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Dec 17, 2014

Cuba's natal horoscopes 1902 and 1959: Alan Gross is released

Has America Faced Reality on Cuba?

by Jude Cowell

On today's happy occasion of the release of American Alan Gross from five years of captivity in a Cuban prison, here are details of the two natal horoscopes I have in my files for Cuba; both are set for Havana:

Cuba--Independence: May 20, 1902 '12:00 noon'; Sun 28Tau45 conjunct MC; Moon 9Sco58 in 3rd house; Cuba--Communist: January 2, 1959; Sun 11Cap06 3rd house; Moon 8Lib29 in the 12th house of Imprisonment.

Andrea Mitchell and others are reporting that the Vatican played a large role in Mr. Gross' release. Other sources report that an unnamed US intelligence officer imprisoned twenty years ago is also being released (and perhaps others as well). Cuban prisoners in the US are freed in a "separate" release, and President Obama's long-stated objective of normalizing relations between the US and Cuba are apparently being realized before our eyes.

Here, it is now 12:16 pm and POTUS has just remarked on this topic on TV as Raul Castro spoke to the Cuban people. I shall mention only a major astro-note: that Cuba's 1959 Sun @11Cap06 has been catalyzed for some time by transit Pluto thus deeply transforming the nation's leadership on various levels and perhaps bringing the Global Government and its banking network to knock on Cuba's door--and this time, the door has seemingly been answered as more money and other resources are about to be sent to Havana.

That is, after all, what the original embargo was about 55 years ago--Cuba refused to play ball with 'new world order' thugs. Perhaps you agree that the US embargo of Cuba has been a massive failure on many levels--neurotic South Node behavior on Washington's part as if expecting different results after 55 years of sanctions is a sane policy. However, it will take the US Congress to drop the embargo!

Of course, all this relates closely to the current collapse of oil prices and Russia's and Iran's currencies. "It's time now for a new approach," says President Obama (translation: a new order). And be the behind-the-scenes machinations however they may be and for whatever the ultimate goal of globalists, I must concur for the sake of the good people of Cuba, their relatives here in the US, and for released captives and their families.


Foundation data for Cuba: The World Book of Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion.

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