level or other, repression, suppression, or inhibition. The last Sun-Saturn conjunction occurred during the first week of November 2013 in earlier Scorpio, a time frame that includes the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 @11So15 (linked below.) Currently we're under the auspices of the October 23, 2014 Solar Elcipse @00Sco24 which gathers further Scorpionic influences as America's ongoing issues emerge then and now such as the aftereffects of this year's Midterm Elections which have switched the balance of control in the US Congress (Saturn) and spotlighted their rift with the Executive Branch of government (Sun = POTUS) as The Media constantly reminds us. For as it's reported, things will be 'different' on Capitol Hill come early January 2015 when a new Congress is sworn in, gun-totin' hog castrator and all. That is, if you believe America actually retains a two-party political system. I don't, but you'll make up your own mind about it, of course.

Now let's consider the implications of Sun in Mars/Pluto ruled Scorpio, an intense, secretive, and karmic sign that needs to learn to control itself before it exercises control over anyone else. Obviously, the ruthless Mars-Pluto vibrations of Scorpio are part of the political picture as well (the Sun is always in Scorpio for US elections) and they echo the power-control political issues already mentioned along with war, weaponry, brutality, violence, and forceful interference (Mars-Pluto's rape and/or invasion influences.)

When the Sun is in passionate Scorpio (sign of the Scorpion, the Eagle, the Phoenix) we expect strong willpower to be shown (though its true source may be hidden) and a struggle for existence to occur (which relates in part to the GOP's ongoing attempts to 'erase' the presidency of Barack Obama along with his Affordable Healthcare Act, a health and regeneration link to surgical Scorpio.) Plus, there are potentials for quarrels, fanaticism, secret or invisible motives, self-sabotage, fear or fearlessness, overestimation of abilities, or even tenacity and the power to succeed and maintain one's position. Apparently, "surgical strikes" by drones helps the US keep the upper claw.

Naturally included in any assessment of Scorpio are its 8th house realms of Corporatism, Big Business, and Big Money so we must note that the Nov 18th Sun-Saturn conjunction occurs in the 2nd house of the National Treasury when the horoscope is set for Washington DC--at 3:50 am est, with 18Lib21 rising and conjunct North Node @18Lib49 stationary. Additionally, our nation's frustrated progressed Mars Rx rises on Ascendant (Rx by progression since Summer 2006.) Near Midheaven @21Can04 (The Goal Point) is our national Mercury Rx in 10th house--spotlighting traders, reporters, orators, writers, transporters (exs: pilots, pipelines), young people, tricksters, communications, spies, etc. Opposite is US natal Pluto @27Cap33 Rx conjoining asteroid Eros ('the piercing', which supports the Mars-Pluto flavor) in the Foundation 4th house of the chart. As usual, manipulative Pluto is obsessed with control!

Now since austere old man Saturn has traversed Scorpio we've experienced potentials for: deeply delving into other people's business for political advantage, metaphysical studies and application, obstinacy, endurance, a serious or somber outlook, pessimism, fear and its uses, propaganda, difficult matters that need to be dealt with, displays of skill, transformation, restricted or lost funds and resources, and--positively in my book--spiritual rebirth. For as we found with the October 2014 Scorpio Solar Eclipse, karmic progress can be made during a Scorpio eclipse when forgiveness trumps humanity's urge for revenge.

However, as we've seen in Washington DC, Scorpio is a Fixed sign and inflexible attitudes and rigid ideals tend to be deemed more important than addressing the needs of the American people so little if any karmic progress is made. Plus, if on a politician's schedule too often, 'the people's business' threatens to interfere with the constant drive toward gaining financial donations and support for propping up and swaying politicians, political parties, think tanks, and for mysterious or other causes and projects that would wither in the light of day if revealed. Yes, such can be betraying Scorpio as more and more politicians act (or don't act) in breach of the public trust and undermine the US government.

Sun-Saturn in Politics and Business--and a 'New Order'

As for Sun-Saturn energies working together, we find Thesis considerations in Politics and Business to be: the will of the people as defined in the principal founding documents (our will is still important to US politicians? Surprise!), checks and balances (#POTUS v Congress and the Judicial System), form and definition given to an enterprise.

Also of importance in the Sun-Saturn chart is an active Uranus-North Node midpoint (radical politics and groups) which points in a T-Square pattern toward activist Mars @17Cap12. This degree is another reference to the grand Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 with its Illuminati/Enlightenment/NWO and unconscious implications and note that the karmic Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 @11Sco15 sprinkled its energies of a trine between Uranus (science; revolution) and Neptune (spirituality; illusion) upon our Collective Unconscious and thereby fertilized the seeding of a 'new order' which is and will be further stimulated by the ongoing transit of disruptive Uranus opposing US natal Saturn in Libra...progressives v conservatives. And that difficult stalemate occurs along with the dynamic yet exhausting Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto, a clash of generations now seen within the Republican Party and the 'newbie v oldsters' US Congress, and elsewhere. Thankfully, the final Uranus-Pluto square of rebellions and explosions will be exact on March 17, 2015 and issues from their cycle of civil unrest which began in the mid-1960s.

Meanwhile, Executive Jupiter Still Chugs Along in the Sign of Leadership

Even with investing Jupiter in shiny Leo continuing to lead a Locomotive pattern of success, the potentials for Antithesis of Sun-Saturn are stark: a gloomy, pessimistic policy focus, unreasonable centralization of authority in one location (Reagan, California! it's one of the same old American arguments used by politicians to keep We the People divided and conquered--so tiresomely touted by secessionists aka, anarchists), and/or leadership preoccupied with various forms of law enforcement (note that the Nov 18th Sun-Saturn Ascendant in DC conjoins US progressed Mars Rx at this degree, an inward-turning of America's Martian energies expressing via protests, the upgraded and militarized Police State, our Wounded Warriors, secretive surveillance of the American people, homegrown terrorists, terrorist acts on US soil or the threat of them (with false flag ops not to be ruled out), and the American people turning against one another, among other things. For our weakened and spat upon military forces of global imperialism, the historical cry abroad of "Yankee Go Home" has never been meant more genuinely or venomously than it is now.

Well, there's my brief assessment of Sun-Saturn in Politics and Business yet I have faith that you, dear reader, can add much more if you wish. It may be no small event when in the wee hours of November 18, 2014, the cosmic clock starts once again on the cycle between the Sun and timekeeper Saturn, a planetary pair whose influences are deeply imprinted up the psyche of the United States of America and its government.

Jude Cowell (c) 2014

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