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Dec 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014: Bill of Rights Day as the Uranus-Pluto square perfects

Have You Total Awareness of Enslavement?

by Jude Cowell

Today is Bill of Rights Day in America for the Bill of Rights, the 'foundation of our liberty' was ratified 223 years ago on December 15, 1791.

In the heavens, this day is marked (or honored?) by the sixth of seven exact squares between the radical and rebellious combination of Uranus (America's totem planet of revolution) and ancient Pluto, planet of entrenched power, wealth, control, and manipulation--also known as The Pope, the assassin, and the saboteur. And you don't have to use Astrology to see the titanic, generational struggle for power going on now across the globe via civil rights protests and the challenges between political factions within the US government.

One of our nation's founders, Thomas Paine, believed that all monarchies were illegitimate and it saddens me that apathetic voters in November 2014 have allowed the new Congress of 2015 to welcome entrenched monarchistic forces of the power elite class--which includes monarchists--to take over the rule of our government leaving no room for the American people. The Uranus-Pluto motto of the day--I Can't Breathe applies to this case as well for We the People may find ourselves as a class devoid of breathe well before 2015 ends. I hope I'm wrong, but there it is--disagree if you will but I expect the machinations of Congress to take our collective breath away with its brutal draconian measures.

At 12:14 am ET today, Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (anarchists, zealots, Utopians) and Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (dictators) squared one another at critical degrees of the two Cardinal (active, initiating) signs. The seventh and last of their dynamic squares will occur at 10:54 pm ET on March 16, 2015 (not on March 17, as previously stated.)

Additionally, transit Uranus in Aries has moved into orb of opposition to US natal Saturn, planet of government, law, and business, and signifying the lawmakers of Congress among others. This is an indicator of a 'new order (Uranus) supplanting the 'old order' (Saturn, the status quo', the Establishment), another factor clearly demonstrated by ongoing Capitol Hill dramas and the grandstanding of zealous gasbag wrench-throwers such as Mr. Cruz.

So given the current shaking of the 'foundation of our liberty' on this Bill of Rights Day 2014, we shall see what the "party of the rich man" (as Harry Truman plainly called them), the Republican Party--along with an out-of-bounds Supreme Court, a complicit Democratic Party, the White House, and all their happy little backers with anti-democratic foreign allegiances--have in store for our seemingly 'free society'.

And all their shady plans may crescendo at the 2016 presidential election during which yet another of the Bush Crime Family may be encrowned within the Venusian Oval Office and under orders to do the will of 'New World Order' global bosses of a satanic-luciferian nature, usually identified as the Bavarian Illuminati (officially formed on May 1, 1776) with its eye-over-pyramid symbol placed in full view upon the US dollar bill (by Illuminati agent, FDR) and glaringly used as a symbol on America's Great Seal.

Will the Global Crime Syndicate Have its Way?

The ancient plan of Francis Bacon ('The New Atlantis") and others, promoted in the 1800s by Albert Pike (the only Confederate General with a statue in Washington DC, his body entombed in a vault a few blocks from the White House) marches on toward Global Government and they want us to believe this is inevitable. And considering that the American populace, weakened in so many ways, shows such apathy and a willful lack of awareness of what these zealots and crooks are perpetrating upon America and the world through their 'Total Awareness' program, it may be that inevitability is a pretty good bet.

For further Uranus-Pluto thoughts, read Mary Plumb's the vigilant present.

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